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The Feast of Tabernacles Revised 2013
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God's Favorite, but Forgotten, Holiday!

Let's have a party for God!

by John Roy Bohlen and John 5:30



Did you ever forget the birthday or the anniversary of someone very important to you? I did. The first year of our marriage, I forgot my wife, Karen's birthday! That first year, she reminded me of it, at midnight, one minute, after the day it was over. I never forgot her birthday, again! But God has a really Holy Holiday that most Christians never remembered, because they did not know enough to forget about it in the first place. Yet, it is God's most important Holy Holiday!

It's really amazing! God has a favorite Holiday. Most Christians don't even know about it. It's a Holiday that will soon be celebrated by all of the Nations of the World! In fact, any family that refuses to celebrate this Holiday, in the near distant future, will be punished. Not now, but in the future - soon.

This Holy-day will not just be for the Jews. It will be observed and celebrated by every one, every, every Christian, every Jew, and, even by the enemies of the Jews, or they, and we, and you, will be punished. Right now, we have the opportunity of enjoying this Holiday without being forced to. But, in the future, this Holiday will be mandatory, compulsory and obligatory, for every one, in every Nation, from every family, Jew AND non-Jew, everyone, or we will be punished.

In fact, this Holiday was also commanded and compulsory in the past, before Christ, but there is a window of time right now, when it is NOT demanded by God, though it was in the past, and though it will be in the future.

Would you like to know what this Holiday is? But, first, would you like to guess what it is? Try to guess. . . No, it isn't Easter. It's not Christmas. No, it's not Passover. Not Pentecost. Not Palm Sunday. Not Good Friday. Not Maundy Monday. Not All Saints Day. It's not even Yom Kippur. No, it's not New Year's Day, nor Rosh Ha Shana, and not Hallowed E'en. It is not even the Sabbath. Nor, is it the Feast of Pentecost. And, in this, I would like to humbly apologize to all of you who have become legalistic or religious about the Sabbath. But I won't, and we don't. Do you wanna know what this best of God's Holy Holidays is? I'll tell you.

When I tell you, you will agree that what I say is true, because it is clearly talked about in the Bible. It is unmistakably clear.

Please turn with me to the Book of Zechariah, chapter 14. You will find this quickly if you first turn to Matthew, chapter 1, and then turn about 3 or 4 pages back into the Old Testament. Oh yes, even though this passage comes from the Old Testament, it is like reading tomorrow morning's newspaper, because it clearly talks about when Jesus is coming back again, and the events surrounding His Second Coming, and then, the favorite Holy Holiday begins!!! Here is the passage: