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  • The Sexual Ministry   ( 25 Articles )

    From our counseling experience and observation, we would estimate that among evangelical Christians, there are in excess of 90% of these couples that have sexual maladjustments and hang ups of one kind or another 
    That’s the reason for this book. In your eyes, the eyes of your spouse and in the eyes of a loving Heavenly Father, WONDERFUL SEX, FOR YOU! GOD CREATED SEX !

    Sex and that which is directly and indirectly related to sex, is discussed many thousands of places in the Bible. Details are not spared, instructions are given,facet and facts are shared, and in such a way as to make it perfectly clear that sex is a fact of life!!!

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  • The King\'s Greatest Secret   ( 2 Articles )


    The King's Greatest Secret!

    A SECRET! The GREATEST secret! God's Greatest Secret!
    The best Secret you could know but almost no one knows this Secret!
    That’s why it's a Secret!
    God kept it a Secret until just the right time!
    Now is the time! You may be one of the very first to get in on the secret - until now, one of the very few.
    The Bible calls it "The Mystery of the Gospel of the Ages"!
    Mystery means " A Secret"!
    Gospel means "Glorious Good News"!

    Since this "Secret" comes from The KING of Kings I call it

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  • How to Rule the World   ( 18 Articles )

    thumb_howtoruletheworldsm How to Rule the World

    Just for fun, project your thoughts ahead in time to that day soon coming when you will stand before the Great & Mighty Judge of all the Universe. We all will have Him to face you know. How will it be for you? How will it go? The Bible has so much to say about that day. This book will help you prepare for that final exam, and will help you pass the final test-the consuming fire of God.
    The Bible says, "Every person's work will be tried by fire, of what sort it is: wood, hay, stubble, gold, silver, precious stones."*But like our school exams, we must prepare now for that future test. .
    The rewards and penalties are great! The lessons shared in this book can make all the difference! If these principles are followed, you are guaranteed an abundant entrance into the Kingdom of God; and will be chosen by God to RULE THE WORLD! ! !

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  • The Cult of Cannibals   ( 16 Articles )


    The Cult of Cannibals

    Have you ever been mistreated? Have you ever been intimidated? Have you ever been falsely accused? Have people ever gossiped about you? Do you still carry the scars, hurts, wounds or bleedings from these mistreatments? Would you like to know how to handle any future situations like these? Would you like to know how to be healed from these hurts?

    This book has the answer for life's greatest problems- including HOW TO RIGHTLY RELATE TO EACH OTHER!!!

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  • Law and Grace and Law   ( 17 Articles )


    Should we keep any of the Old Testament laws? If so, which ones? What will happen to those who don't keep them? There are those in the Body of Christ today who believe that: "In order for us to please God, it is necessary for us to keep a certain number of the Old Testament laws." Since there are many who really want to be pleasing to God, it is easy to find laws to keep, and to find people who are eager to keep them. Read Law & Grace & Law Online

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  • Gods Perfect Glorious Church   ( 17 Articles )

    Question: Can there be such a thing as a "Perfect Church"?

    Answer: Of course! Otherwise we would have to change the Bible's promises to read like this: "I can do some things through Christ." And, "Some things are possible with God."

    Question: How can we find such a church?

    Answer: Read this book!

  • How To Raise "Purfect" Kids   ( 17 Articles )

    How To Raise Purfect Kids

    How To Raise "Purfect" Kids

    If it were possible..... Would you be interested?

    In this day when juvenile delinquency is rampant and broken homes are rife, here is a safe, sure, and sane ----- guaruntee from God!!!

    Here are practical Kingdom principles on how to raise perfect children written by a couple who did!!!

    In these pages, meet Joey, Kari, Dawn Joy, and Josh. They are fun loving, people loving  and God loving! They are obediant, but creative; righteous but not religious; rrespectful, but not restrained.

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  • Discipleship Training Manual   ( 18 Articles )


    This training manual is based upon the book, "How to Rule the World" or "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" by John Roy Bohlen.

    It is also available as a downloadable icon PDF File (190.82 kB)

  • The Feast of Tabernacles   ( 2 Articles )

    Feast of Fire and Glory! - The Feast of Tabernacles

    Read the Feast of Tabernacles online


    Did you ever forget the birthday or the anniversary of someone very important to you? I did. The first year of our marriage, I forgot my wife Karen's birthday. She reminded me of it, at midnight, the morning of the day after it was over. But God has a really Holy Holiday that most Christians never remembered, because they did not know enough to forget about it in the first place. Yet it is God's most important Holy Holiday Day!

    It's really amazing! God has a favorite holiday. Yet most Christians don't even know about it. It's a holiday that will soon be celebrated by all of the Nations of the World! In fact, any family that refuses to celebrate this holiday in the near distant future will be punished. Not now, but in the future, soon.

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  • Female Circumcision   ( 1 Article )