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BIO: John Roy Bohlen

President & Founder: Great Commission Ministries,

wife: Karen, with 4 children and 10 grandchildren

9473 Co. Rd. D., Webster, WI  54893

Phone: 715-866-4060

Email: Great Commission Ministries

Website: www.Great-Commission-Ministries.com

Hobbies: Astronomy, Guest Lecturer at Bethel University Astronomy Department as an amateur astronomer; Bird watching, Gardening, Cooking, Nature study, Louis L'Amour, Computer, Song writing, Writing, Poet, Singing, Guitar, Body Stewardship, Memory techniques.


3 year Certificate of Graduation, Bethany College of Missions - 1964

B.A., Bethel College. St Paul MN - Philosophy/Psychology - 1961

A.A., Burlington, Iowa Community College - 1959


Hon. African High Chieftaincy Title conferred by King Adeosun,

Erin Ijesha, Nigeria, 1989

Hon. Doctorate of Divinity Degree, Mt Olives Graduate School, Lagos,

Nigeria, 1995

Earned Doctorate of Divinity Degree, October, 2005, Bible Way Institute International, in Stevenville, Texas

Honorary Brigadier General status with Nigerian Chaplaincy Association, August, 2005

1973 to Present: Taught and lectured across the United States, and in Mexico, Brazil, Jordan, Israel, Austria, Nigeria, Ghana, on the subjects of: The Kingdom of God, Intimacy with Christ, Marriage and the Family, Human Relationships, Astronomy, Potential Actualization, Female Circumcision, and Body Stewardship.  Also, taught as substitute school teacher in elementary grades and high schools for the Grantsburg, Webster and Siren School Districts, all grade levels and classes, except kindergarten.

Authorship: Books

More than 70,000 of John's books have been distributed around the world.  In his last two books, the copyrights give permission to any and all, to print, copy, duplicate or broadcast them by any means.  He has met copies of his own books in Africa, that have been printed and published by others.

How To Rule The World, or, Seek 1st the Kingdom of God,

ISBN 0-9607702-0-8, copyright 1981,

10,000 - First printing, February, 1982,

10,000 - Second printing, August, 1982

10,000 - Third printing, January, 1986

This is a 270 page book, complete with test and review questions, on the Who, How, What, When, and Why of the Kingdom of God.

How To Raise 'Purfect' Kids

ISBN 0-9607702-3-2, copyright 1987

10,000 - First printing

This is a 215 page book about how to raise children.

Book is co-authored by wife, Karen, and John 5:30

The Cult of Cannibals, or, How To Rightly Relate

ISBN O-9607702-1-6, copyright 1987

10,000 - First printing

This is a 314 page book on Relationships with one another in the Body of Christ.

The Sexual Ministry, or, Happily Ever After

ISBN 0-9607702-2-4, copyright 1987

10,000 - First printing

This is a 345 page book about how married people can live happily ever after.  Book is co-authored by wife, Karen, and John 5:30

The King's Greatest Secret!

ISBN 0-9607702-4-0, Copyright 1993

Printings of over 15 thousand

This is a 64 page book about how a person may live a gloriously victorious life in Christ.

Female Circumcision, or FGM or Female Genital Mutilation

This is a small 29 page booklet about a horrible practice that continues to this day, and that must be stopped.

Written but Yet-to-be published Works

Book of Poetry:  More than 100 of John's poems and songs, that he has written.

The Perfect Church:  This about-to-be published book will be John's largest, and contains the Who, How, What, Why, of the glorious Church that Christ promises, for these last Days.

True African Adventure Stories:  Included are over 70 of John's adventure stories from Africa

Dancing On The Water!:  This is an autobiography of John and Karen's adventures in God, along with their family.

Law, Grace and Law:  This is a book about the extent to which God expects us to be keeping certain of the Old Testament Laws

Body Stewardship:  This is a book about the importance of fasting, exercise, nutrition and the care of our bodies, for the sake of God's Kingdom, and includes some of John's 40 day water fasting journals.


Oh Hell!:  This is an article on the existence of Hell, how hot it is, how long it lasts.

The Gift of Tongues

Apostles: Who They Are and How To Find Them

God Is Sovereign!


1979 to the present:  Pioneered, ordained, and/or commissioned various churches or ministries in Vermont, Nebraska, North Dakota, Washington, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, also ministry to The Republique of Benin, South Africa and Ghana, Jordan and Israel (two times), to Austria, Brazil, and 19 ministry trips to Nigeria,  John, along with his wife, Karen, presently oversee a 100 + acre ministry center in the Wisconsin countryside.  John ministers as a teaching apostle in other nations, from 1979 to the present.  He is also an active member of the Burnett County Sheriff's chaplaincy team.

1976 - 1979: Pioneered and pastored a church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1974 - 1976: Pioneered and pastored a church in Phoenix, Arizona

also commissioned churches in the United States, Nigeria, Austria.  Ministry trips to Mexico.

1968 -  1974:  Deputy Probation Officer for L.A. County Probation Department, for 6 of those years, Juvenile and Adult supervision.


Dr. Carol Currier - 703-430-7400

Dr. Thomas Greenlee, Bethel University, 651-638-6400

Dr. David Thompson - 612-722-9014

Dr. O. Elijah Bankole - 763-786-0650

Karen, John's wife, 715-866-4060

Son: Joseph Peter: 40, wife, Michelle, 7 children  Ph: 701-223-9167

Daughter: Kari Ruth: 38, spouse Michael Robin:  Ph: 612 -987-0201

Daughter: Dawn Joy: 36, spouse Pastor Timothy Fox: Ph. 503-289-7514

Son: Joshua Paul: 34; wife, Tara - 25, Baby Hannah: Ph. 701-255-1042