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How to Rule the World

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Just for fun, project your thoughts ahead in time to that day soon coming when you will stand before the Great & Mighty Judge of all the Universe. We all will have Him to face you know. How will it be for you? How will it go? The Bible has so much to say about that day. This book will help you prepare for that final exam, and will help you pass the final test-the consuming fire of God.
The Bible says, "Every person's work will be tried by fire, of what sort it is: wood, hay, stubble, gold, silver, precious stones."*But like our school exams, we must prepare now for that future test. .
The rewards and penalties are great! The lessons shared in this book can make all the difference! If these principles are followed, you are guaranteed an abundant entrance into the Kingdom of God; and will be chosen by God to RULE THE WORLD! ! !

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1 Chapter 1 - God's Priorities
2 Chapter 2 - Most Important is the Kingdom of God
3 Chapter 3 - What and Where is the Kingdom of God
4 Chapter 4 - Who is the King?
6 Chapter 6 - What is a Citizen of the Kingdom of God?
7 Chapter 7 - The King's Greatest Secret
8 Chapter 8 - When Did I Touch the King?
9 Chapter 9 - Who's Who in the Kingdom of God
10 Chapter 10 - Its Your Move
11 Chapter 11 - What's So Easy About Walking With God?!
12 Chapter 12 - How Much Does It Cost?
13 Chapter 13 - The Power of Persuasion
14 Chapter 14 - What About Money?
15 Chapter 15 - GOD WANTS YOUR LOVE!!!
16 Chapter 16 - How Can we Rule the World?
17 Chapter 17 - God's Vision - Great Commission
18 Preface - How to Rule The World