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john roy bohlen & John 5:30

God has a heart. That is, God has feelings, emotions, desires, hopes, anticipations, expectations, emotions.

God has emotions like joy, anger, jealousy, fury, love, hatred, mercy, love, sorrow, regret, disappointment, surprise, laughing, singing, rejoicing, and, love.

Did you know that God wants to be our Heavenly Father, our Daddy, our Papa, our Yahweh, our Provider, our Helper, our Encourager, our Hope, our Righteousness, our Way-Maker, our Almighty One, our Friend, our Shelter.

Papa Yahweh, Father God wants us to come into His long, strong, loving arms, crawl up into His lap, play with His whiskers, and, listen to His Heart-Beat, His whispers of encouragement, love and guidance.

Daddy God wants us to snuggle down deep in the folds of His robe and snuggle and bask and soak in His Presence.


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Karen and John Bohlen, of the Great Commission Ministries, and  the Kingdom of God, (K.O.G.)

July - 2011 "May you be (allllllllways) be filllllllled with allllllll the fullllllllness of God!!!" Eph.3 is our prayer for you!!!

Dear dear One: Isn't is amazing that though the Universe cannot contain God, your head and brain and cells can!! May He live His Life through you, unhindered, unceasingly, increasingly. Can you, won't you, will you sweetly allow God to think His thoughts, speak His words, & live His Life through You?!!!

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Dearly Beloved Friend,

 Karen and I want to seriously thank you for your friendship.

 Please be praying for Kari and Michael, as they lost their little baby boy, Noah Michael, last week.  Even though the baby had died, 7 months along in the womb, Kari gave birth on Saturday evening, we had the funeral Sunday morning, and had a burial service here at the ministry center on Sunday afternoon.  Although Christ has been with them in this valley, we have been in a state of mourning for their loss.  We know that you empathize.

 A week ago, we hosted an all day party here at the farm, from 10 a.m. to 10 P.M.  If you missed it, you are welcome to come be with us and we can have our own party!

 Day after tomorrow, we plan to host a men's retreat from a church in the Twin Cities.  We plan for nearly 30 guys.

 The Feast of Tabernacles this year, we plan to begin the festivities the weekend of September 28, through Sunday afternoon, October 7.  You are all welcome!  We are praying for God's glory to be poured forth to the ends of the Earth.  Will you believe with us?!. Plan now to join us then.

 Beginning June 6, Karen and John plan to keep 6 of the grandchildren here at the ministry center, while Michelle, Zoe, Shekinah, Joshua, Tara and Baby Taliah Fe go to minister in Peru, South America, until June 19, the day before our 43 wedding anniversary, and 8 days before John Roy's 68 birthday.  This year, our gardens have 130 zucchini plants, cucumbers, okra, sweet peas, pole beans, varieties of tomatoes, peppers, mint and flowers.

 By God's great grace, John Roy has planned another African trip to Nigeria, leaving August 9.  If you would like to contribute finances for this great cause of Christ, we will be deeeply grateful.

 Last Sunday, John spoke at the big celebration of the graduation from college of three of the Bankole children.  Then, Elijah left for 6 months of ministry in Nigeria.

 We are requesting special prayer for the Benedict family, with the illness of Pauline's dear mother.  These are difficult days for them.

What can be more exciting than to have the glorified Christ, Father God of the Universe and Beyond, and the all-powerful Holy Spirit, living within our entire being, and, living within the entire being of those whom we love and hold dear.

 We deeeeeply, dearrrrly, earrrrnestly, ferrrvently love you!

 Your loving friends
John  Roy  and  Lady  Karen

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Nigeria: 13 September 2006

Well: Glory be to Yahweh in the Highest. HalleluYahweh. Amin.

Just a few minutes ago, I awoke, believing that I was still in Nigeria,

at Bishop Vinning Memorial Cathedral Guest House, I reached for the

light, in the night, at 2 A.M. but the wall where the light switch was

wooden paneling, instead of stucco and paint. But the table lamp was in

the same place to my right. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the

light to find myself lying quietly beside my wife, at home in America.

I went to the kitchen to drink deliciously at the tap. I went out under

the stars to see Cassiopeia, high over head, and to see the half moon,

shining brightly to blot out a thousand stars, leaving a thousand more

still plainly visible.

Ahhhh, I am home! All is quiet. All is well. Karen is healthy, and all

is well. But, we are praying for daughter Dawn Joy’s husband, Pastor

Timothy, in the hospital from a gall bladder operation. He needs prayer,

as his blood count is low, and we don’t know why, so he needs healing.

We should know something today.

The Feast of Tabernacles begins in 3 weeks! October 6 to 15. It looks as

though Judy Sky and worship team will be up the last weekend, that

Prophetess Peggy Cole may be with us, ditto, and that Prophetess Barbara

Lansdorf will be with us the opening week-end, with Pastor Kris Palmer

and Pastor Andy’s worship team, assisting us with worship throughout.

I just returned from Nigeria, yesterday, ate some American food, greeted

my lovely wife Karen, well, and, now, I am home!

Tomorrow, she and I leave on a 12 hundred kilometer drive to conduct a

wedding in North Dakota for the family of Gary and Mary Bartram. We may

get to see Joshua and Tara and family. They are expecting baby number

two! Yesterday, Dawn Joy was able to see the movements of the head and

arms and legs of their Baby, 10 weeks old in the womb!!!

Three days ago, I was preaching joyfully to over 1200 Anglicans in a huge

cathedral in Lagos, Nigeria. I greeted them in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba,

much to their delight and wild enthusiasm. Wow! What a glorious

privilege. And God was gracious enough to give almost all of them a

revelation of the King’s Greatest Secret!.

Then to preach in the early afternoon to around two to three thousand

Pentecostals at Lion of Judah, where Prophet Akin-Ade oversees a lively

work. He also presented me with a lovely change of lovely African

clothing, which I wore to Amsterdam, in Europe, on the plane.

In Nigeria, it was confirmed that we were able to save another half dozen

females from being mutilated. We were able to invest 400 dollars to

print 2000 more little books on a third printing of “FGM”. God has used

that book to save a significant number of people from being mutilated.

If you are interested in helping us prevent this damnable practice, send

to Great Commission Ministries.

Have you seen our new website!! It is:


Still others came into a revelation of the King’s Greatest Secret!

And others came into a revelation that they can live now and forever more

on Heavenly Daddy’s lap and listen to His heart-beat, His whispers[ers of

direction and encouragement, living within the circle of His long,

strong, loving arms, in the Secret Place of the Most High, under the

shadow of ojiji Olodumare, under His feathers, beneath His wings. Amen!

What money value can be placed on such a revelation!

We just printed 10,000 King’s Greatest Secrets!!!

Now we will be getting them out to people who desperately needing them.

Amen. Amin.

This year’s Feast of Glory will be filled with great grand exciting and

hope for the Manifestation of the Sons of God, the great release of the

greater works, the ushering in of the reaping of the End Time harvest of

the Earth, a time when the “glory of Yahweh will cover the Earth, as the

waters cover the Sea, a time of the latter Rain, when the Church will

become glorious and mature, and when Joel’s army will “take possession of

the Kingdom” and God’s people will bind the kings with chains and loose

upon them the Judgement written. This is our hope. Would you like to

hope and anticipate with us?!!!

Let’s us be in touch. Right now, the Howard Family is helping us to put

in a half dozen camping sites with electricity, and, electricity out to

our cottage in the “back 40”! Isn’t that exciting?!!!

We also have an opportunity to purchase a new building that could house

our proposed new School of Ministries, as well as a home for ministries

and Great Commission Ministries staff members! Would you like to join

with us in this exciting new adventure?!

We love you and we look forward with keeeeeen anticipation to seeing you

and/or hearing from you!!!

Glorious Feast of Glory - 2006!

Love, from me, John Roy and, from Lady K

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                        Feast Of Glory - Tabernacles - 2006!

   Dear Dearly Beloved,      

                  Did you know that before the End can come, "This Gospel of the Kingdom,

                  must first be preached in all the World for a witness to all the Nations"???

                  Mt.24:14 & ML 13:10, (or were you waiting for the Rapture?)

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Dear One,
We are recommending a new book by John Crowder.
It is called: "Miracle Workers, Reformers, and Modern Mystics", from Destiny Image.