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Gods Perfect Glorious Church

Question: Can there be such a thing as a "Perfect Church"?

Answer: Of course! Otherwise we would have to change the Bible's promises to read like this: "I can do some things through Christ." And, "Some things are possible with God."

Question: How can we find such a church?

Answer: Read this book!

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1 About the Author
2 Introduction: The Purpose and Scope of this Book
3 Questionairre
4 The Perfect Church
5 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
6 The Word of Wisdom
7 The Word of Knowledge
8 The Gift of Faith
9 The Working of Miracles
10 The Gift of Prophecy
11 Discerning of Spirits
12 The Gift of Tongues
13 The Interpretation of Tongues
14 Health and Healing
15 The Kings Greatest Secret
16 The Throne Room Mentality
17 14 Kinds of Perfection