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john roy bohlen & John 5:30

God has a heart. That is, God has feelings, emotions, desires, hopes, anticipations, expectations, emotions.

God has emotions like joy, anger, jealousy, fury, love, hatred, mercy, love, sorrow, regret, disappointment, surprise, laughing, singing, rejoicing, and, love.

Did you know that God wants to be our Heavenly Father, our Daddy, our Papa, our Yahweh, our Provider, our Helper, our Encourager, our Hope, our Righteousness, our Way-Maker, our Almighty One, our Friend, our Shelter.

Papa Yahweh, Father God wants us to come into His long, strong, loving arms, crawl up into His lap, play with His whiskers, and, listen to His Heart-Beat, His whispers of encouragement, love and guidance.

Daddy God wants us to snuggle down deep in the folds of His robe and snuggle and bask and soak in His Presence.



Papa Yahweh, wants us to call Him "Daddy" and "Papa". That's what the verse means, "We call Him "Abba, Father"!

"Abba" means, "Daddy", or, "Papa".


Mark 14:36 "And He (Jesus) said, 'Abba, Father, all things are possible unto Thee; take away this cup from Me: nevertheless, not what I will, but what Thou wilt.' "

Romans 8:15 "For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of Adoption, whereby we cry, 'Abba', 'Father'. "

Galatians 4:6 "And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, 'Abba', 'Father'. "

Gal 4:5 " . . so that He could adopt us as His very Own sons. 6 And because we are His sons, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, so, now, we can rightly speak of God, as, 'Our Dear Father'. 7 Now, we are no longer slaves but, God's Own sons.!!! And, since we are His sons, everything He has, belongs to us, for that is the way God planned." TLB



Ab -ba Father. You are my Father.

Mi fa la - sol mi mi fa la sol


You're my Dear Darling Daddy Yahweh.

Mi fa la sol sol(b) la sol sol(b) fa


And I love You, I dearly deeply love You.

mi fa la - - sol mi mi fa fa la - sol


I want to serve and love You, Always, every day.

Mi mi mi fa sol la sol - fa mi re mi do


Dear Heavenly Father, Papa Yahweh,

I want You to know that I reeeeeeeeally empathize with You, Dear Almighty God, for every time You have been disappointed, or sad, or vexed, or angry or frustrated, or grieved because of me, or because of Your dear ones, or because of Mankind, or because of America.

Blessed Jesus God, I want You to know that I care and that I am trying to feel with You for those times when You came to Your Own, and when they received You not. I am sorry and I feel empathy for You when You were a Man of Sorrows, and when You became acquainted with grief. I am truly sorry that You were rejected of men, that they imprisoned You, made sport of You. I know that it must have hurt something terrible when they tore out Your beard, and when they put a crown of thorns upon Your head, and then hit your head with sticks, driving those thorns into Your sacred skull. I am sorry for You when they whipped You, drove the nails into Your hands and feet and when they crucified You to death.

Precious gentle Holy Spirit, I am truly sorry for every time when I or others vexed You, blasphemed You, ignored You, disobeyed You, failed to follow You, or be led by You, and for every time I and others have grieved You, disappointed You, or let You down.

I want You to know, dear God that I reeeeally and sincerely empathize with You for every time Your investment of love and compassion and pity have been dragged in the mud and scorned. I am sorry for that time and times when Your infinitely great and large heart became filllllllled with pain.

But, I am happy with You, when You are happy. I rejoice when You rejoice.

Because I love You, Dear Papa Yahweh Daddy God, I want to please Your heart, make Your heart glad. I want to excite Your heart, to really please You with the way I think and act and do and am. And, I want to live and serve in such a way that I can work with You and others, to make Your great heart glad because of them, and the way that they live and love and act.