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1997 - 2007 

John Roy Bohlen & John 5:30



DISCLAIMER:  This journal is not an attempt to "practice medicine without a license".   I am merely sharing my own story, without an attempt to give medical advice to others.  Every 40 day fast I have ever experienced has been with medical check ups and/or limited supervision.  I believe that I have had a complete medical check-up with every fast.  This is one reason I never detected my diabetes, because everything normalized when I fasted, and I neglected to have checkups when I was not fasting and so, did not have an accurate picture of how my body was functioning under normal conditions.  We recommend that if you do fast, you do so with "medical supervision" and consultation.  The problem here is that almost NO DOCTORS know, have read about, have had experience with fasting, and thus, are not in a very good position to properly advise or supervise.  However, they are in a position to monitor the body's condition and response, as to blood pressure, triglycerides, blood sugar, kidney and liver function, etc.


Before fasting, or, at least, at the beginning of the fast, we recommend the following books:

Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, by Rachael F. Heller

How to Keep Healthy and Happy by Fasting, by Salem Kirban

Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Dr. Shelton (first choice!)

Fasting As A Way Of Life, by Allan Cott, M.D.

Fasting and Miracles, by Mahesh Shavda

Lick The Sugar Habit, by Dr. Nancy Appleton

Power Protein, by Dr's Eades

Sugar Blues, by William Dufty

Sugar Busters, by Stewart, Bethea, Andrew, Balart

The New Diet Revolution, by Dr. Atkins

Food, Teens & Behavior  by Barbara Reed, PhD

{mospagebreaktitle= DAILY DIARY OF MY FAST SPRING OF 1997}



3:33 A.M.  May 15, 1997: Well, after having returned last evening from a trip down to Iowa for my Sister Jolene's funeral, I went to bed, at 9:30 or so, called Karen, and Kari, Joshua came home from Wed night at Shaddis' to lie beside me and pray and share.  Then, I slept until 1:30 A.M., watched some Japanese language stuff.  When I let the dogs out at 3 the whole Northern half of the sky was beautifully lit up with a fabulous display of Northern Lights!  Wow!  Waves of light shooting more than half way across the sky!  One of 2 or 3 like it in my life!


I weighed myself at a shocking 338 pounds!!!!!!!  I am astounded!  Dumbfounded!  My feet and ankles and fingers are swollen.  My feet hurt when I walk.  I move ponderously, laboriously, cumbersomingly.


Hmmmm - - .  I think I will go to bed, as I must be up and teaching from 7.  That's just 3 1/2 hours away.


Yesterday, as I was returning from Iowa, while praying, it occurred to me freshly, that I must remember to praise the Lord, because, He's worthy!  Not because He does what I want, but simply, because, He's worthy.


7:34 P.M.  Well, it is the evening of the first day of my fast, God permitting.  I have not been hungry all day, though of course I could have eaten tons.  I have contemplated having a medical doctor or hospital help me, and am willing to be a medical guinea pig, to have them monitor me on blood pressure, blood flow, hormones, cholesterol, blood make-up, chemicals, testing, physical and mental, etc., measurements, etc., but, so far, no major nudges.


My feet are very swollen, though it seems that they may be starting to go down.  My toes are swollen to the point where the toes are squished together.  My belly fat roll reaches from my pubic bone to my sternum, about 18 inches of belly fat alone, I did drink some water for the first time today.


10:33 P.M.  Still not hungry, though, again, I could eat several pounds of food, if I wanted to.  Already, my feet hurt less, and I have greater freedom of movement, and it has only been 24 hours.  My breathing is more free.  There is no weakness or dizziness, though last night on the way home, while I was still eating, I had a slight headache.  This morning, my left eye was swollen, but all is normal again.  Also, I have noticed lately that my hands are swollen, my ring, hard to remove, as had been the case, increasingly up to the beginning of this fast.


Day before yesterday, my sister had a funeral, she was 62, had diabetes, was 100 pounds overweight, ate the wrong things, and had 12 heart attacks in 6 weeks time, with the medical personnel re-starting her heart, 3 way by-pass operation, with fibrillator, breathing tube, etc. Finally, Friday night, her heart stopped at about 10:30, about an hour after Mother said good-night to her, "I'll see you in the morning, if the Good Lord is willing."  Jolene gave a feeble wave of acknowledgment and died an hour later.  The medical people were not able to re-start her heart, and gave up, at about 1 A.M.  Is this a wake-up call for me, or what?


At the funeral, Aunt Edith spoke to me about my overweight.  I was flip.  She encouraged me to exercise and to watch my diet. She asked me if I was doing exercise in connection with the development of our property.  I said that we were, and she said, "Yes, but I'm asking if YOU exercise and work."  I said yes.  So, she had the courage to speak to me about it, while no one else did.


Yesterday, when I saw Ron Green, he strongly urged me to exercise by walking, and to eat properly.  He made me an offer, that if I get down to my ideal weight, that is, 225 pounds, that he would spend $1000.00 on a clothing wardrobe for me.  My goal is to permanently level off at 220 to 240.  That is over 100 pounds less than I presently weigh.  But, I think that I want to accept the challenge, and go for it.  I am setting a goal, that I will arrive at 240 pounds and less, by the end of this year, or sooner, if possible.


I was figuring it up.  When I was married, 33 years ago, next month, I weighed 185-187 pounds, or 150 pounds less than I do now.  That's a gain of about 1/2 pound per month, or 5 pounds per year.


Yesterday, at this time, 10:30, I stopped eating at about sundown, at least by 9 or 9:30, and have had only about a cup of water since then.  I carefully weighed myself then, at a maximum reading on the scales, of  Now, I weigh 332, a loss of 6 pounds, in 24 hours.  My waist across my navel, is exactly 61 inches, but 3 inches higher, where I wear my "belt", the measurement is 60", the size of my new suit pants, and the size of one of the kaki pants that we just purchased.


My belly roll, from the crack of flesh lies below my roll, to my slightly protruding sternum bone, is 19 " standing, and 17 " sitting.  My neck is 20", but my white dress shirts are too tight at 20".  My biceps are 17".  My legs, at their widest point, at the crotch of my pants, both measure 30".  The calves of both of my legs measure 18 3/4 ".  Around the arch of my foot measures 12".  These measurements were taken after 1 complete day of fasting, taking in only that cup of water.  The chest measurement is 56, full breath, and 54 1/2 breath released.


06:30 A.M. 16 May  Well, here it is, the next morning, the morning of the "2nd Day"!  Again, I feel lighter on my feet, freedom of movement, and of breathing, though the swelling remains in my feet, getting up from a prone position is easier, as is climbing the stairs.  I awoke with a fairly strong fasting taste in my mouth.  Weighed myself at 328, a loss of 10 pounds, since beginning my fast, 2 days ago.


3rd Day - 9:40 A.M. 17 May: Up at 6.  Walked 2 miles this morning, over to Erickson's and back, did pretty well, walking briskly most of the way, without tiring or my feet hurting too much.  It took 57 minutes, which included a little bit of meandering.  The plum trees are in full bloom, and the daffodils, and we've already picked a tulip.  The rhubarb is up and growing.  Upon returning, I planted about a gallon of grass seed on the bare or sparse places, dug in two of the garden spots, pulled some trees from the proposed garden by the barn, to transplant by the road.  I would like to plant something, every week-day of the growing season, until the first freeze.   Yesterday, I prayed that somehow, we could find someone to plow for us, at least a garden plot.  When I got home from teaching school at Siren, 7th and 8th grade Science, (next Monday, I am supposed to "teach" Art!!!), there was a call from our neighbor, the Olsens.  They are offering, for free, to plow a garden spot for us!!!   So, we all agreed on the barn-yard, and, now, I am going to transplant the remaining Iris, Tulips, etc., along with some trees, to their desired locations.  Karen and I had a good time sharing, before she left for the hospital on call, and I returned to the field and farm and sun and exercise!


Elwood Olson, our neighbor, came today, plowed the area this side of the barn, and plowed AND disked garden area north of the burn barrel.


I (we) Joshua, Karen and I, planted petunias, pansies, carrots, turnips, radishes, lettuce, striped sunflowers, sweet peas and beets.  Joshua and I planted the last of it for today, by the flashlight.


Worked hard, in the sun, almost all day, much of the time, with a swimming suit on, and barefoot, with only about an hour of sleep, then back at it.  I wanted to plant before the rain this week-end.  It is now 1143 P.M. and I hear some booming thunder.  Earlier, there were tornado warnings West of here, so, as always, we trust You, Dear Lord, to have Your perfect way.


I just weighed myself on the scale at 325 pounds, only a loss today of 3 pounds, knowing that if I continue, that the daily weight may sometimes be less than 1/2 pound.  But this completes the third day, with a total weight loss of 13 pounds.  My strength was remarkable today, and, after a hard day's work and exercise, with only water as the intake, tonight, I climbed the stairs, upright, on my toes, with confidence.


Well, the thunder is booming more loudly, so, to protect the computer, I am going to call it a night, and shut it down. 

Good night.


4th Day - 18 May, Sunday: Walked 2 miles, I saw 2 deer, on the walk.  Time 40 minutes.  Weighed 321.   I walked down to the woods in the southeast corner, and sat under an oak tree.  I prayed for God to encourage me.  Earlier I had been angry with God for not blurbing the ministry, and for not giving me more power, fruit, results, encouragement, finances, etc.  I did not know that the prayers were to be answered the next day, and that the encouragement was to begin.


5th Day - 19 May, Monday:  Walked 2 miles, and I tried running a few steps.    Time: 47 minutes.  I "taught" art class today, and it was an easy day.  After school, Karen picked me up and we went to St Croix Falls to Wall Mart for $90 worth of plants for the garden.  We got a bunch of seed.  Pastor Dan called to encourage me, to tell me that he loves me, misses me, believes that I am to be a part of the Fellowship, empathizes with my pain, and requested that I meet with the elders for the purpose of positive reinforcement for me, from them, so that they can reassure me of their love, and of a desire on their part for me to be a part of the church.  Jim also called to say that he, and, I assume, the family has decided to 1) pay Karen and the family $350 per month, for the last 3 years, which would total $12,600.  2) Would give us a loan from the estate for another $12,000 for the Wold addition, which would add an additional $160 per month to our monthly house payment.  3) Begin paying us $1500 per month for the care of Hulda and Peter, commencing when they move to the farm.  If one of them dies, the amount is to be reduced to $1000 per month.  This then, effectively enables the Wold addition to be begun.  We called Craig, and the building project begins!


6th Day - 20 May. Tuesday:  Walked 2 miles, running possibly 1/8th of the way.  Karen and I planted 18 cauliflower, 8 red cabbage, 1 strawberry plant.  Carried up bed to office with Joshua, covered the plants that we did, purchased celery, impatiens, tomato, sweet peppers, 18 cayenne plants, $24 at Hank's Market, including a Baltimore oriole feeder for $3, and a couple of dozen plants for pennies because there was a question as to whether or not they would make it.  When I got home, Karen had bought another Baltimore feeder for $9, and before long, we saw a Baltimore at the feeder, and humming birds.  Karen bought 2-50 pound bags of sunflower seeds for the birds.  I intend to plant one of them.  Joshua and I covered the daffodils pansies, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbages, and cauliflowers, etc.  Then we went down the lane to discover asparagus in three locations.  It was and is great fun, being with Joshua - such a privilege.  Yesterday it was fun being with Karen.  She ate Taco Bell.  But tonight, she made goulash. Oooooooh, that was hard for me, because I love it so much.  I was really tempted to break my fast.  Yesterday, it was popcorn.


I taught shop today at school, and it was fun.  The elder's meeting was postponed until next week.  Craig did not call until after 9 P. M.!  I have not weighed for 2 days.  Went to sleep on the double bed that we moved up from Joshua's old room.  Karen always works so hard.  She has been cleaning out the 2 downstairs bedrooms.  Wells and Sandy called to encourage us, and to be friendly.


7th Day - May, 21.  Wednesday:  344 A.M.  Awoke with a bad taste in my mouth, rinsed it with pickle juice and salt, being careful to not to swallow.  Let the dogs out, full moon.  Journaled.


10:32 P.M.:  Just finished talking to Diane Stookey.  Whew!  Weighed myself this evening at 312 pounds!  This is a loss of 26 pounds.  I did not get to walk this morning, as I was the boys' coach at Siren.  Tomorrow, I am supposed to teach at Grantsburg!!!  English, 1/2 day!   Tonight, even though I was weak, I walked, ran the 2 miles.  This evening marks the completion of 7 days of fasting, using only water.  It also marks the 5th day straight, in which I succeeded in walking consistently, and sometimes running, 2 miles each day!  In addition, I have worked hard in the garden, as well as working at teaching school.  It has been mostly easy, but sometimes feelings of weakness, and, almost constantly, a horrible taste in my mouth.  I describe it as tasting like I had a piece of fresh poop in my mouth, all the time.  I try to wash my mouth out with salt, or Tabasco sauce, or pickle water, or something always taking care to never swallow, but the taste continues.  At times the phlegm in the back of my throat is nauseating, but life goes on.  Even when I feel my weakest, I am able to, with a strong choice of my will, do any feat of strength that I can normally do.


Tonight, I planted 6 cherry pepper plants, and prepared the ground for 12 parsley plant sets.  G'nite.


8th Day - Thursday, 22 May:  Taught Grantsburg School this afternoon - English for Mrs. Pederson, Room 123.  It was great!  I got a chance to meet other teachers and students.  One student said, "I'm not going to mess with him, he's the new principal!"  I wore my new khaki pants, white shirt, sweater vest, dress coat and Totes hat.  Earlier in the day, I worked up the strawberry patch, walked the 2 miles, planted strawberry plants, and Karen watered.  After school, Joshua and I went to the cities, he to practice, and me to a movie with Kari and Dawn Joy, the new sci-fi thriller action adventure with Bruce Willis, "The Fifth Element" at the Highland.  It was really fun.  That night I slept on the floor of Kari's apartment and slept well.  But this was the only day that I did not get to go walking in the last 6 days.


9th Day - Friday, 23 May. 1997: Up to go mushrooming with Joshua and Zoey, we walked 2 miles today!!!  Could find no mushrooms, but had a great time and got along well.  In the afternoon, I got to go to a movie with Joshua, "Jurassic Park II" and it was fun.  Afterward, while Joey, Michelle and Joshua ministered at the Church of Acts, Dawn Joy and I drove home.


It was sooooooo hard to not eat, as this was the completion of my ninth day without eating anything but water.  I wanted to eat nearly everything in sight!


10th Day - Saturday, May 24:  During the night my mouth had such a rotten taste.  I have been trying to combat the horrible taste with salt, Tabasco sauce, pickles, pickle juice, candy, pieces of potato, onion, peanuts, celery, cauliflower, etc., but the remedy is only temporarily effective.  Al the while, I am careful to not allow any of the particles or juice to go down my throat.  I weighed myself today, at 308!!  This means that in 9 days, I have lost 30 pounds!!!  This means an average of over  3 pounds per day.  This amount, of course, tapers off as the fast progresses, but still - - .  I walked 2 miles with Dawn Joy today.  It was so fun having her be with me.  She is going to try fasting with me today, and, perhaps, longer.  I am purposed in my heart that it is important for me to exercise, every day of my life, from now on.


Worked hard in the garden today, planted, many kinds of flower seeds in the raised flower bed, and some herbs.  Also planted all of the spearmint/peppermint that I brought home from the Minnesota River Valley yesterday.   With Joshua's  help, we planted 6 kohlrabi plants, 12 cayenne pepper plants, a long row of flower seeds, about 12 suckers from D-Vine tomatoes from Slaikeu's, and some hot cherry peppers.  I hope that it all grows!  I also planted all of the cheap potted plants that I got, 6 for 25 cents. mostly impatiens.  Physically, I did o.k. today, though with bouts of weakness, but mostly working through, stopping long enough to regain strength, and catch my breath.


Got  a call from Ron Green.  He offered to pay $200 for a complete physical for me from some local doctor.  Wow!


I love You Papa Yahweh, Precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit.  Amen.


11th Day - 25 May 19976:03 A.M.  9th day of having walked 2 miles each day ( except one).  Good Morning!  Went to drive Karen to work this morning, and on the return I measured out a mile going down the road east of where  Olson's live, and found that is exactly one mile to the parking area overlooking Amsterdam Slough, and if one keeps to County D, it is one mile to the little pond, just south of where Stephen Stephens lives.  Incidentally, I weighed on the scales at the hospital when I went with Karen, and I weighed 301 & 1/2.  But when I weighed on my own scales, I weighed 306/7/8, or, 308.  This is a difference of 7 pounds.  Hmmm.  But, I will stay with our battery "Counselor Drascale" scales, and count the very highest choice of all the numbers fluctuating on the indicator.


Walked the 2 miles, marked this morning, with Joshua, only came back through our pasture.  We saw a skunk, and followed him or her for a ways, then came on home.  Have had a difficult day with the horrible poop taste in my mouth, trying to help it by chewing this and that, then spitting and rinsing it out with pickle juice and saliva.  Thank You Lord!  Had a great time at church, sang a psalm, Robert Hildreth asked me to stand with him, which I did.


12th Day - Monday, Memorial Day, May 26: Dawn Joy and Kari are here this week-end, along with Rita and Glen.  Watered the garden and local flowers, the spearmint and the celery.  Bad taste continues, but not intolerably.  The temptation continues for me to eat, but, so far, I have been able to withstand, by the grace of God.  Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the elders.  May God help me to be pleasing to Him through it all.  Amen.  Weighed tonight at 302, by our white scales.  Walked 2 miles with Joshua to Gary Ericksons, and back through our back 40.  Again, the bad taste in my mouth is difficult.


10:42 P.M.  Joshua and Karen are both sleeping.  I guess I'll go to where love lies waiting.  Good Night!


13th Day - May 27, 1997  Wow!  What a day!  Up early, work in the lawn and garden, teach school, Karen to Mpls.  Work with Joshua in the garden, planting and watering, running off to the elder's meeting.  Wow!  What a meeting.  On the way home, suddenly, all the electricity in the car went kerbluey, and I was driving madly down the road in pitch darkness!  I crippled down the highway by the light of other cars, and the dimly lit road.  Made it to Alpha, where I asked Joshua to help.  He and I watched t.v. together, about a group of teachers that were falsely accused of pedophilia, and went to prison, etc., for a long time.


Kiss 300 pounds good-bye!!!  That's what it reads today, but by God's grace, I will never see 300 again!  Amen.


Day 14!  May 28, 1997 - 9:16 P.M.  Began work on the Wold Addition today, yesterday, discovered that our 6 bedroom home was only insured for $70,000, when the replacement cost would be nearly double that.  I called Jim Meyer, our State Farm rep, who informed me that $125,000 would only cost us $5 more per month!!!  So, we did it! 


Jim, from Webster Concrete came and dug the footings, after Karen and I decided to expand the addition another 2 feet, increasing the size to 20 feet out, by 22 feet across.


I watered this morning, but, thank God, it is raining tonight!


I weigh 296.  In 14 days, I have lost over 40 pounds!!!


If I followed my instincts, and drank only when thirsty, I would damage myself before turning to water on my own.  One indication that I need to drink more, is the color of my urine:  the less water I drink, the more dark my urine is, and the more water I drink, the more clear the urine is, and it is less odorous.


It is so much fun, getting to wear clothing that I would normally not be able to fit into.  I'm getting things from out of drawers and from the back of closets, that for years ( or, for since my last lengthy fast) that I have not been able to wear.  I have greater freedom of movement - I can run up or down stairs, as compared with my having to go down them very slowly, with knees being bothered somewhat, etc.  At home, for example, we have this steep stair case, that every member of our family has fallen on, except me.  I take pains to go down them backward, or go up them forward, but on my hands.  Now I can practically run up them, though I still weigh nearly 300 pounds. 


I have determined that, when I return to "normal eating" that I will never let one day go by without about an hour of exercise, including 30 minutes of walking, along with push up's, arm strengtheners. leg strengtheners, etc.  I have determined to not allow myself to gain more than 12 pounds, following this, or any fast, and that, if, by the end of each week, that I will fast until I am below, or equal to not more than 12 pounds above my fasting weight.  After 40 days back on food, if I have not made progress toward my ideal weight, of 220 to 240 pounds, that I will fast for 36 to 40 hours each week, say from Sunday night, until Tuesday morning, and fast otherwise, until I reach that weight.  After I have reached that "ideal weight", if I am growing out of my clothes, that every month, at the full moon or so, I will fast, until I am below the 234 mark.


Another goal, is to make sure that I do not eat during one 8 hour stretch every day, so as to give my body a chance to rest and recover from the day's eating, preferably from 11 p.m., until at least 7 A.M.. , to eat only one grape, or nut, at a time, to worship the Lord in each bite, I don't know if any of this stuff will work, but, by God's grace - - .


Ohhh, how I love to eat!!!   Ohhh how very very good food tastes.  Ohhh how my appetite rages, most of the time (except when I am fasting).  There is that within me, when I am not fasting, when my appetite demands more and more and more and more food, until I am gorged, and then, I am still "hungry" for more food.  When that happens again, I will try to intersperse glasses of water between snacks, and, or, eating "free foods", that have little or no caloric content.  I don't know, but -

- .

Dear God, please help me be moderate, be led, be disciplined in what I eat.  Please be the Lord of my appetite and my eating.  In Jesus' Name,  Amen.


May 30, 1997, Friday, The end of the 16th day:  weigh 295 pounds, a loss of 43 pounds, backache, bad taste, went fishing with Joshua, only caught perch, Yellow Lake, came home and cleaned them.  Today the wall foundation got built, yesterday the footings were poured, the day before they were dug,  Bert and Paula Stites came over and we served them supper of salad and the rest of the chicken and rice from last Sunday.  Ron Larson came over today, and we fed him ditto.  My back hurts, as I need to rest it.  Good night.


May 31, 1997, Saturday, the 17th day! 292 lbs.  Over 2 lbs a day average.  Lovely day - Energy level high, I filled the dishwasher, looked at the feeders, cleaned up somewhat. Joshua goes to the city early this morning, to minister with Mike Neeterer at a children's camp.  I rented 4 videos, yesterday, so as to keep from needing to eat or be lonely.  The taste is o.k. this morning.  I feel like working in the garden, digging a trench around the foundation of the house, at least, from the new addition to past the old bathroom, so as to put a 2 " layer of thermax insulation there, to inhibit freezing, and save on the heat bill.


Today, I went to a garage sale on the way to Webster, and bought two walking canes, with bronze heads on them.  I discovered after I bought them that the heads screw off, and that they are hollow, so that one can store things in them.  In the one head, there is a glass tube with a cork in it.  In the other, there is a mysterious substance rattling around in the head, resembling clay mixed with tiny gold or brass flecks.  Both canes could be adapted to sword canes.


Ohhh, it is so very lovely in this place where Daddy Yahweh has given us to live.  The apple trees are in bloom, white and pink and purple and red, the lilacs, purple and white, the plum trees, peaches, dog-wood, violets, daffodils, and, of course, the pansies and petunias.  The Baltimore orioles, robins, purple finches, gold finches, humming birds, etc.


I seem to be aware that God is not in my thoughts as heavily as usual.  I suppose the business of the days may relate, though I don't know.  I may be that, because of a "slight" or subconscious resentment that I have toward God for not "blurbing" the books or the ministry or the finances or the power level or the glory level, I may be going on strike, or may be more aloof from Him.


Father God, Daddy Yahweh, Precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit:


Good morning!   Father God, lately, I seem to be aware that You are not in my consciousness on as great a level as previously, and this concerns me.  I seem to be aware that the intensity of my desire to worship You has diminished, somewhat, as with the level of my gratitude.   Yes, I am still totally committed to You, and still want to serve You, and to do Your will, because I know that this is best for me, and proper.


Yet, on a feeling and on a practice level, I realize that my spiritual temperature seems to be at a lower level than previously, even though I am on the 17th day of a complete fast.


Father God, Holy Spirit, Precious Yahshua:  I repent.  I am not sure as to the reasons for this, exactly.  Perhaps it is because that for years I have waited for the glory, the power, the fame, the finances, the "success in ministry".  I have not been as content, as grateful, as thankful, as worshipful, as hungry, as attentive, as aggressive as I should, or as I have been.   I would estimate that I have been about 10 to 15 degrees off of white hot.  I repent.


I take tally of all that You have done for me.  I take time to count my blessings:






health                              Mother                    Terry

Karen                              Ed                            Mary

Joshua                     Pete                         Jan and Janet

Dawn Joy                        Hulda                              Audrey

Kari                         Mike and Sandy              Smiths

Joey                         Sherrill and Russ             Stookie and Janey

Michelle                  Elsie and Fred         Eddys

Zoe                          Jim and Joanne                Green

Shekinah                 Kevin and Ruth               Larsons

Eleeshua                  Chuck and Judy              Faasts

Closes                      Mary H.                   Betiku

Wrights                   Olsons                     Benedicts


Blodgetts                 Slaikeu                    Dingmans

Lenners                   Bob Hildreth           Wood River Family


Thanks for My health: My looks, my chest, my teeth, hearing, sight, taste of sweet, sour, my nose, with its ability to smell all of its smells, flowers, food, etc.  Sight:  to be able to see to read: the Bible, L'Amour, letters, the computer, appendices, back, feet, ankles, toes (all of them), knees, hips, male organs, bowel function, urinary function, bladder, kidneys, prostate, stomach, large and small intestine, pancreas, thyroid, pineal gland, balance, depth perception, color perception, musical ability, poetry, love of animals, nature, and gardening.  My heart, lungs, voice box, teeth, skin, circulation, hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, nose, hair, ability to sleep, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.


Thanks for This Farm: the trees, the lane, the flowers, the community, the garden, the stars, the house, running water, electricity, heat, basement, sun porch, back porch, upstairs sitting room, dining room, 6 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, spaciousness, lovely windows, light fixtures, cook-stove, paint, roof, foundation, construction, the new addition, the barn, the upstairs of the barn, the steps, the downstairs, the electricity, 14 ++ fruit trees, grapes, wild grapes, asparagus, the garden, the rhubarb, the evergreens, the acres, the woods, the hill, the fields, the deer, the birds, the other animals.


The maxi-van, the use of Wold's car, our red car, our motor home, the El Camino, and the cars of the kids.




They are selfishly pre-occupied with their own interests. 

They need a revelation that they deserve only an eternity in hell. 

They have not been taught the importance of gratitude. 

They have conscious or subconscious resentment, bitterness and anger towards God, because He has not been God to them on their terms, and/or because He has not given them what they want

 {mospagebreaktitle= Gratitude}


             by John Roy Bohlen, May 31, 1997


What is the very best attitude?

        The Attitude of Gratitude!

Jesus stands every day with His Arms outstretched.


Or are you angry with the Father,

        'Cause He doesn't give what you'd rather,

You want God to be your slave that carried and fetched.


It's up to you to praise the Lord,

        Or by you, He'll be ignored.

Like a grumpy, ungrateful child who should be spanked.


You can thank God, or you don't,

But, if not, well then, you won't.

Then God Himself will wait and not be thanked.


The ten lepers all received

        Healing, almost unbelieved!

Then Jesus calmly waited for result.


One came back and thanked Him sweetly,

        But God pondered this one deeply

Ingratitude in spoiled children, but - adult?


Time, trouble, effort, energy -

        Look at all that Jesus does for thee,

If you praise from dawn till dusk, you've just begun.


I have decided to be most grateful,

        And not to be so hateful,

But be thankful to the Father, Who sent His Son.


My hands I'll raise, with heart ablaze,

        Others amaze, "He's a craze!"

                It doesn't faze, on You I'll gaze.

I will praise You all my days, all my ways.   Amen.


Sunday, June 1st, tonight will complete the 18th day of this fast.  A loss of over 45 lbs. Today, June 1st, I discovered our first sponge morel mushrooms - 3 large beautiful ones in our back yard!!!  I can hardly wait to show Joshua!  I got to read the above poem at church, and several made positive comments, notably Bill, and Dan, who both expressed warm friendship.


Same day, Sunday Afternoon, I am all alone in the house, and here, Sunday afternoon, I am kind of waiting for some one to come or call, with whom I can go "shrooming".  Bill Dingman told me of some "shrooms" on one of the islands just southeast of the Wood Lake public loading ramp.  Perhaps this afternoon, we can go.  Right now I think I will go lay down until someone comes or calls, or until I decide to go by myself...


Joshua called to say he'd be home in time to "shroom" on the island, and "fersh" with me.  I walked the old orchard, and the N.E. woods while waiting, he came and we went but got skunked.   G' Nite.


Monday, June 2, 1997  the 19th day of this fast.  289 lbs.  Worked hard on the Wold Addition, shoveling, watering the garden, with periods of weakness.  We completed the floor for pouring concrete, and dug the trench for the sewage line.  Jim, from Webster Concrete, was the back-hoe operator, and we had him dig a hole for a pond, (as a source of fill, rather than pay for fill to be hauled in for $100 per load) or whatever, as well as transplant some trees.  We got a new chicken and rooster, and he began crowing right away!  Megan and Lady Blodgett brought them, and cracked corn, as a present, as well as snack treats, string cheese, dip, crackers, fresh farm eggs, etc.  Went into town late with Joshua, to fax Joey an invoice for his "Dove" company.  In some respects, this was one of my most difficult days, with feelings of weakness, the horrible "fresh poop" like taste in my  mouth, the gagging on phlegm located way down the back of my throat, as well as the prospect of 3 more weeks, if I were to continue on to 40 days.  I have been tempted to give up this fast, over and over, but then I look at myself in the mirror, sitting sideways, with my huge belly sticking out all over the place, and I continue, by the help of God.  Perhaps, because of the hard work, digging, etc., I was able to drink a lot of water.  As a special treat, we cooked and ate the three large morel mushrooms that I found in our back yard.  I only tasted a piece before giving it to the dogs, and rinsing out my mouth.   Talked to Karen, late, and with Brother Kraig about fixtures.  Joshua de-ticked the dogs, though I told him that he didn't have to. 


20th Day: Tuesday, June 3, 1997: As yesterday, I'm wide awake at 5:30, listening to the new rooster crowing, so they made it through their first night on the new premises - here.  I really feel great, encouraged, etc.  My freedom of movement is good,  I'm light on my feet, breathing is easy,  I have good bursts of strength, though most of the time I am slow moving and lethargic, though the strength is there when needed or called upon.


Went "shrooming" with Joshua today, down by Shell Lake, stopped by the Schaeffer Bee place for a pleasant chat.  Found some lovely shrooms at W.F.  Both of us were too tired to do anything after we came home, 'cept clean and salt water the shrooms, and check on the hen.  Actually, my strength and stamina seems to be as great as Joshua's, and his is great.  These days, I am shoveling, hoeing, digging, lifting, walking in the deep woods, all that Joshua does, and, sometimes more.  I require far less sleep, and, aside from a mildly bad taste in my mouth, and occasional "feelings" of weakness, and the need to lay down occasionally, I am flowing along fine, pain-free, and serene.


21st day, June 4, 1997:  Good morning!  To sleep at 1+ A.M., awake at 4:30, listening to the birds, let the dogs out, last night was the first time that Pookie was receptive to Monkey's romantic advances.   There are still no eggs from the new hen, though she was consistently laying daily, prior to coming here.  But they seem to be adjusting well. 


Today, I am to go see Dr. Huset, at the Webster Clinic, for a physical check-up, which, I hope will be in at least 2 parts: this, during this fast, and after I have been eating for a while.  It would be nice, sometime, if I could have someone scientifically monitor me when I fast, before, during, and after, throughout the entire process.  It is so fascinating to do this fasting, to see how the body works.  I am down to 284 pounds.  It is utterly amazing to me, how the weight drops off, (I have lost 54-55 pounds in 3 weeks!!!), how natural hunger completely ceases, how the swelling in my legs, fingers, arms and feet, immediately shrinks, how freedom of movement and breathing immediately becomes easier, how things heal, how the energy and strength continues, how the need for sleep decreases, how the tongue coats and gradually becomes clear, etc.


Today, we should be able to hook up the plumbing to the Wold Addition, and the sewage, and to transfer the gas line to the kitchen, and be ready to pour the slab for tomorrow.  This means that we can begin some serious landscaping and mowing before Karen comes home on Friday.


Some of the TTD's include: Making a chicken fence, disking the sweet corn patch, planting flowers, melons, cucumbers, corn, sunflowers, squash, radishes, more strawberries, transplanting trees and flowers, the daily watering, fencing, call Molly for the goats, etc.  Jo Vansley and Judy Wyatt are coming in today or tomorrow, so they can help a little.


Well, it is 5:30 A.M., I've been up for an hour, and am tired again, so I think I'll go back to bed for a couple of hours, and then get ready to go to see Dr. Huset.


Saw Dr. Huset, and was very impressed.   I gave him a copy of this journal, which he seemed happy to receive.


22nd Day - 5 June: 1st egg from the hen today.  Planted 30 or so tomato plants that Dr. Huset gave to me as a present.  He said that he would read my books, and that his gift of the tomato plants was a trade for the books.  I did not disagree.


23rd Day:  6 June 97: 283 - 55 pounds.  Dr. Huset called to say that I am in perfect health.  Liver, lungs, heart, blood, cholesterol, blood pressure, protein, - all normal. He wants to see me next week, to monitor me on this fast.


24th Day:  7 June 1997: Went shrooming with Joshua below Bethany.  Walked probably more than 4 or 5 miles.  Put up Wold's patio furniture. I was weary coming out of the woods. Potluck at Mary's.  Lots of Great food, but none for me!  Karen came home with me after working in the cities for 2 weeks.  She came home to be shown the flowers and the construction.


25th Day:  8 June, 1997:  Potluck at church today.  More great food.  I must ask Pastor's wife for her recipe of her cabbage and bacon hot-dish.  It is amazing that no one from church has commented about the fact that I have lost 60 pounds. 



26th Day - 9 June: Yes, the scale weighs 277.  Yesterday and today, great feelings of weakness, yet, I have worked in the garden, today, planting 4 rows of sweet corn, and helping lay Joshua's basket-ball floor slab by the chicken house.  But, much of the time I feel weak as a kitten, and the temptation to crawl into bed, cover up my head, and forget about the world.  Hibernation, I guess it is called.  The bad taste in my mouth is very strong, and phlegm collecting in the very back of my throat.  I cannot swallow the phlegm because the strings of it connect with the back of my nose and throat, so it won't come up and it won't go down, so I, much of the time am slightly wanting to gag.  If I really try to cough it up, it starts a gagging reflex that I have to fight down.  The expression on my face, much of the time, reflects the way I feel.


Yet, I look in the mirror and see my fat belly roll, and know that I am doing the right thing.  I am sincerely hoping that I can go for 2 more weeks, which would complete my 40 days.  But if this weakness and nausea continues, I donno - - - .


I am purposed that I will not gain more than 10 or 12 pounds when I begin eating once again.  After that, I intend to lose 1 pound a week, until I reach my goal weight of 222 to 234, or a maximum of 240, and NEVER gain more weight than that.  I intend to do this by the following means:


        Walk 2 miles every day - at least 5 days per week.

        Do additional exercises like:

                Dance before the Lord, every day.

                Push ups, arm lifts, stomach exercises, weight lifting

                Work hard

        Eat fruit until noon

        Eat "free" food: cabbage, celery, lettuce, radishes, chorabi, cauliflower, broccoli, rhubarb, peppers, pickles, sauerkraut, pop-corn etc.

        Drink water whenever I am hungry.

        Use lemon juice, vinegar, tomato juice, etc., as a butter or salad dressing substitute.

        Make sure that at least 8 hours passes every day without eating.

        Fast every Sunday night midnight until Tuesday morning, if I am not within my weight goal.

        Fast every full moon, down to below 220 pounds, if necessary.

        Minimize sweets, white flower, grease and fat, fried foods, (except eggs and bacon)

        Try to keep the rations down to 2 helpings, of anything, (except goolausch!)

        Minimize caffeine and chocolate.



        How much rice, noodles, beans, lentils, peas, potatoes, is o.k.?

        How much cottage cheese, cream cheese, cheese, ice cream is o.k.?

        How healthy is a lemonade powder mix that has no lemon as an ingredient?

        Is there any problem with wild salad: viz.: shepherd's purse, dandelion greens, pansies, nasturtiums,

clover leaves, etc.,  and what else?


Tuesday, June  10th, 1997: This is the 27th day of my fast, taking  only water the entire time, with no other drinks, pills, supplements, food, or flavors.  Utterly amazing.   Yes, I have had feelings of weakness, phlegm in my throat and a bad taste in my mouth, but, on the other hand, I sleep less, can still do active work, am otherwise active, have been not taking time to eat, or prepare food.  The savings on the food that I would have consumed would have been enormous.  I have greater ease of movement and breathing, and I have known no swelling of my legs, ankles, feet, hands, fingers, wrists, or face, etc.  In addition, my internal organs, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, kidneys, stomach, thyroid, brain, intestines, appendix, prostate, and my skin, etc., literally, every cell, muscle, bone, etc., is getting a rest, a cleansing, a release from toxins and other unwanted material, - the cholesterol is normal, the blood pressure, the blood - all is in healed, cleansed and healthy condition.  Isn't that great?!


So, by God's grace, I will continue - but if I am led to quit, I will.  Amen.


30th Day - Friday, June 13:  Worked frantically in the woods, as yesterday, Gary Erickson called to say that the electric company needs to cut a line-clearance swath 20' on either side of the electric line coming north, along our west 40 acre boundary.  This means that there will be many oak, pine, birch, maple, etc., trees, saplings, bushes that will be destroyed, including a huge 150 year old white pine.  Thus, we pulled and dug out many of them, and transplanted a bunch along our front east of our lane.  Much weakness, phlegm, bad taste and aversion to water.


31st Day - Saturday, June 14, 1997:  Zoe's birthday, went down to the cities to celebrate, with Karen, at Lake Nokomis, with many friends of Zoe's and Joey and Michelle, and it was a good opportunity to be with Kevin's and  Hulda and Pete and Larry Pritchett and Joe Lenner's daughter.  She told me that she hit a bear by Slaikeu's, had seen several at her place, and that they were really thick around and in Grantsburg.  We came home to hear Dawn Joy's report that she had seen one about 8:30 P.M. here, in our front yard!  But that the dogs kind of scared it away.   She had the courage to follow it out into the field as it lumbered away past our graveyard and disappeared, heading west, into our woods.


32nd Day - Sunday, June 15th:  Josh sang a lovely duet with Annie, "Oh God, You are my God", at church.  I was really weak.  I had gone out earlier, about 6 and had watered extensively, all of the tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, etc., generally straightening out the place for Joshua's party today.  Came home and did more work, so I was weak as a kitten almost all day.  We had a much needed rain, of about 3/4th of an inch.  In the evening, Brother and Sister Haas came and we had a brief but nice visit.  He told me the names of some of the trees around our property (God's property), red oaks, white oaks, etc., and further educated me as to some of the trees, as to their "worth", commercially, which. in our case is not very much, because of their condition as to age, twists, branches, demand, etc.  But, for example, one of the trees that is not worth very much, is an ancient oak, that we hang our porch swing on, that is probably over 150 years old, from before the time of Abraham Lincoln!!


Again, though I have lost nearly 70 pounds, no one commented.  Joshua had a great time here at the party, from afternoon to the bon-fire in the moonlight.  It was great having all of the kids home, and a happy Father's Day.  I received a swivel flashlight from Joey and Michelle, several cards, a new shirt from the girls, a book about how to kill, dress, cut and cook deer and venison, from Karen.  It was fun being with the grand-children and the marble game.  Again, phlegm, weakness, bad taste  were a slight problem.  Joey expressed to me their concern about my yo-yo  weight, and I told him that I had purposed to stay at my target weight of 220 to 240 for the rest of my life. (30 to 40 pounds to go!)


Monday morning, June 16 - the 33rd day of this fast, with a weight loss of 69 pounds - still over 2 pounds per day average.  The bad taste and phlegm at the back of my throat, are a problem, though slight.  Had a great night's sleep, though I find,

during this fast that I sleep less and less, almost always arising at or just after dawn.  If I can last on this fast, at least until next Monday evening, I will have gone 40 days.  I hope to.  Yesterday, I discovered a small lump, just left of my left nipple, but, I plan to have Dr. Huset, look at it for me.


Our frantic ttd list, this week, includes, planting the rest of the corn patch between here and the barn, transplanting and rescuing whatever plants and trees lie along the west boundary, under the power line, planting the rest of the garden, weeding what garden and flowers we have, getting the van unstuck from where I drove it up onto a rock pile out in our back 40, making a Dr.'s appt., writing a Feast letter, arranging and confirming our ministry trip in early August to the East Coast, calling my mother to see if she would consider a gift of $ to us to enable us to put a second floor on the new addition, purchase a whopping 90' tower and electric generator wind mill, and purchase a $100 antique wind generator, and print another 10,000 Rule The World printing.  Oh well, life goes on.


34th Day - Tuesday, June 17th, 1997: Worked hard in the field, transplanting trees, writing our ministry letter.  Have a Dr.'s appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  A man named Lola Cadona called to say that he and his wife are stopping by to see us.  They came about 10 P.M. and we had a spirited and lovely time of fellowship.  All in all, my strength has seemed to improve over the last couple of days.  My  need to sleep seems to decrease more and more.  How sweet it is to work with and be with Joshua.  Karen has been working so very hard lately, cleaning up the house, etc.  We tried out all my clothes, to discover that there are only 2 or 3 pairs of pants that fit me.  But, my double breasted suit fits perfectly.  It appears that I have gone from a 60 inch waist pants to a 52 or a 53!!!


35th Day - Wednesday, June 18th,  Up early - before 6, to think on our conversations with the Cadona's last evening.  They slept in their camper out in our field.  Today my doctor's appointment with Dr. Huset.  I took Brother Cadona with me to the Dr. who was also willing to look at him.  I loaned the Dr. my 3 best books on fasting, "Fasting Can Save Your Life", and "Fasting For Better Health", both by Herbert Shelton, and another one.


36th Day - Thursday, June 19:  The Cadona's mowed the lawn, beautiful, then went to town to discover their relatives.  We continued to mold the place to be nice for Wells and Sandy when they come tomorrow.


37th Day - June 20, our 33rd anniversary!:  Arose early with Joshua and Karen to go to some hum-dinger sales, and came back with a van load of stuff.  At this one sale, we made a "hauling" by offering $20 for a whole pile of stuff: garden equipment, fishing box, ropes, etc., $4 for a wheel barrow, 13 for a stove and propane tank, etc.   Came home and unloaded, Joshua went to pick up a 250 gallon fuel tank for free, plus the stove.  Wells and Sandy, and Taiwo came up in the evening.  Great time!  Bonfire with Joshua and Tiawo.  Karen gave me a book that she special ordered, from Dr. James Dobson, about Happy Food Exchanges.  Wells and Sandy introduced us to "Weigh Down", a program of weight loss that Sandy is on, and is loaning us 7 tapes to listen to.  Great sex with Karen!


38th Day - June 21, Saturday:  Wells and Sandy here, with Taiwo,  happy times:  I watered the garden, with some weeding, and the flowers.  Sandy and Karen returned to the garage sale that we went to yesterday and got some "steals".  They also set up a lovely spot by the back door with flowers and antiques.  Bonfire in the evening with Taiwo, Joshua, Josh Wright, Dawn Joy, and Wells. and me.  Good fellowship.


39th Day, June 22, 1997:  This last week has been a time of weakness, yet I have continued to work to the point of exhaustion, then resting until the strength to go on returns.  There has been no sickness, or pain, - just the continued gagging on phlegm in the back of my throat, and the bad taste, otherwise, there have been no negative symptoms. Stayed home from church today, too weak, Michelle shared 3 or 4 times in church, about keeping still before the Lord, pride, etc., there was some discussion afterward about corrective words, etc.  I wrote a letter of friendship to Dave Ophaug, inviting him to come visit me here on the place.  Jackie Bosart was over for the afternoon.



40th Day: Monday, June 23rd:  Good Morning!  Feel good today, 4:19 A.M.  Wide awake.  I plan to eat tonight, some "Fat-Burning Soup", consisting of tomatoes, peppers, celery, cabbage, onions, green beans, and carrots.  I plan to divide this into small portions, cooked in small portions, say, 2 cup-fulls at a time, and, perhaps, limit myself to 2 cups total for the evening, with nothing else - eating very slowly, with a little cayenne pepper.  The plan is, at least at the beginning, to stick with fruit only in the mornings, starting tomorrow with some watermelon, and, maybe, some banana and grapes - nothing else.


1st day of the fast compared to the last day of the fast:

             BEFORE                         AFTER                              TOTAL


  beginning weight = 338    ending weight = 256:  total loss = 82 pounds

        waist at navel = 61"                54"                                         7"

    waist at belt line = 60"                        50"                                        10"

 belly roll standing = 19"                 16"                                         3"

                    sitting = 17"                15"                                          2"

                      neck = 20"                18"                                           2"

                   biceps = 17"                 15 1/2"                               1 1/2"

        legs at crotch = 30"                 25 1/2"                               4 1/2"

                    calves = 18 3/4"          16"                                      2 3/4"

           arch of foot = 12"                11 1/2"                                   1/2"

      chest expanded = 56"               50"                                            6"

         chest exhaled = 54 1/2"         50"                                      4 1/2"


Well, tonight, I broke the fast, on 2 cups of vegetables of the "fat-burning soup" recipe, plus, less than 1 cup of lentils and split peas, with Joshua and Karen, at 10 p.m.  I took the first bite, by each of us eating a couple of grapes.  After just a little while, my mouth filled with sickly sweet syrup taste, that I could not shake, unless I ate some more.  I did eat one leaf of cabbage raw, to see if I could chase away the syrup taste, but it did not help.  I ate probably less than half (1 1/2 cups) of the lentils and veggies.  Tomorrow, I plan to eat only watermelon and grapes until noon, and perhaps, some banana.  I will try to limit myself to 1 - 2" slice of watermelon, one banana, and 2 bunches of grapes.  In the afternoon and evening, I plan to eat more of the "fat-free soup".


"Body Stewardship" goals

        Listen to the tapes Sandy and Wells loaned to me.

        Read the book that Karen bought me from Dr. Dobson.

        Listen to Kari's tapes

        Look at Ken Nelson's program      

        Not gain more than 10 or 12 pounds when I begin eating (268 lbs.)

        Lose 1 pound a week, until I reach my goal weight of 222 to 234, or a maximum of 240, and, NEVER gain more weight than that.

        Walk 2 miles every day - at least 5 days per week, starting my 58th birthday, 4 days after the conclusion of this fast, and, then, do additional exercises like:


        Dance before the Lord, every day.

        Push ups, arm lifts, stomach exercises, weight lifting.

        Work hard.

        Eat fruit until noon.

        Eat "free" food: cabbage, celery, lettuce, radishes, chlorabi, cauliflower, broccoli, rhubarb, peppers, pickles, sauerkraut, pop-corn etc.

        Drink water whenever I am hungry.

        Use lemon juice, vinegar, tomato juice, etc., as a butter or salad dressing substitute.

        Make sure that at least 8 hours passes every day without eating.

        Fast every Sunday night midnight until Tuesday morning, if I am not within my weight goal.

        Fast every full moon, down to below 220 pounds, if necessary.

        Minimize sweets, white flower, grease and fat, fried foods, (except eggs and bacon), chocolate, caffeine, sugar, diet drinks,

        Try to keep the rations down to 2 helpings, or less, of anything, (except goulash!

        Exercise moderation.

        Eat slowly, thanksgivingly, worshipfully - never gorge, or eat fast.

        Pray after each meal, as well.

        Cast down craze for food, take authority of appetite.


The 2nd week, add cottage cheese to the fat-burning soup, when called for. (All of these rewards and allowances are conditional upon whether or not I am within the above listed goals.


The 3rd week, add baked potato to the soup recipe, when called for.

The 4th week, add meat, when called for.

The 5th week, add 2 hot dogs.

The 6th week, reward myself with bacon and eggs, if I am within my weight goal, and, once a week thereafter!!!


Tuesday, June 24th: Very weak, managed to stick to a proper fast-breaking plan, tried to work, ate grapes and watermelon till noon, some fat-burning until night. 


Wednesday, invited to Stites for supper, had some spaghetti and salad and a little bread - a little much, but, it surely tasted good.  Ate some cottage cheese and almonds, but, generally behaved.  Again, very weak until about supper time.  Had a good prayer meeting time at church.  Again, though over 80 pounds lighter, no one commented.  Rode home with Joshua, fun.  Dan and Linda gave us a box of tomatoes.


Thursday, June 26th - Well!!!  The appetite's back with a fury and a vengeance!  Whew!  If I listed all that I ate today, it would be mind-boggling: fruit until noon, every day!  But, otherwise, let's list it:


a pinch or two of Doritos, 12 -24 peanuts, a spoon of peanut butter, 2 eggs, 2 or 3 slices of bacon, a piece or two of toast, butter, orange juice, 3 hands full of almonds, an apple or two, 2 cups of lentils/peas, 2 cups of "fat burning soup", 3 slices of lunch meat, 2 or 3 slices of deer sausage, 3 or 4 tomatoes, half a cup of cottage cheese,  half slice of regular cheese, a hamburger patty, or so; a cup of lettuce, 3 to 5 pieces of pickled herring, 1/2 Popsicle, a cookie, a 1/4 cup of lasagna, - - this means that in about 2 days time, I have gained back about 12 or 13 pounds!!!  Two days ago, I had only gained 1 pound, and weighed 257 or so, but in 2 day's time, I have gained back 13 pounds!!!!!!!


My strength is also coming back, although I have done not much strenuous work, other than sweeping, dishwasher, appliances moved, etc., but, in all of this, I feel great.  The bowel movements began yesterday, and have continued, but the fecal matter is very hard, and, were it not for an enema or two, would have developed a really serious problem with impacted bowel!.  As it is, I have been getting by wonderfully.


And. now, my weight. this early morning, the day of my 58th birthday!  JUNE 27th, 1997!  The scales says: - - - 2 7 0 !   This is a gain of about 12 or 13 pounds!!!!!!!  There is some noticeable swelling in my feet, so I must violently stay away from salt.  I must drink more water.  Today I begin the exercise program.  God have mercy on me.  Sunday night, midnight, or sooner, I plan to fast until Tuesday A.M., or until I have returned to my goal of 255.  Each week thereafter, I plan to fast on Sunday night, until Tuesday morning, or until, I have returned to a weight goal of 1 pound less, each week, until the Feast of Tabernacles, by which time, I want to be within my weight goal, of 222 to 240, and then, remain there, 220 to 240, for the rest of my life, and NEVER get any heavier!!!!!  God, You can help me, and You can help me to help myself, in You.   Amen.  Walked 2 miles.


June 27th, 1997Well, this journaling may be the last on this entry for May-June, as today is my 58th birthday, and I want to begin walking today, etc., along with some exercises.  But, before I quit this one, I want to bring myself up-to-date as to my "progress

since the breaking of this important fast.


My last entry was Monday night.  This is now Friday, at 4:41 a.m. 


June 28, 1997:  Saturday, Up at dawn, walked the 2 miles with Zoe, Kari, Dawn Joy, and me - enjoyed the day with Kari and Dawn Joy. Joshua overnight with Andy Wright.  Joey and Michelle came up with the kids, my party tonight with the family.  Joshua gave me a kiss on his way through to the wedding he played at church.   Back in time to celebrate with us.  Kari and Dawn and I stir fried "Peppy Chicken" recipe of Kari's.  Mmmmmn good!  But, too much salt in the soy sauce and Wor'shire, and pop-corn.  I gotta watch it.  My size 54 gift trousers that the gang bought for me were too large, and I was able to wear my double breasted.  It looks as though a size 52 is about right for me, at the present time.  Also, Karen bought and gave me a dress shirt, neck size 18 1/2, which fit comfortably, whereas, before the fast, a 20" neck was too tight!  I am determined that I will not get larger!!!


June 29, 1997:  Sunday:  Walked 2 miles, our family sang at church "Great Is Thy Faithfulness!!!"   Had Brats, and hot dogs, and sweet corn - I ATE TOO MUCH OF THE WRONG KIND OF STUFF!!!!!   Presently, my feet became badly swollen.  Wow!  Chuck and Judy and Eleanore and Mica, Terry Lee came to camp, except Chuck.  We had a great time fellowshipping.


June 30,1997:   Work in the garden, weeding, etc.  Judy helped.  Fasting since last night, only lemon and water all night, all day, in an effort to get rid of this swelling in my face, hands, feet, etc.  Took a nap.  Donno whether to walk today or not, as my feet are so swollen.  Hmmmn.   Wanna weigh today, but am afraid that I have gained too much weight for this first week.  Am eating the kinds of food, that, even after 40 days of eating, should be taking it easy.  Lord help me -- John, help me.


 I may continue fasting until the water retention ceases and my feet, etc are "back to normal", and, possibly, until my weight is one pound below my end of fast, of one week ago.  We'll see. . .   284 pounds.  2:58 p.m.  My feet are like clubs.  God have mercy on me.  This is a weight gain of 5 pounds a day, since my birthday.  (Here, on July 15. after 1 day of fasting, I went down to 280 from 292!)


Note: Nearly 1 year later, well, actually, 7 months later, I weighed on the scales at 340 pounds.  Ha HA!  February 3, 1998 marks the completion of another 1 day of fasting!  Have mercy on me, Oh God.


I reason thus:  weight gain aside, I firmly believe that fasting has many healthy advantages, again, the lowering of blood pressure, cholesterol, weight gain, gives the body a chance to heal itself, to rest, to recharge the battery, so to speak, get rid of unwanted substances, fat, abscesses, tumors, ulcers, stones, etc.

This is a journal of  John Roy Bohlen, thoughts, prayers, activities.

{mospagebreaktitle= FEBRUARY  MARCH 1998}  



Well, Good Morning Lord.  Here it is


1st Day - February 2, 1998 at 6 A.M.: I awoke about 30 minutes ago and let the dogs out, went potty.  Weighed myself at 340.  2 weeks ago, Pete died, and one week ago Hulda fell.  She is in the Grantsburg Hospital now recovering from a broken hip.  She has fallen twice since then, in the hospital, but, no more injury.


We just celebrated  30th Kari's birthday, and gave her $200 for her Paris trip in about 8 days.


Here is Monday morning, I don't know whether or not I'll work yet, but, I don't think so, as I want to be with Joshua and Joey before they go back.  (I received 2 calls to come in to work at Webster, so I relented, and went in.)


I would really like to fast for 40 days, but, as always, I must take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time.  But, here, the 2nd of February, would be the 1st day, February 28th would be the 27th day of the fast, with 26, having been completed.  If I could fast 40 days, the end would be the morning of Saturday, March 14.


I just took communion yesterday, the last day of eating.  I don't know how long after midnight I stopped eating, but I would say, not later than 2 A.M.


What would my purpose be, other than for health reasons and to lose weight.  Well, what ever spiritual benefits may arise.


Two days ago, on Saturday night, with Elsie and Karen went to the restaurant in downtown Grantsburg, but I couldn't fit into the booth, because I was so fat, my belly was sticking out so far.  Elsie saw it, and, I probably embarrassed Karen.   For the meal, I had hash browns, shrimp, cole slaw, and was hungry for Karen's hashbrowns, and was eyeing a plate full of french fries that Elsie threw away.   Hmmmmm - . 


2nd Day - February 3rd, 12:27 A.M.  Felt compelled to call Barb Curry to reassure her of our friendship.  It was a timely call, and a good conversation.  Well, by God's grace, I have fasted today, 24 hours without a problem of weakness or hunger.  Wow!  I have tried and tried to fast, then suddenly, boom!  There it is, and I am off and trudging.


Tonight, I had my shirt off, and sitting on the bed, reading L'Amour, Josh commented about how fat my belly, etc., is.  Well, what can I say, but to agree.


Thank You Lord for Your co-operation and assistance in this fast.  Please, according to Your perfect will, lead me in this fast, and enable me to continue, as however You will lead me.  Amen.


Today, I was not hungry, though I could have eaten a ton.  If Karen had suggested that we eat out, I would have given in.  But, I am glad that I did not.  Ohhhh, I want to do this fast, and then, to eat healthy, exercise by God's grace.  It is so very interesting to read the fasting journal from last year "MaJun97".  Thank You Lord Yahweh!


So, here is one day!  Good night!


3rd Day - 4 Feb. Well, here it is, another day,  this being day number 3.  Yesterday I had a headache, the behind the eyes between the temples light sensitive kind.  Yesterday, I taught at Webster Elementary for the second straight day.  This means that the last 5 school days, I have taught.  None of it was oppressive.  Yesterday I read about a 1984 arctic expedition to find the Northwest Passage, and how they all perished, almost entirely due to lead poisoning from the canned food packed in tins that were sealed in lead, although they were dressed inadequately, and had problems with scurvy and t.b.


Already, I am experiencing physical benefits from the fast.  Easier movement, sleeping improved, less swelling considerably in my face and legs.  The headache is gone.  Again, I have not been hungry whatsoever, from the very start, and, popcorn has been the only mild temptation.


The snow is nice, lovely, the temps are mild, and in the 20's.  The birds are beautiful.  The furnace went in yesterday, and the hot water  heater today.  So, in the last year, we have received a new water heater, addition on the house, with a new bathroom, living room, deck, plus a new floor covering in the kitchen and dining room, a new carpet, a new roof, new insulation, a new stove, a new dishwasher.  Today we were informed that we could have a new toilet in the old bathroom.


Karen seemed upset that she had prepared pork chops and supper for me, but was informed by Joshua that I was not eating.  Instead, I slept with my headache, and when I awoke at 8 P.M. was refreshed, and worked on the $ receipts for '97 giving.


The trees are covered with white velvet like frost.  Wow!  So beautiful.


4th Day - Thursday, February 5th, 1998:  Well, it's nearly 3 A.M. on Thursday, having completed 3 whole days of fasting, and entering into my 4th.  Already, I'm into it, sort of full swing, with the coating in my mouth, hollowness in my stomach, sort of, though feeling full, and never hungry, but since yesterday morning, can sleep on my stomach.  Again, the breathing is easier, the swelling on my face and feet and ankles and lower legs is down, and the ease of movement is increasing.  The headache is gone, the phlegm is increasing at the back of my throat, but not intolerably.  Last night, when Hulda offered me some 7-Up, and I refused, she exclaimed, "I smell a skunk!"  When asked what she meant, she said, "John is on a diet."  She was going to walk home, in the door-way of her hospital room, with her walker, exclaiming, "Show me the back door!"


Megan and Darlene stayed overnight, tonight, and I smelled candle smell which I deduced came from the large 3 way candle that had recently been extinguished.


I gave Monkey a bath yesterday, and Joshua gave Snickers a bath the day before.


My first goal is to have lost 40 pounds before Wells and Sandy come, in just over 2 weeks from now.  Last year, in 14 days, I lose over 40 pounds!   By the time they come, it will have been 20 days.  But by 21 days last year, I had lost about 54 pounds!!!!!!!  So, the potential is for me to have lost 50 pounds by the time they come, just over 2 weeks from now.  Well, God have mercy on me.  Please Lord, help me.


Yesterday, Joshua asked me, "What do you think the Lord requires of you?"  I thought of that verse, "What does Yahweh require of thee, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God."  Yet, in this case, the question seemed more profound than any answer I could come up with so, I am still pondering the question.  I could have answered, "to keep a right spirit", "to maintain status quo", "to worship", "to keep teaching school", "to keep out of trouble", "to fast 40 days", etc, but, I still have not come up with it.  Father Yahweh, please enable me to meet Your requirements, always.  Please Father, help me to always hit the mark, to always do Your will, to always please You, to glorify You to the supernatural maximum.   Please enable Your perfect will to be done by me always, to full Your Great Commission, to do work with You to establish Your Kingdom, to please You always, and do completely do everything that You require.  If I were forced to give an answer right now, I think that my answer to Joshua would be, "Papa Yahweh requires of me that I cleave close to Him, under His wings, His feathers, on His lap, to sweetly abide, to always reside, to quietly remain, abide, reside, dwell, camp and permanently live in the Secret Place of the Most High,  under the Shadow of the Almighty, on His lap, in His Throne-Room, in His Presence, with Him as my Life.  Yes, Joshua, and everyone and everything, this is my answer. 


I have told others, and now I say again, "All of the Christian life can be summed up in one phrase: 'Relax in the arms of The Heavenly Father, and sweetly allow Jesus Yahshua to live His Life out through you."


Now, I am going to stop writing, and, at 3:30 A.M., plan to turn off the lights, and snuggle up underneath the feather comforter, under the comforting feathers of my heavenly Papa Yahweh - - -


5th Day - 2:A.M., 6 February 1998:  Good Morning:  It is Friday Morning, after a quiet night sleeping with Karen, entering into this beginning of the 5th day of this fast.  Last night, Burt Stites offered to buy supper for Karen and I.  Yesterday morning I prepared breakfast for Megan and Karen and Joshua, fried bacon and eggs, etc.  There was no temptation.  Last night, there was no temptation when eating with Burt, Karen, Darlene, Kraig and Maureen.  Fried chicken, salad, wild rice soup, pie, hash browns.  There was no hunger for me.  Zero.  Isn't that amazing? 


Who am I writing this for?  I don't know.  For my self, for the Lord, and for any one else that may be interested, in years to come.  I for one, am grateful for my detailed journaling from last year, "Majun97" 


At first, Karen was frustrated that I am fasting.  But, slowly, she is beginning to accept it more and more, and may even be wanting to encourage me in it.  I try to share with her the positive aspects of fasting.

 {mospagebreaktitle= Positive Aspects of Fasting}


weight loss

no appetite - zero

eliminate all swelling in hands, face, legs, ankles, feet, toes, etc.

greater ease of movement

greater ease of breathing

more time for serious thinking

realignment of focus and priorities

greater sensitivity emotionally - I feel  more tender.

less time taken in food purchasing, planning, preparation, consumption

more time for writing, prayer, rest, work, reading, sharing

money savings in reduced food consumption

reduction of blood pressure

reduction of negative cholesterol

body gets a chance to rejuvenate itself, cells, blood, digestive, stones, lungs, skin, feet, joints, elimination, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, glands

provides an opportunity for re-assessment of attitudes, practices about

                health, exercise, food, etc.


Karen told me tonight that she is embarrassed sometimes, at my excessive food consumption in public, stacking my plate too high, having second helpings, thirds, fourths, etc.  I tried to explain to her that I have no control over my appetite, any more than she has control over the extent to which her skin itches from her serious excema.   We both acknowledged that I must exercise self-control in how much I eat, but, I wanted her to see that when I am eating, there is almost always a screaming, roaring, outlandish, raging, craving for food.  My appetite, when I am eating, is like that of a car motor, in neutral where the accelerator is pressed down to the maximum.  For example, I will sit down to meal, and, will eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, and, afterwards, go to the refrigerator, and look for more to eat, and later will go to the kitchen for more to eat.


And, so, I eat until I can eat no more, so full that I can hardly waddle, so that I need to go lay down and sleep.  But when I fast, I am NEVER hungry.  If I could take some kind of appetite pill, it would help, but I have not found any that are healthy.


Karen asked a "heart of the matter" question:  "Isn't our will involved somewhere?"  We discussed her embarrassment, I apologized.  We discussed the need for more salads, more "free foods".  I am glad that I have very little desire for, or intake of sweet foods, desserts, very few pastries.  At school lunch time, I always take the salad bar, and never have fatty foods, sweet foods, greasy foods, dessert, etc.  My intake of chocolate, sugar, caffeine, etc. is at a minimum.


Back to the business of will power: 

"Let your moderation be known to all men." Ph.4:5

1 Corinthians 9:27  "I buffet my body and make it my slave, lest possibly, after I have preached to others, I myself should be disqualified." (NASB)

"I buffet my body and keep it under, lest after having preached to others,  I myself would be a cast-away."

"Crucify therefore the members of your body."

I have, to whatever extent, rightly or wrongly, been believing that "If we walk in the Spirit, we will not do the lusts of the flesh."  In other words, I have tried to approach the food thing with the attitude that if I press into God, and really be full of Him, then I can count on Him to control my appetite.


6th Day - 6:15 A.M. Saturday, February 7, 1998:  Good morning Lord.  This morning for a couple of hours, my spirit and mind have been alive with new revelation and encouragement.  For the last 2 nights now, this has been the case, but especially this morning.  The following is some of the things that have been occurring with me.  The first part of it was written previously, about 1/2 a page or so, but the rest came this morning:

 {mospagebreaktitle= Co-Creators with God}


The Bible says that we are co-labourers with God.  Virtually every cause and effect relationship we have with God causes us to be co-creators with Him.  Every miracle where Yahweh used a person as the channel of the miracle, caused that person to be involved in a co-labouring, co-creating with God.

There is even a sense in which, when God created us, and then commanded and invited us to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue and exercise dominion over it, causes us to be involved with Him in the development of His creation.

The ultimate co-creating that we can be involved with is when we discover and live "The King's Greatest Secret".

Spiritual warfare is the exercise of our spiritual weapons and gifts and abilities in God in a co-creating way.



Let's look at some Scriptural examples of co-creation with Yahweh.


There are many examples from the Bible where men of  God "spoke things into existence": 

Joshua telling the Sun to stand still and the moon to refuse rising.  NOTE: It says that never before had God listened to the voice of a man.) 

God telling Moses to speak to the Rock.  God telling Ezekiel to speak to the dry bones. 

Jesus telling Lazurus to come forth.

Jesus telling the maid to arise.

Jesus speaking to the fig tree to be cursed.

Jesus speaking to the storm to still.

Jesus commanding the demons to go out.

Jesus commending His Spirit to the Father.

Jesus declaring the sins forgiven.

Jesus telling Peter that the gold would be in the fish's mouth.

Jesus telling the disciples to put their nets on the other side of the boat.

Jesus telling the disciples that He would make them fishers of men.


Is "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven." a request, or a declaration of faith.  We may miss the point if we always see it as a plaintive plea.



Father, Yahweh, In the Mighty Name of Yahshua, Son of Yahweh, by the Holy Spirit, I declare and prophesy open doors of utterance that the Gospel of the Kingdom may spread unhindered."

I declare in the Name of Yahshua that the needed finances come in, and more besides so that we may give abundantly to others.

In the Mighty Name of Yahshua, Son of Yahweh, by the Holy Spirit, I bind, cast out and away from us and this place, and curse to hell, every hindrance to our lives and ministry in the mighty Name of Yahshua.  I bind every spirit, principality and power, every ruler of darkness of the air, spiritual wickedness in high places,


We speak that the needed finances come in from every point on the compass.  That God raise up the needed help.  That the books be printed, that the funds needed for their printing would come forth, that there would be a market for them, and a desire, that the doors of utterance be opened to other lands, other countries. 

Prophesy that recordings be made of singing and that people will want to see them 

In short, use your mouth as an instrument with which to declare and prophesy what ever you believe to be the perfect will of God. 

You see, if you really have a revelation of the King's Greatest Secret, then you will believe for, and allow the "in the continuing God creates still, in and through you!!!"  

New songs. That this place will be all God wants it to be.

The importance of tongues:  The Spirit of God is given an voice through whom to pray, to create, to worship, to judge.

Active ministry from now on.  Lay hands on Sis. Doolittle, Sis. Blodgett.


Dance, march, sing, worship

This is a time of inventions, creativity, art, dance, plays, new songs, poems, music, prophesies, breakthroughs. 

                          Should we start a new church, the church on the hill, with a huge parking lot devoted to the church.  Should we have it out in this field between here and tower road?   A ministry of teaching and miracles that will reach round the world. 

From now on, we must pray as though the promises are true, as though prayer accomplishes something good, as though prayer changes things.

Ask  our friends in the Twin Cities, if they would be available on, say, March 1st for a Sunday Celebration of the friends of the Bohlens, complete with a pot-luck and morning and afternoon fellowship and teaching, communion, personal ministry, and sharing.   John Roy Bohlen, master of ceremonies,  Joshua Bohlen worship leader, music by the Bohlens.  

10:00 A.M. in Nokomis, refreshments and fellowship,

10:30 high praise worship and dancing, prophesies and 1 Cor.14:26

11:15 Teaching from the Word - until 1:00 P.M. 

1:15 potluck dinner - 

2:15 teaching from the Word

3:15 personal ministry, sharing, holy communion - bread breaking

4:30 benediction

At that time, the ordination of Joey and Joshua should take place.  The announcement of a new church in the Twin Cities, pastored by Joey, with Kevin and Tom and Chuck as elders, with Bob and Terry as an official deacon, with Sue as the church evangelist, with Judy, Ruth, Mary, and Michelle as the "Mothers In Israel" ministries, with Terry as the Happy Troubadour, with Mary as the administrator, with Dr. Sally as the Body Stewardship Consultant, Etc.


By that same token, God leads us to bind and lose, to agree together, to


God created the world by this means, by faith, yes, but the means by which this faith was expressed was the spoken word of faith declaration, "Let there be ---!!!"  and there was.



Jesus laying hands on, taking the loaves and fishes,


6th Day - February 7: continued:  The fast continues, by the grace of God.  Though I have been fasting for more than 5 days, my belly seems to have not shrunk at all, though I definitely notice the swelling is down in my face, hands, legs, ankles, toes, fingers and feet.


I was tempted to eat yesterday as Friday evening approached, being with Karen to St. Croix and Forest Lake, then home to Joshua, sour kraut, pork chops, and stuff.  I said to Joshua and Karen, "I've got to get out of the kitchen and get away from this is food."  So, I did.  Fellowship with Joshua until bedtime.  But, awake in the middle of the night, to this high speed thinking in the Lord's Presence.


I seem to be having increased difficulty in my eyesight, it seems that things are a little more blurry, the computer screen, etc., but I am expecting this to change.


The taste in my mouth during a fast is usually poopy tasting, but this time is more sweet and bearable.  I hope this continues.  The gagging reflex has not been to any great extent, either.  Altogether, it has been a pleasant fast, and there has be

en no hunger.  In fact, there has been a feeling of fullness, as though I just finished a full meal of macaroni, or goulash.


Day number 7, 640 A.M.  (Though I have only completed 6 whole days of fasting.)  February 8th, 1998  Well, I began fasting shortly after mid-night, one week ago tonight, which means that this is the 7th day of this fast.  It is going fairly well, considering this is a week-end surrounded by family and friends.  Yesterday, Saturday, Michelle and the kids and Dawn Joy came up and rode the snow mobile of Burt's.  They also snow skied, had pizza, then went to see Hulda.  She had "sundowners" and was upset that she didn't get to go "home".  It has been fun being with the family.  Today they will probably go back, Joshua leaves for the cities to paint with Joey tomorrow, then leaves with Burt Stites for Indiana on Tuesday until Friday, to learn about how to run Burt's new saw mill.   Burt bought a new truck 10 years old, a 1 ton chevy, with 450 hp.  I am scheduled to teach school on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Kari is scheduled to leave for Paris for one week, on Tuesday.


As to the fast, my strength seems high, I can practically run up the stairs, whereas, before this, I had to practically crawl up them, 340 pounds worth.  The swelling on my legs, ankles, feet and toes, my face, fingers, etc., is down practically to

skinny.  My belly is still large, and I have a feeling of fullness, all of the time, and, of course, am NEVER hungry, although the thought of food is psychologically tempting, along with the very enjoyable taste.


That's the thing about food.  There is    a technical difference between "hunger", in terms of  the body's NEED for food, the stomach's emptiness, etc., on the one hand, and the good taste of food, and the pleasant sensation of biting into

o, preparing, anticipating, sitting down at, smelling, putting into one's mouth, chewing, tasting, tongue-ing, swallowing, and feeling the fullness of food, on the other.     Let's see:


A technical difference between "hunger" in terms of  the body's NEED for food, the lowered sugar level in the blood, weakness and shakiness from not having eaten, the stomach's emptiness, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - on the one hand 


the fun of  being with others,

the good taste of food, and

the pleasant sensation of biting into,



sitting down at,


putting into one's mouth,




swallowing, and

feeling the fullness of food,  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - on the other. 


Father God, Daddy Yahweh, Precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit:


Good Morning.  It is a beautiful sunrise, with the snow all around, the crows calling, the quietness.  Father, Here I am.  Once again, for the record, I desperately, totally want, desire, crave and ask for Your perfect will to be done in my life and family and possessions and sphere of influence and property.  I want only to do Your will, think Your thoughts, speak Your words, react and respond with Your responses, have Your wisdom and health and power and purity and thoughts and actions and character and deeds and motivations and Life.  Please Father, Papa Yahweh, only Your will be always done in my life, and in the lives of all those around me.  Amen. 


8th Day - Monday, 9 February, 1998:  0342 A.M.  Good Morning Lord Yahweh.  It's me, john roy bohlen, here in the Wisconsin Wilderness:  Thank You for life, and for the Life of Yahshua, Papa Yahweh and the blessed Holy Spirit, flowing through my veins.


Again, dreaming or awake, my mind is alive with ideas for the ministry, and for the future.  This is the 8th day of this complete fast, eating and drinking only water.  I have lost 21 pounds in 7 days!!!!!!!  I now weigh  319 pounds or less, down from 34 one week ago!  This fast is going really well, with no pain, discomfort, no appreciable weakness, the taste in my mouth for the  most part stays sweet, rather than poopy, and the phlegm in the back of my throat is at a minimum.  My toes, feet and ankles, lower legs, face, fingers, hands are all free of swelling, for the first time in 5 months.  The freedom of breathing and movement continues.  Last night, Karen and I had an outrageous time of loving.


During the night, minutes previously, many thoughts came to me about a seminar that we are planning for this week-end, here at the farm.  I want to video tape the entire session, in the new addition. 


The Lord seems to be leading to talk about the priority Kingdom truths,  on The Kingdom of God, the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Throne-Room Mentality, Kingdom Glory, and, of course, The King's Greatest Secret.


At this point there are some things to be decided: 

What and how much material should I make available?

How much advertising and inviting should I do for this session?

How much of the vision of our ministry should we take time to present?

What, precisely, should be the specific content of this seminar?


The answer on the advertising came to me just now.  That we should limit the number of people to no more advertising, except by Spirit-led invitation only, as our room and facilities are limited.  There will be almost too many people as it is.  The following people are expected at this seminar:


Mary Kamrud

Sally Stout

Kraig Blodgett

Maureen Blodgett

possibly Megan

possibly Darlene

a young lady from Frederick

a young couple from St. Croix

any others that Mary Kamrud invites

any others from Wood River we do not know about


This seminar should probably be limited to about 20 to 21 people, as we have limited room.


I would like to have the sessions in the Wold Addition of our farm house, with the front of the session facing West, away from the entrances, and from the bathroom, and favoring the northwest corner of the room.  This all depends partly on whether

 or not Hulda will be home, but I believe that this first one will be held there.


February 10  2:25 a.m.  9th day of this fast!  Well, another day.  This one was somewhat difficult in that I was tempted to eat - grapes, popcorn, etc, but each time I would reason that I was not hungry and in fact, have a feeling of a full stomach, all of the time.  So, I did not eat.  It came to me afresh, however, that food tastes good, whether we are hungry.  It is a social thing, and provides its own comfort and pleasure, even if we don't need it, even if we are not hungry, even if we are full.



6:40 A.M.  Well, up at 5:55 to see Joshua and Burt off, Cooked them 4 eggs, and microwaved some bacon - no temptation.  Not hungry.  Kari leaves for Paris later today, we talked to her last night, and said "good-bye".   I teach at Siren H.S. today

and tomorrow, science.


12th Day - 8:30 A.M., 13 February 1998:  Good Morning Lord!  Well, here it is, the 12th day of this fast, having completed 11 full days.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and the day of our seminar on the Kingdom, the Throne-Room, and the Glory.   How excited I am at the prospect!!!  It is a challenge to know what materials to use, and what subject to teach, whether or not to give an over-view, or to start in with line-upon-line teaching.  At this point, I have decided to go as far with the book, Rule The World! until 12:3  and, in the afternoon, from 1:00 until quitting time, to do: The King's Greatest Secret! , ,The Throne-Room Mentality, and Kingdom Glory


Joshua came home from Indiana.  Lord, Please be with Kari in Paris.


Yesterday I weighed myself at 309 pounds!!!  This means that, in the last 11 days, I have lost over 30 pounds!!!   Greater ease of movement, I feel light on my feet, at times.  By this next week-end, if God is willing, I can reasonably expect to ha

ve lost another 10-20 pounds.  Lord, I hope that I can continue.  The taste in my mouth is not too bad, nor the phlegm, although I seem to detect a gradual worsening.  My feet are skinny, for the first time in at least 7 months.


13th Day - Valentine's Day, February 14, 1998: Wow!!  Good Morning Lord!  This morning of the seminar, I awoke, having had the best dream of my life!  There I was, trying to deal with the enemy, when I started calling on the Name of Yahweh, and Yahshua.  When I did the enemy cringed and cried out in horror, and shouted for me to stop.  By then I was at the rear of a large group of Christians, who were half asleep with discouragement and lethargy.  I started worshipping the Lord, and the whole group came alive, which then escalated into a whole large group of people, myself included and especially.   The praise was outlandish!  There I was speaking in tongues and worshipping God with all my heart, Yahweh and Yahshua, (I love You, Holy Spirit, too!) when I woke up. It was glorious! 


 Then I awoke, with the sweet realization that I would have the privilege of teaching the seminar today.


The seminar went really well, although we got off to a late start, starting over an hour late, as Dr. Sally and Sister Blodgett and others did not arrive on time.  Two of the brothers did not come until almost noon.  We had lunch at one o'clock, an

d went until 3:45 at which time we broke for personal ministry, anointing with oil, and commissioning.   We ministered to Pat and Christine Doolittle, Dr. Sally, Karen, Joshua, me, Mary and William Kamrud, Kraig and Maureen Blodgettt, Bert Stites, Tom Martinson,  two brothers from the St. Croix area, Rachael Shadis, Megan, Darlene. = total of 16 people!!!   I had said that there would be 15 people there, when it looked like we would have difficulty coming up with 10.  The flow of the teaching went well, if I do say so myself, but I hasten to add that all of the good came from God, and He just let me be a pipe, a channel.  I still deserve only hell.  Everyone was given 20 pages of notes, freshly typed up, a 19 year old Dave Dirkes seminar vinyl note book with gold lettering on the cover, a King's Greatest Secret!, and were provided with new notebooks and a writing tool.   Dr. Sally and the Blogetts and I had communion, which was meaningful, then helped me straighten up the house and put everything back in the Wold Addition, vacuum, etc., and everyone left just as Glenn and Dawn Joy and the grandchildren and Joshua came down the lane.  Joshua had gone to see Megan safely to a gas station. 


Before the group left, we talked about having another Seminar, perhaps once a month, with the same circumstances,


February 15, 1998, Sunday:  This is the 14th day of this fast, having completed 13.  The fast has been going really well, with tolerable taste in my mouth, not too much phlegm, and not too much weakness.  The seminar went well physically, and I was aable to manage O.K.  I have lost about 35 pounds, and expect to have lost between 40 and 50 by next weekend, Yahweh willing.  I really hope Yahweh will help me to go the whole 40 days, or longer, because I want to lose weight, etc.  My belly is still very large, I haven't really lost that much from around my waist, but I want to.


Right now, I feel so very encouraged.  It was prophesied yesterday that I would experience a new expansion in the ministry.  The feelings of love and gratitude and excitement were really high among the people yesterday.  Thank You!  Thank You, Father Papa Yahweh, Precious Yahshua, Blessed Holy Spirit.  Amen.


19th  Day - Friday, February 20th  1998:  Good Morning Lord, Papa Yahweh, Precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit, Dearest Friend:  Good Morning.  Papa, I thank You that You have enabled me to go these 18 days on this complete fast, only taking in water.  Thank You!  I have lost 40 pounds in 18 days!  I started at 340 lbs., and am now at 300.  I pray that I will never see 300 again, after today!!!  The hunger is still totally gone, and the ease of breathing and movement continues.  My skin is great, I feel great, and the only "problems" are the somewhat unpleasant taste in my mouth, occasional slight weakness, and, of course, the denial of the pleasure of feasting with my family and friends.  No getting around it: FOOD TASTES GOOD!!!   The taste of food, and the desire to taste more, continues with me, long after I have eaten toooooooooo0000000OOOOOO much.  Lord Yahweh, I kindly ask of You that You help me, enable me to not be so hungry.  What is the answer???   Is the answer to just "put a knife to my throat" as the Proverbs says, or, is there a way I can eat that will subdue, control, tame, deal with my raging appetite.  Would it help to drink or eat something sweet or healthy, an hour before I eat a meal?  Like, an appetizer?  A salad?  A large glass of water?


At any rate, I ask You, Dear Heavenly Papa Yahweh to ALWAYS help me to eat what You want, when You want, the quantities You want, etc.


If I were to praise You for certain things that are really meaningful to me, they would be:


Your continued friendship and presence in my life; Karen's continued friendship and her continued presence in my life;  Joshua's continued friendship, and his continued presence in our lives;  my and our continued state of health and happiness.   Thank You, Dear Father, for  making our circumstances so very pleasant.  Once again, I am thankful for:  the proper functioning of: my brain, my cells, my neutrons, protons, nucleus', bone marrow, lymph system, hormones, glands, skeletal system, digestive system, including my (and our) stomach, esophagus, mouth, tongue, palate, large intestine, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, bladder, tubes, small intestine, appendices, bowel, anus, etc.  I thank You Father, for each of my bones, and the marrow and all that they do. I thank You for my penis and for the proper functioning of the prostate gland and all of the glands, and for the ability to urinate and ease myself, easily.  Thank You that I do not have rheumatism, or arthritis.  Thank You that I do not have phlebitis, gout, edema, headaches, or pain in any part of my body.  Thank You that I don't have cancer of any kind, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, ulcers, hernias, lameness, blindness, madness, itching, deadness of feeling, or leprosy.  Thank You that I do not have venereal disease, etc.  Thank You!


Thank You for our friends:  Thank You for Karen, Joshua, Joey, Michelle, Zoe, Shekinah, and Eleeshua, Kari, and Dawn Joy.  Thank You for my mother, and for Ed, and for Hulda.  Thank You for Sherrill and Russ, and their children and grandchildren, Michael, Sandy, Bruce, Brenda, Philip, and Brandon.  Thank You for Fred and Elsie, and their extended families, for Jim and Joanne, and their extended families, and for Philip.


Thank You also, for all of our friends, the people from Wood River Tabernacle, including Bert and Paula, Pastor Dan and Linda and their children, for the elders and their families.  Thank You for Mary, Mariam and Marion, and their families.  Thank You for Wells and Sandy, Joshua and Andy and Pam.  Thank You for our friends from Great Commission Fellowship: the Dodges, the Pounds, the Belchers, the Carlins.  Thank You for Ron Green.  For David Ophaug, Thank You for our good neighbors: the Olson's, the Bjorklunds, the Eriksons, etc.  Thank You for our friends at Ebeneezer, and at Bethany.  Thank You for those on our lifeline of love, from distant places, like Dawn and Rick and Kenny Otto, and the Christiansens, the O'Friels, the Blairs, the Cronquists, the Bistlines, the friends at St John's church ant at Lyman Eddy's church, Clara Nold, her friends, Lawrences, Ojo's, the Smiths.  Thank You for our friends in other countries, Vidar, Bankoles, Banjamin Oluwapelumi, Kwasau, Rufus, Provost, Olanusi, Olayinka, Betiku, Obadari, for ministry friends like the Closes, Conlins, the Days, Dr Carol, Mike Howard, Mike Boland, Bro Stube, and for all of the places where we have ministered, Alan Langstaff, Brokkes, etc. 


Thank You for all of our extended relatives, Danny,  Mary, Carmen, and their families, for all of the Bohlen relatives: dozens and dozens of them.


21st Day - Sunday, February 22, 1998. I began this fast 3 weeks ago today, so today begins the 21st day of this one.  Friday, I worked like a dog in the yard, raking and landscaping, forming the beginnings of our new walk ways, lined with stones, and sprinkled with oyster shells and pebbles.  In the process, I raked, hauled, bent and exercised greatly.  Time after time, at the point of exhaustion, I would continue working, until, at the coming of darkness, I was finished, and went inside to take a nap, then to watch some Olympics with Karen.  Yesterday was also Hulda's first day home from the hospital.  Almost every day, she asks if Pete actually died, and also asks if, in face, she really broke her hip, when and how it happened.  But she has been really good at ringing the cow bell when she needs something.  It is altogether pleasant, being with her.  At meal times, we light the candle and start a nice fire in the Old Home Comfort cook stove.  What a really great blessing!


Thank You, also, Dear Lord Yahweh, for our cushy surroundings and circumstances.  Thank You for this place, for our cars, our clothes, our house: our new addition with its new bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining space; the  new patio, the new insulation, the new linoleum, the new carpet, the new furnace, the new roof, the new hot water heater, the new stove, the new toilet, the new bathroom sink cabinet, our new red truck (Bert's old one), the use of the lawn mower, the snow blower, the snowmobile, the row boat, etc.  Thank You that our computer is still running well, and the printer. 


Thank You that this fast is going well.  I made it past the 20 day mark!  I have weighed only when it has been recorded here, so sometimes I don't weigh for over a week, and when not fasting, I will sometimes go for months at a time without weighing, because the scales may tell me something that I don't like.  But the size and comfort of my clothes tells its own story, as does the swelling of my feet, and the increased difficulty of movement and breathing.


The last couple of days, the scales seems to be stuck at the 300 mark.  This sometimes happens during a fast.  I have been drinking a lot of water the last couple of days.  The more water I drink the more clear my urine is, the less - the more yellow and smelly it is.  The taste in my mouth, though unpleasant, is still not as bad as past fasts.


23rd Day - 24 February, 1998 Having completed 22 days of this fast, water only.  Here, at 6:23 A.M., I have been thinking about the following things: Dancing on the Water with Papa Yahweh, One who dances with God. 


I have been continuing to ask You Father, for Your permission and power to walk in Your miracle power.  I have also been talking about the urgency I feel to go visit my mother in Portland, and am thinking about going to see her over her birthday inone month. 


I also have been thinking about going to see Clair and Carol, so as to be able to record "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings", "The Blind Ploughman", "The Lord's Prayer", "How Great Thou Art", and others, with her as the organist.  I am thinking about doing this when the morels come out down in Iowa, or before, with Joshua.


We are also tentatively planning to do another seminar in March, on the Gospel of the Kingdom.  This seminar is to include, "Kingdom Revelation and the ministry of a Prophet", "The King's Greatest Secret!", and "The Throne Room Mentality", and "Kingdom Glory". 


As to this fast, I taught school yesterday, Siren P.E., and am scheduled to work this afternoon at Webster Elementary, then Friday at Siren Elem.  The phlegm is not really too bad a problem, and the taste is bearable, and I haven't felt too, too weak.  But, this time, I have, with rare exceptions, been pacing myself, being careful to lay down and rest, if only for a few moments.  I was able to pass the test of Wells and Sandy being up over the week-end, and did O.K. as to the food thing.


The "food thing":  Joe and Judy Lener were talking about the importance of eating protein and fats, but minimizing carbohydrates, as does "Weigh Down", but then, in the evening, heard an opposite view, that it leaches too much water out of the syst

em, and that the benefits are temporary.  One of the things that I am contemplating again, is the importance of fasting as a life-style, from Sunday Midnight, until Tuesday Breakfast, and then to determine to not anything but fruit until noon, following any night that I have eaten after 8 P.M.  Joe and Judy's tapes say that it is O.K. to eat eggs.  Lord, please help me to eat when and what and how much I am supposed to = always.  Amen.


6 A.M., 26 February, 1998: Well, Good Morning Lord.  Today begins the 25th day of this fast.  It still is going well.  16 days to go, if I am going 40.  Joshua is encouraging me to go even longer.  The reason I never have is Brother Hampshire, an old apostle of God from England, encouraged me in fasting 40 days, back before my first fast, almost 30 years ago.  He said that if I went more than 40 days, that I might be tempted to pride, for having done "better than Jesus".  Yet, Jesus promised that we would be able to do "even greater works than these".


POWER: Father God, Precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit: I neeeeeed Your power.  Here I am, more than half a century in Christ, having read through Your Word many times, having done a number of 40 day fasts, having walked before You with deep integrity, having been faithful, having believed Your Promised, having faithfully serving You, preaching Your Word, having stuck up for You, witnessing for You, risking my life for You, sharing the King's Greatest Secret faithfully for 37 years, having pastored and missionaried for You, - - - and here, I do not even have the power in You to heal my wife's excema skin rash!!!!!!!!!!


Unthinkable, preposterous   disgusting   abhorrent, horrifying, terrible, embarrassing, shameful, belittling   intimidating, saddening, sad, stunning, amazing, silencing, paralyzing, discouraging, etc., etc., etc


Dear Papa Yahweh, I have decided to, though asking for and expecting the kind and merciful bestowal of Your great power on my life to heal and work signs and wonders, and to preach and teach and live, yet, I do not chose to fight or argue with You, or become emotionally disturbed.  Rather, I chose to rejoice in You, praise You, enjoy You and Your friendship.  I chose to be anxious in nothing, but to let my requests be made known, with thanksgiving.  I trust You to know when the Power of God should be manifested by Christ, as You are my life.  I do not want to abandon my focus on You and Your leading for my life, to go chasing after my idea of power. 


But, I have this question:  Should I abandon my teaching, since the Word of God says that the Kingdom of God, consists of power, not of word.


Yet, the Gospel of the Kingdom IS the power of God unto salvation.


I just weighed myself, during this day, and it weighed - 291-  or a total weight loss of 49-50 lbs. in 24 days!!!


I am reading this book that Mary Kamrud loaned me, called,  What The Bible Has To Say About Healthy Living .  Once again, here is the clear call to eating fruits, vegetables, grain, and nuts, as close to their "natural state" as possible.  Beef, game, poultry and lamb are O.K.  The use of olive oil is encouraged, along with fresh air, exercise and pure water.


26th Day - 6:33 A.M., February 27th, 1998:  Starting tonight, I have 14 days to go, if I am enabled to go 40.  I hope that I can. For, although I have lost 50 pounds, I could easily stand to lose 50 more!!!


Here are some      TTD's for  March 


* Catch up all correspondence, both foreign and domestic.


        - Bankole, Olanusi, Provost, Kwasau, Sylvester,

        - Ministry letter, Nold, Smiths, Pastor Greg, Payne, Salem Acres,


* Send Ministry letter out to the "Life-line of Love".

* Get laying hens.

* Sort out trash.

* Smooth lane.

* Finish laying sidewalk   .

* Lay sod around house. 

* Conduct seminar.

* Schedule and plan trip to the Pacific Northwest to see Mom and Ed.

* Find out the details about miles available to me on NW, can Josh go.

* Bring Omni home

* Get wood in and cut

* Pull out corn patch and prepare to plant. 

* Get passport.

* Complete fast, and gain no more than 10 to 12 pounds by the end of


* Complete book on    The Perfect Church -# .

* From the day I break this fast, establish a daily routine of walking 2

                miles per day, and exercising 30 minutes. (One hour total).

* Get down on my knees at least one time each day, to pray.

* Keep a sharp knife at my plate each time I eat.  Proverbs 23:2

* Eat only healthy food, the entire month of March.                                 

* Attend the men's meeting on the 21st, if possible.

* Read in the Bible at least to the Psalms.

* Clean up the shop and install the vice.

* Prune the apple trees, if it is not too late.

* Schedule a trip to Iowa to record, or check with Ruth Pound about it.

* Plant 200 trees at front of property.

* Pull available wood from our NW corner that Leonard said was o.k.

* Raise and replace bird feeder line, in front of the house. 


* Do something romantic for Karen, every day:

        Love notes in the coffee can, etc.

        A poem.  A song.

        A back-rub, foot rub, etc.

        A hug, a smile, a pat.

        A valentine.

        A flower(s)   .

        A meal at the restaurant.

        A walk.

        A date.

        A pair of soft white cotton gloves.

        Pick up after myself

    * Store water in the basement and out buildings

    * A smoke detector where needed, especially in the Addition.


27th Day - Saturday, 28 February 1998, 5:30 A.M.:  Good Morning Lord, It's me, john roy bohlen, here on the farm in Wisconsin, NW corner, Burnett County, highest point in the county.  Yesterday, Joshua reviewed all of the ttd's and brought the list utd (up to date).  Karen also cleaned up my room, including closets and drawers.  Wow!


Well, today, in just a few minutes, I will be taking Joshua to Tom Schwendimen's to hitch a ride down to "the Cities" so he can help Joey do "turn around", that is, painting apartments while they are vacant by some, before the renters change over.

It is always a money-making time, though fast paced.  Next Saturday is the scheduled Seminar for March, and, by Your grace, Lord, I will be preaching "the King's Greatest Secret!", "The Throne-Room Mentality", and "Kingdom Glory". 


 By Your grace Lord, I will end this fast, on, or following the date 2 weeks from now, on Saturday morning, March 14!!!  This fast continues acceptably, with only slightly unpleasant bad taste in the mouth, minimal weakness.  It is fun to be able to be more than 50 pounds lighter, more than a 50 pound bag of sunflower seeds like we buy for the birds.  It is easier to run, stand, walk, climb stairs, bend, stand up, etc.  It is easier to breathe, with less snoring.  Hunger is virtually non-existent, when fasting, and it is a relief to not be hungry.  Thank You Papa Yahweh, Holy Spirit, Lovely Yahshua.  Amen.


31st Day - 4 March 1998: 8:19 A.M.:  Good Morning Lord, I just had a happy time with Karen, here in the office.  Well, today is my 31st day, with a total weight loss of about 58 pounds.  Lord, as You lead and enable, I can go for another 10 days.  First, the seminar on Saturday, then, Wells and Sandy plan to come on Saturday, 10 days from now, in the morning I plan to break my fast.  I hope to make it a celebration, and then the church dinner on Sunday the 15th.  Then, men's meeting on the 21st, at Paul Betiku's on the 22, then to Portland on the 23, Monday, for Mom's Birthday on the 28th, then minister on the 29th, then, on Tuesday to leave for Seattle to minister and to be with Jan and Janet Christiansen for a couple of days, and back home for Joey's birthday.


Brother Cronquist passed away yesterday.  I got the news last night.  Hmmm. 


39th Day - March 12, 1998 - 10:57 P.M.:  Well, here it is, the end of my 39th day!!  Boy, the last few days have really been tough, as to phlegm and taste, and, to some extent, weakness.  Today I worked in the elementary school library at Webster.  Had it been earlier in the fast, I would have broken it a number of times, because of the unpleasantness of it all, but, by God's grace, I can make it through until tomorrow night, at 3:00 A.M., or, preferably, until breakfast with Wells and Sandy.


My plan is to break it with communion and a grape.   Then, I plan to generally follow the Fit For Life program, having fruit in the A.M. only, then to do proper food combining, for at least the first 40 days.  When inordinately hungry, I plan to eat "Fat-Burning Soup" and the "Hunger Buster Soup", both of which guarantee weight loss, as does "Fit For Life".


By the completion of this fast, I will have lost 65 pounds, as compared to

"Body Stewardship"    goals 


Not gain more than 10 or 12 pounds when I begin eating (268 lbs.)


Lose 1 pound a week, until I reach my goal weight of 222 to 234, or a maximum of 24  and,    NEVER gain more weight than that.  


Walk 2 miles every day - at least 5 days per week, starting my 58th birthday, 4 days after the conclusion of this fast, and, then, d   o additional exercises like:


Dance before the Lord, every day.

Push ups, arm lifts, stomach exercises, weight lifting.

Work hard.

Eat fruit until noon.

Eat "free" food: cabbage, celery, lettuce, radishes, kholrabi, cauliflower, broccoli, rhubarb, peppers, pickles, sauerkraut, pop-corn etc.

Drink water whenever I am hungry.

Use lemon juice,     etc., as a     salad dressing substitute.

Make sure that at least 8 hours passes every day without eating.

Fast every Sunday night midnight until Tuesday morning, if I am not within my weight goal.

Fast every full moon, down to below 220 pounds, if necessary. 

Minimize sweets, white flower, grease and fat, fried foods, (except eggs and bacon), chocolate, caffeine, sugar, diet drinks,

Try to keep the rations down to 2 helpings, or less, of anything, (except goolausch!

Exercise moderation!

Eat slowly, thanksgivingly, worshipfully - never gorge, or eat fast.

Pray after each meal, as well.

Cast down craze for food, take authority of appetite.

The 2nd week, add cottage cheese to the fat-burning soup, when called for. (All of these rewards and allowances are conditional upon whether or not I am within the above listed goals. 


 Lord, please help me.


Day 40!!!!!!, Friday, 13 March, 1998:  Well, on this 40th day, I split and carried wood, burned considerable trash, swept and cleaned the garage somewhat, cleaned out the van, and am planning to go with Burt to Frederick, etc.  I weighed myself at 265, which is a 75 pound loss, compared to 85 pounds less than 1 year ago.  The difference, I suppose, is due to my being much more physically active, as on the May/June fast, I worked myself to exhaustion repeatedly practically every day, walking 2 miles, early on, spring planting, etc.  By God's appropriated grace, I plan to not gain more than 10 pounds, and then to lose 1 pound per week thereafter until I am within my ideal weight range of 220 to 24  and then to stay there, on into the future, by means of proper food combining, godly discipline, fasting, and exercise.  May God have mercy on me.


Day 41, March 14, 1998: Well, today is the break-fast day!  Dawn Joy and Karen were not available until noon, so, I waited.  Then, Wells and Sandy had brought some carbonated grape juice in a new bottle, so we had a lovely time of communion with Joshua, Wells, Sandy, Dawn Joy, Karen and I.  Hulda was sleeping after her breakfast, so we let her sleep.


Then, I broke the fast with a few grapes, a 3 small slices of apple, a chunk of Honey Dew, and a chunk of cantaloupe.  That was followed by 3 or 4 raw almonds chewed fine.  Then Wells and I went out to run the chain saw to cut up some wood, and carried it in.


After I came in, I was hungry so I ate some vegetable soup that Joshua made for me and us.  It sure is difficult to keep from eating:  When I awoke from the afternoon nap, Kraig and Maureen were here, and we sat down to homemade chowmein.  I had two scoop-fulls and about 3/4 cup of brown rice., then finished out the day with some raw cauliflower, about the equivalent of 3 or four small nubbins from the head.


Earlier in the day,  Joshua talked to me about accountability in my eating, and I told him that I would be willing to be accountable to him.  Later, he had 7 things to say to me, to which I also agreed.  These are:


        1) That the kitchen is a "war zone", and that I needed to really guard myself from temptation there.


        2) That Karen, or someone, needs to prepare my food, and to serve me the portions, and that I should be submissive to their perspective.


        3) That I should never be defensive when someone tries to talk to me about my eating, etc.


        4)    Not "take as long as I fasted to return to 'regular' eating", but, to NEVER return to eating the way I did, that is, greedily or out of control.


        5) That Joshua loves me.


        6) That the Kingdom of God is not food: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  Mat.4:4


        7) Control my eating and appetite by abiding in the Lord - "If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh."


Joshua says that liquids are o.k.  While he was gone to the cities, that I should be submissive to Karen as to quantity, food selection, etc.


6th Day of eating - March 2  1998, Friday:  Well, today is the 6th day of eating, since, Tomorrow will mark the one week date.  In general, I have succeeded in staying with the fruit, but the afternoon and evening meals have been too great, and the quantities and varieties have been too much.  I have been taking in too great.  I just weighed myself at 289, up from 265 at the end of the fast. - That's a gain of 24 pounds in 6 days, a gain of 3 pounds a day, and I had purposed to not gain more than 12 maximum.  Last night was the first indication of water retention right after I gave into the temptation to eat some white pepper cheese from the dairy.  The rest of my "diet" consists of "fat burning soup" for the most part, in the afternoon, though last night, I had my first "salad".  But, occasionally I have "cheated" by eating a boiled egg, a baked potato, a slice of bacon, a dash of cottage cheese, a bit of sauerkraut, a touch of pork-chop, this or that.  Also, I made myself a batch of lentils and rice, some of mom's scalloped potatoes, etc.     


What to do about all of this silliness?  I plan to walk 2 miles, starting today, and continue from then on, plus additional exercise.  Also, today, I want to stay with the fruit and citrus water only, on into tomorrow.  Perhaps this would be a good

 time to fast until tomorrow.


Today, I plan to finish tie-ing up the tomato plants, unload the bee hives onto a table up in the barn, so the mice, etc. do not hurt the honeycomb and hives, straighten up the place, move the stuff away from the windows so the repair people can install windows on Monday, pack for the trip, etc.

{mospagebreaktitle= JOURNAL FOR JUNE - 1999}  



May 4th, 1999:  Tuesday:  Well, the weekend went wonderfully, with Wells and Sandy here, as well as the Gerstmanns, Sister Shirley, Anthony, Mark and Denise Fleury, Joey and Michelle and children, Joshua, Karen, Mary, Kerry, Dr. Sally, etc.  It was a lovely time.


It was nice that the Gerstmann's could stay over to look for a job and housing, but they did not find much.  Then, when they were leaving, they had a flat tire, and had to stay over until this morning.


I weighed  myself this morning, to discover that I weigh 338 pounds.  My feet, ankles and legs are swollen with edema.  I checked myself at K-Mart the other day and my blood pressure is off the scales high, in all categories.  I experience shortness of breath in simple walking, and, of course more so, if climbing stairs.  Almost all of my clothes are too small.  I find it increasingly difficult to get out of chairs.  I find  myself increasingly self conscious about my fat belly, etc.  My eyes are puffy.  I cannot stand for a very long period of time before my back begins to hurt.  It is difficult to bend over to tie my shoes or to pick up stuff, as my belly gets in the way. 


A couple of verses come to mind:  "Let your moderation be known to all men."   and, "I buffet my body, and keep it under, lest, after having preached to others, I myself become a castaway."  and another, "the soul that sinneth, it shall die." and , "The wages of sin is death."  and "He that destroys the body, him shall God destroy."  One verse of hope:  "If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh."


I have been trying to get into a fast, but the temptation is so very great.  I see something good to eat, and, bingo, I'm off and eating, and eating, and eating.


I would like to lose 100 pounds by the Feast of Tabernacles - that's less than 5 months!  That would be 19 weeks.  7 weeks on a fast, then additional fasts and healthy eating the rest of the summer.  If I started now, the blood pressure would immediately lower, the edema swelling would immediately go down, ease of breathing and movement would ensue.  I would feel better about myself.  But, Mother's Day is coming up, along with the family, next weekend, ministry opportunities, Joshua's birthday,  mushrooming, strawberries, asparagus, onions, Laura's wedding, etc.


I believe that it is do-able.  If I could lose 76 pounds on a 40 day fast, and then, with the 12 weeks left before the Feast, lose 2 pounds per week, I could do it.


Dear Heavenly Father, would You please help me?  Thank You very much.  In Yahshua's Mighty Name.  Amen.


Well, Cinco de Mayo just after midnight of the new day, early Wed A.M. Beginning of a fast!  I weighed myself at 336.  I was unable, or unwilling to fast yesterday, though I journalled, weighed, and tried.  Yet, May 5th was a day that I succeeded, and weighed 25 hours later, at 1 A.M. the early morning of May 6th, Thursday, at 332, a loss of 4 pounds the first day!  The swelling on my legs and feet appears to be as great, though I seem to detect greater ease of movement.  Although the phlegm and bad taste is still not too bad, yet I can tell that my body in into a fasting mode.  The taste is coming on, the feelings are there.  Although tempted mildly, a time or two, I have not been hungry this first day.  Because I am teaching school at Webster Elementary, for Mrs. Geigle, it may be a little difficult, but I am going to try, Yahweh helping me.  So, here we enter into the second day, with hope and courage.  On May 5th, I completed the package to Mick Bruss, and Karen delivered it to him.  I also finished letters to Benedict, to Nettie, to Mother, and to Africa, Mr. Johnson.  Joshua got a call from an Indian from Duluth who wanted him to help, but, after Joshua prayed for and with him, we felt no further leading.  Talked for over an hour to Al and Anne Smith, about Kerry and to encourage them.


Since the week-end, we received $500 from Benedicts, $300 from Wells and Sandy, $200 from Joe (Belcher's friend), $200 from Dr. Sally, along with $70 dollars worth of groceries, $50 from Kerry, $50 from Shirley, etc., and a great 12 string guitar from Denise and Mark Fleury!


I talked to Mick Bruss today briefly on the phone, and offered him $1000 an acre for his 40 acres that he bought across the road from us to the north.  He said he would think about it.  Joshua and I had a lovely time in the barn, as with yesterday, and watched some more of David Hogan.   Lord, have Thy perfect way!!!  Also have been reading more of the Bible, and am in 2 Kings chapter 1, Elijah and Elisha.  Mmm, good.


Thursday, May 6th, 1999, of the second day. It went well today, with not a great temptation to eat, thank Yahweh.  Again weigh 332, a loss in 24 hours of 4 pounds.


Friday, May 7th, 1999, starting the third day:  1:10 A.M.  I weighed myself at 328, a loss in 48 hours, or 2 days, of  4 pounds times 2 days, or 8 pounds.  The swelling in my feet has not disappeared, but may be 20% less than 2 days ago, though breathing and energy seems to be improving.  There has been virtually zero hunger since I started, and the temptation to eat has been minimal.  I would be willing to bet that my blood pressure has already normalized, but it would be interesting to see.  A check came in to day for over $300 from teaching school.  Karen was ecstatic.  She went to the Cities today and did really great, along with Joey and Michelle rummage sailing, a stainless little fry pan, 3 plastic containers for trash, some videos for the children, some 4 small folding chairs, a lovely rug/carpet.  She also got some good bargains at "Sam's".  Thank Yahweh for a safe and enjoyable trip for her.   Megan was over to do some E-Mail, and gave Joshua a back-rub, which he enjoyed.  When Joshua asked her how she learned, one of her responses was, that she paid attention to what she liked, and then reciprocated, in turn.  I had a great lovely long nap while it rained this afternoon, after teaching Mrs. Geigle's 5th grade class, math, English and reading.  I learned what predicates, simple and complex, and taught about compound predicates.  I hope to mow the lawn soon, wash the dogs, plant some peppers and tomato plants and flowers, etc.  I love You Lord God of Hosts!!!  Good Night at 0149 A.M.


Saturday 5 A.M., May 8, 1999 Beginning of the 4th day!: 

1st   day  =  1/40th 

2nd  day  =  1/20th

3rd  day  =  1/13th 

4th  day  =  1/10th

5th  day  =  1/8th

6th  day  =  1/7th +

7th  day  =  1/6th

8th  day  =  1/5th

9th  day  =  3/10ths


My weight is 321!  This is a loss in a little over 3 days, of 15 pounds!!!  Yesterday, (the 3rd day) although I drank plenty of water, I must have urinated around 30 times!!!  It seemed to me that I must  have peed away nearly 10 pounds of water!  I believe that this is largely due to a lot of water retention that is corrected by fasting.  The swelling in my legs and feet is not going as rapidly as I expected, but it is definitely going.  My face is thinner, my right foot is nearly normal, my wedding ring fits much more loosely, etc.  Again, there is greater ease of breathing.   There is still no hunger whatsoever.  There was some weakness after washing the dogs, so that it seemed as though I would fall over, and one or two episodes of light headed-ness.


Joshua has also succeeded in fasting with me this whole while, and is down to less that 155 pounds from his normal 165+!  It has been a real encouragement for me to have him fast with me.  that man is such an incredible blessing and encouragement.  Wow.  It is none other than the presence of Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit in his life. 


Thank You, Holy Father, Papa Yahweh.  I love You.  and, I always want to demonstrate it, in every practical way.  Amen.


During this fast, I am also enjoying the reading of the Bible.  From the "Word", 26 translations, which  actually draws from 38 - isn't that amazing.  I am richly enjoying reading about Elijah, Elisha, the good kings of Judah, the bad kings of Israel, etc.  Wow!  The miracles of blessing, and the miracles of judgement.  Wow!  I just sowed 3 bins full of grass seed around the house, after sowing much grass seed a week ago.  I filled the bird feeders.  What a joy to see and hear them!


I am so very happy that my whole family is coming up today!  There are over 50 trees and many shrubs and flowers in bloom right now.  Wow!   Ever since Tuesday, the day the Gerstmanns left.  15 apple trees, 1 plum, a couple of peach trees, many dogwood, wild plumb, lilacs, lily of the valley, daffodils, tulips, and other beautiful but unknown flowering plants.  The asparagus, onions, and rhubarb are growing and, before long, morel mushrooms Ha HA!!!


Saturday, May 8, 1999, 4th day :  Did not weigh.  Did not journal, waited for the kids to arrive, worked in the garden, planted 16 tomato plants, 8 pepper plants.  Joey and family, Dawn Joy arrived in the evening.  John Baker and Shawn brought John Kelly from Madison area, tall and handsome, married, 35, loved our place, and the bonfire, and plans to come back.  We did a bonfire, along with Kari, Dawn Joy and Joshua, then John and I until about 1:30.  Mary was in the barn worshipping. 


Sunday, May 9th, Mother's Day, the 5th day of the fast:  I went to bed around 2:  up at about 5, and lit the bonfire again, and snoozed for an hour until John (who had left the bonfire at about 5 to sleep in the motor home) awakened me and I took him home, to Bakers, then I went to Blodgetts and had sweet fellowship, came home to be with the family for Mother's Day.  They had barbecue, hamburgers and brats, while Dawn Joy and I fasted.  Joshua had fasted with me for the first 3 days, and, without knowing it, Dawn Joy was fasting with us.  I am one day ahead of her on this fast, and so this is my 6th day, and this is her 5th day.  We rented a large roto tiller from Webster Hardware for $18 and tilled all three garden places.  Joey and Joshua and Zoe and the kids helped me plant two rows of broccoli, a row of sweet peas, 15 to 20 squash plants, maybe 30 cantaloupe, etc.  We loaded the tiller up the ramp, and, after Dawn Joy and Kari and Joey's family left, Zoe stayed overnight and we all went to bed, (except Hulda).  Repeatedly worked until I was totally exhausted, then would rest until some strength returned. 


Monday, May 10th, 1999, 6th day of the fast:  2-3 A.M. up with Hulda, wrote her a note about Betty Johnson and Fred coming today.  We plan on leaving, Joshua, Zoe and I, at 7:30 to take the tiller back, then go to Minneapolis to hunt for Morel mushrooms below Bethany, then Joshua wants to do clowning at Bethany from 3-6 p.m., and then to Devil's Lake, North Dakota to minister for the week with Millie Close.  I was able to cancel out of teaching Spanish today, and Science on Thursday.  I weighed myself at 2:30 A.M. to be astonished that I had only lost 2 pounds in 2 days!!!  This, in spite of the fact that these were the most hard working days of the fast, and in spite of the fact that the swelling in my feet, etc, has continued to shrink!  Well, I have to get some more sleep, pack for the week long trip, including the ‘shroom gig, and boogaloo!!  G'nite.  ( I wrote the rest of the schedule for up to the 21st day of the fast, sincerely hoping I can go that long, but knowing that all is by the grace of Papa Yahweh, Friend Yahshua, and Precious Ruach HaKidesh.  Amen)  On Monday, we went mushrooming, after arising at 4 A.M. and packing.  We drove to the Cities, stopped by Bethany to pick up the pager, went to the place and struck it rich in ‘shrooms!   Zoe left me in the woods as did Joshua, and  I continued.  After my bag was full, I walked all the way up to Bethany, stopping often to rest along the way, as I was a raw bundle of nerves, going on nervous energy.  Twice I had to stop and actually lay down.  The energy drain continued into the night at Joey's where we phone counseled the Larry Hayes thing, and cleaned mushrooms.


Tuesday, May 11th, 1999, the 7th day of the fast:  ND  A.O.K. We slept a few hours, awoke at 4, and drove to Gerstmann's, where we had sweet fellowship, and then went on to ND to the Close's, to their house, to the hotel, to the church, for the service.  It was a great time of worship, and the Lord was with us as we ministered.  Out to lunch (though, I didn't eat) to Taco Bell, then to the hotel.


Wednesday, May 12th, 1999, the 8th day of the fast:   ND  A.O.K.

Ministered to Lisa in the p.m., then out to supper with Mary and Cindy and their husbands and  Rosie and Joshua.  Then to church for another lovely meeting, first with the elders and deacons and the pastors, then the meeting, communion, the "Covenant of Love", personal ministry, then to the hotel.


Thursday, May 13th, 1999, the 9th day of the fast:  ND  A.O.K.

Awakened by a call from the Closes, to go out for breakfast, then to see their new house, then good bye, then pack to leave, then to Jim and Joanne's, with a tour of their place, supper for Joshua and them.  I told Joshua that, in some respects, today was the most difficult of the fast, as I kept wanting food, though I was not hungry, and that I kept thinking that another month without food was a pretty big deal.  But, I kept looking at and feeling my big belly roll, and told Joshua that I did not want to be grossly obese any longer.  He responded by saying that he had never heard me talk like that before.  We drove home through the night, and arrived home at about 2 A.M.


Friday, May 14th, 1999, the 10th day of the fast:  3:00 A.M., 

Weight = 309.   Just returned home from North Dakota, after 3 days of ministry.  Total weight loss in 9 days: 25 pounds.  I am setting shorter term goals, to assist me in thinking more positively about going longer.  Apparently, Dawn Joy is continuing this fast with me, in which case her fast would be one day behind me, so this would be her 9th day.


Shorter term goals: 1)  When the Gerstmann's come tomorrow.  When we go on next week's ministry trip to Nebraska.  2)  When we go to Tom and Sue's ordination.  3)  When Jim and Joanne come in 4 days.  4)  When I preach at Pastor Andy's church.  5)  When the first weekend of the month rolls around.  6)  When we see Wells and Sandy.  7)  To be finished with the fast before our 35th wedding anniversary on June 20th, and by my birthday on the 27th.  Yet the goal is to lose another 20-30            pounds before the last of June,


Saturday, May 15th, 1999, the 11th day of the fast:  Gerstmann's family.  I weighed myself, 1:04 A.M. at 307.  Mary Kamrud and Dawn and Kenny came and helped plant garden and flowers.  Great!  Planted all flower boxes and barrels, trellises, and 8 Cayenne, 4 jalepeno, cucumber hills, received and answered a letter from Gene Walker.  Worked ooooooooh so hard today, mowing, rock hauling, shrooming, little water, very weak, kept working anyway,  a lot of times these days, it seems that I do not get my battery re-charged, and that I often operate on nervous energy, raw nerves and nearly exhausted reserves.  Now, before service, I will rest.


Sunday, May 16th, 1999, the 12th day of the fast:  Tom and Sue Belcher's ordination at Louie Vallincourt's Church of Acts.  I drove back, alone, in the rain, late at night, slept, drove, etc.  Home about 2 A.M.  A remarkable thing happened today!  I was led to share with John Gerstmann about our ministry, the vision, and the importance of a Kingdom facilitator/fund-raiser.  He immediately went into praise and worship.  I found out that this is what he has been looking for.  I hired him on the spot, after completing our discussion for now.  We discussed the need to remember the poor.   The agreement was like this:  He was to be given a monthly salary of $3000.00, which he was to assume responsibility  to raise himself through legitimate fund-raising channels.  The agreement was that half of all that he raised, would go to the ministry, for expenses and for the work of the ministry.  10% was to be skimmed off the top for the poor- our 5% to go to people like the Bankole's and to their people.


Monday, May 17th, 1999, the 13th day of the fast:  Leave for Nebraska to minister for the week.  Trip to Nebraska was postponed because Melinda's father died.  So, it was moved to next week.  It was kind of a hard day.  Weakness, yet, accomplished much, phoning to Peter, Bankole, Shirley, Judy re: Terry.  With Judy's permission, I wrote to him, E-mail.  This is Dawn Joy's 12th day, she called to complain about the bad taste in her mouth.  I also talked to John Gerstmann, happy reports about the facilitating.


Tuesday, May 18th, 1999, the 14th day of the fast:  304 pounds!!!!!!!  If I succeed in fasting 40 days, I am 1/3rd of the way.  I was hoping, by now to be below 300 pounds, never to see that weight again, but, please, dear Papa Yahweh, have Your perfect way.  The stars were brilliant, after days of clouds and rain, so Joshua and I went out by the bob-fire to enjoy the night at 3-3:30, then water to Hulda where the 3 of us chatted gaily.




Wednesday, May 19th, 1999, the 15th day of the fast:


Thursday, May 20th, 1999, the 16th day of the fast:  Taught for Mr. Curtiss, o.k.  Prayed with John Baker and Joshua at John's  place.  He gave us his grass cuttings. 


Friday, May 21st, 1999, the 17th day of the fast:  Taught in the P.M. for Curtiss.  Joey came in the evening.  Feast of Pentecost.  Passed the 300 pound mark, and have lost 40 pounds!  Now down to 296 from 336.


Saturday, May 22nd, 1999, the 18th day of the fast:  Heavy workday with Joey and family, planting garden, transplanting trees


Sunday, May 23rd, 1999, the 19th day of the fast:  Good morning!  Whew!  Yesterday was rough, as far as fatigue was concerned.  Once again, I would work myself to a state of utter exhaustion, then work again.  I would say more than during any other fast that I remember, although I know I have done the same before, but this fast I am aware that there are many, many more things to do that I or we are able or have the time for.  Garden galore, calls, ministry work, prayer, etc.  Whew!!!!!

The wood ticks are bad right now.  I am praying that no one gets sick from them.  Amen.  I love You Lord.  The fast is going o.k.  To have lost over 40 pounds is so utterly amazing to me.  Joey talked to me, then Michelle, about my yo-yo weight, and the pro's and con's of fasting, and the importance of discipline and self-control.  "Let your moderation be known to all men."  If I am grossly obese, everyone can see that I am not moderate in my eating.  God, please have mercy on me, so that when I break this fast, and go back to "regular eating", that I will be able to exercise self control, God control.  Please help me to walk in the Spirit, so that I will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  Amen.


Monday, May 24th, 1999, the 20th day of the fast:  John Moore's and Melinda, ministering on Kingdom Principles.


Tuesday, May 25th, 1999, the 21st day of the fast: :  John Moore's and Melinda, ministering on the King's Secret and the Throne-Room Mentality, visited with Brother _ and his wife at their home.  Flowers.


Wednesday, May 26th, 1999, the 22nd day of the fast: :  John Moore's and Melinda, Sang outside first.  Good worship.  Ministered about 1 Cor.14:26 and Kingdom Church.


Thursday, May 27th, 1999, the 23rd day of the fast: :  John Moore's and Melinda, ministering more about Body Life.  We  had a lovely bread breaking with their fellowship, and commissioned a church to function, and ordained John and Melinda as pastors. Previously ministered at a couple's home about their possibly being set in, and ordained as elders.  They decided not to be, as they did not think that they were ready.  These folks knew the Cristner's from the old days.  They brought us up to date with the Mc Cook scene, the division between Rob and Sherry, and Craig and Cheryl, and how the Cristners had told these people that she was possessed and in witch craft.


Friday, May 28th, 1999, the 24th day of the fast:  After  a bread breaking and some fellowship with Brother and Sister Martin, and Brother John Moore, we left for Rick & Dawn Otto's place.  We ministered to some Sudanese, 2 Igbo's some Yoruba's, and some Americans.  It was a sweet time, with fellowship with the Otto's until 1:30 A.M.


Saturday, May 29th, 1999, the 25th day of the fast:  Up at 4 A.M. to Larry's, an intense time with Larry for 90 minutes, with Georgia and Matthew, for an hour or so.  Drive home.  Home!  Weigh 288, a loss of 48 pounds in 24 days, an average of 2 pounds per day.  All the days have been the same.  Once I had a dream that I broke the fast accidentally, but was keenly disappointed afterwards,   Much to my delight, I wake up and realized that I had not, and thus may continue.   I only have 13 more days to go, if I can do the whole 40, but, it is tough.  Dawn Joy broke her fast at 22 days and regrets it now, kind of.  She has mixed feelings about it, and may go back into it.  She, like I, am determined to not gain the weight back.  Hmmm.  See ya later, Bye.  I have been feeling a little weak lately, and a little totter-y, but have really been on the go, with non-stop ministry.  I think I will kind of take it easy, and drink plenty of water these last two weeks, and pray.


Sunday, May 30th, 1999, the 26th day of the fast:    Wells and Sandy, Joshua W,. Tiawo, Tola, The Kamrud family, all of our family, Wm. K, discovered a swarm near his trailer by Joshua's bees.  All watched while we knocked the bees to a ground cover, where they all marched into the new hive.


Monday, May 31st, 1999, the 27th day of the fast:  Memorial Day,  Had a dream in which I was happy about a 40 acre parcel of ground I made a down payment on, down somewhere near Cemetery Road.  I was interested in telling Virgil Bjorkland about it to get his opinion. 


This morning I was awake at 4 A.M. until almost 8, even though DJ had wanted to go fishing.  Up at 9, others still sleeping.  Cooked bacon for the gang.  They had gone yesterday all afternoon, at the Baker's new home, but got skunked.  Joey and Michelle had bought licenses, as had DJ.  But Joshua Wright had gone with them.  Josh and Joey are painting 11 apartments today.  We plan to have great fun with Wells and Sandy and Joshua and Kari and Dawn and  Michelle and the grandchildren.  I have less than 2 weeks to go if I complete the 40.  Have lost over 50 lbs.  13 days left.  Went fishing with Zoe and Dawn Joy.  Caught 1 small Northern, threw an even smaller one back.  Sent the girls home in each of their cars, Dawn crippling home in a loaned car with a hurting wheel, bad sound and one lug broken off, out of 4, leaky tire.


Tuesday, June 1st, 1999, the 28th day:  12 days left.


Wednesday, June 2nd, 1999, the 29th day:  11 days left.


-       Praise God and Pray vs. Strongholds

        -   Prayer list

            -   Hayses

            -   Moores

            -   Smiths

            -   Peter K.

            -   Folks

            -   Tanzania

            -   Elijah

            -   Finances

                -   books

                -   buildings

                -   basements

-       Unload and Clean car

-       Mowing

-       Yard piles

-       Joshua Prepare for Tonight

-       Bees

-       Father's Heart Weekend

-       Letter's to

        -   Larry

        -   Otto's

        -   Moore's

        -   Hanson's


Thursday, June 3rd, 1999, the 30th day: 10 days left.


Friday, June 4th, 1999, the 31st day: 9 days left.


Saturday, June 5th, 1999, the 32nd day: 8 days left.


Sunday, June 6th, 1999, the 33rd day: 7 days left.


Monday, June 7th, 1999, the 34th day: 6 days left..  Every thing the same.  Weary,  Taste.  Phlegm.  The bathroom scale downstairs indicated a loss of 70 lbs.  But this scale that I have used from the beginning indicates the numbers aforementioned.  The Gerstmann's were here today, including Trevor and Allison.


Tuesday, June 8th, 1999, the 35th day: 5 days left. 279 lbs = 57 lbs


Wednesday, June 9th, 1999, the 36th day: 4 days left.


Thursday, June 10th, 1999, the 37th day: 3 days left.  273 pounds, a loss of 63 pounds.


Friday, June 11th, 1999, the 38th day: 2 days left.  273 lbs, weak, but o.k.


Saturday, June 12th, 1999, the 39th day: 1 day left.  272 pounds - still 64 pounds.  Weak, but able to function at Laura and Cam's wedding.  fun being with Karen on the way back.  Got groceries: Cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce, rutabaga, parsley, asparagus, green beans, peppers, garlic, potatoes, watermelon, apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, cantaloupe, grapes, bananas, etc., almonds, sunflower seeds, almond pieces, sesame seeds, etc.  It was a lovely Saturday night meeting, with Shirley, and Evan, and Newton, and Anthony, and Jenny, and Kerry and her giros and 3 friends, and the Bakers, and 2 Wickmans, and the Joey and Michelle family, and Joshua and me and Karen.  It was Joshua's birthday today and we celebrated afterwards. 


Sunday, June 13th, 1999, the 40th day: The last day.  Up before dawn, listening to the birds sing.  Began this morning at 1 A.M. with Karen.  Great!  She was watching "Days" but fell asleep.  Tonight, I plan on going to preach at Pastor Louie's Church of Acts.

Monday, June 14th, 1999, the 1st day after the fast:   Dr. Sally said the following menu:  fruit juice every a.m., melon, lemon - can juice the whole rind of the watermelon;  after the first day, Morning:  To eat fruit or juice.  Equally combine juice with water as the juice is too concentrated.  At Noon the first day, can have veg' juice: carrot, celery, apple, parsley, etc.  Evening:     veg' salad: carrots, lettuce, romaine or leaf, etc., with v-8 or lemon for dressing - no oils.  Frank's lemon concoction juice in between - o.k.  No liquid ever with meals. Never mix fruit with vegetables.  Wait an hour before switching.  Avoid eating anything after 7 p.m.





Well, let's see how we did:  quantity, I did o.k.  I broke my fast at 10 A.M., when I could have broken it at midnight.  Instead, though up at around 5:15 or so, and into the garden until exhausted.  Quite weak today, and a fairly annoying problem of a constant Karo syrup consistency all the first day.  Broke the fast with Karen with a candle lit, at the breakfast table, with a grape, split between us, and a piece of communion bread.  Then, a few small 7 or 8 small strawberries that I had picked from our garden.  Then, after I peeled the very outer green off an eighth of watermelon (It took me all day to finish that off).  That was the only thing I had all morning, except for a handful or two of grapes again, scattered through the morning.  But always, until I fell asleep, I had the taste and consistency of Karo syrup flowing profusely out of my salivary glands.  The only thing I could find to temporarily relieve that problem, was to slowly nibble on a pumpkin seed at a time, or, perhaps, an almond.  Through the day, I had perhaps, a maximum of perhaps, a half of cup or so of this combination..  At 2 p.m. or so, I switched over to vegetables, having juiced some radishes, celery, carrots, parsley, etc, but the brew tasted so very awful, like a chlorophyll drink, that I could only force down less than 1/2 cup or so.   Instead, I switched to raw cabbage, about 5 leaves total or so, one radish from the garden, and a nap.  In the morning, I did a stretch in the garden, a trip to town for Karen, as she had an asthma attack,  then another time in the garden, then a nap, then supper.  I had about 3 or 4 cups of steamed vegetables, carrots, onions, squash, celery, but no potato, or squash, etc.  A couple of bites of salad, and then Karen and I went to see Helen Valonis!  It was really great time with her at Shirley Clarke's house.  I was quite weak, and did a lot of sitting, and not too active.  The Lord gave us great favor there, both with Helen and with the people, though most of them were strangers.  But Pat Doolittle was there, and Greg Jorgenson and his wife to lead worship.  There was a dear lady there named Pat Mattson, who gave us a love offering check of $200!  Then we had a sweet time on the way home, and with Joshua after we got home.  He had volunteered to stay with Hulda.  After I got home, the only thing I had to eat was half a glass of a concoction of a lemon, cayenne pepper, a large strawberry, a smidgen of melon that I did not want to waste, and an old small, but good grapefruit.  But the drink was so strong that I only had a small amount.


Tuesday, June 15th, 1999, the 2nd day after the fast:   Breakfast:  juice and fruit, have actual fruit, melon, but don't mix fruits.  Lunch:  steamed veg's., squash, carrots, etc.  Eve.: as above, add brown rice.


Up at 5:50 an ate 6 to 10 grapes, and a sip of last night's brew.  More strength and considerably less Karo taste.  There is a feeling of fullness as I type this.  Now it is 6:31 a.m.  I think I will lay down again for a while.  I love You Lord.


Wednesday, June 16th, 1999, the 3rd day after the fast: Stick with rice, salad, veg's.  (Same as day 2)


Thursday, June 17th, 1999, the 4th day after the fast: Stick with rice, salad, veg's.  (Same as day 2)






J SPREAD THE MEAL(S) OVER A LONG TIME.  EAT ONE BITE SLOWLY! J Take 30 minutes to eat one bowl or plate full. 









Friday, June 18th, 1999, the 5th day after the fast: Stick with rice, salad, veg's.  (Same as day 2)


Saturday, June 19th, 1999, the 6th day after the fast: Stick with rice, salad, veg's.  (Same as day 2)


Sunday, June 20th, 1999, the 7th day after the fast: Our 35th Wedding Anniversary!!!    Stick with rice, salad, veg's.  (Same as day 2) (But, since it's your anniversary - - .)   Sang at Covenant church with the family.  We received a love offering of $150.  Elaine Olson provided an anniversary cake.  I received a shirt from Karen and cards from Kari and Dawn Joy.  It has been rough keeping the quantity of food down.  For the first time, I did sweets: pie and ice cream.  It seems like I have been back to eating for a month.  Just within the last couple of days the swelling has returned to my feet.  I have walked 2 miles about 2 or 3 times this last week.  I had 3 pieces of bacon the other day, and eggs a couple of times.  But otherwise no meat, other than some white chicken meat the other day.  Very little rice, no beans or lentils only a taste of potatoes.  Still no caffeine, sugar, chips, cookies, or junk food.  But, it is difficult to keep from overeating on vegetables and soaked nuts.


Monday, June 21st, 1999, the 8th day after the fast:  Fast until down to 280.  I just weighed at 10 A.M. at 281. Begin walking 2 miles, at least 3 days a week, exercise every day, permanently stay away from salt, dairy, caffeine, sugar, white flour, fried food (except bacon and eggs and butter!)


I need to complete the itinerary to the east, so that I can schedule in certain ones.  I need to call Dr. Carol and then Skip.   Wells called to remind me of the sermon that I preached a week ago at Pastor Louie's Church of Acts, where, with intensity, I told the people the Word of the Lord was, "Do not sin!!!"   He told me that that word was for me myself.  I agreed to print it up big and hang it by the table.  Hmmmm.  He is following through on a willingness he gave 2 weeks ago to call me and hold me accountable.   Hmmm.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 1999, the 9th day after the fast: As with the first week, but may add baked potato with other stuff added  to the potato with moderation, such as cottage cheese.  May also begin adding, white meat, fish, tuna in water, no dairy, no fats..


Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999, 10th day after the fast: Ditto, day 9.   Elsie plans to come today.


Thursday, June 24th, 1999, the 11th day after the fast: Ditto, day 9.


Friday, June 25th, 1999, the 12th day after the fast: Ditto, day 9.


Saturday, June 26th, 1999, the 13th day after the fast: Ditto, day 9.  Aaron's wedding today.  John Baker to be in charge of the meeting?


Sunday, June 27th, 1999, the 14th day after the fast:  My 60th Birthday!!!!!!! Ditto, day 9. (But, since it's your birthday - - .)


JOURNAL APRIL 24 2000 Monday Day after Resurrection Morn


JOURNAL - APRIL 24, 2000, Monday, Day after Resurrection Morn


April 34, 2000, 1st day of this fast:  Good Morning Lord, Papa Yahweh, Precious Yahshua Jesus, Beloved Holy Spirit - Ruach HaKodesh:


Well, it is the morning after Easter Resurrection Morning.  I stopped eating at midnight, last night, 7 hours ago.  It is now about 7 A.M. Daylight Savings Central Time.  Yesterday, we just had our first Sunday Morning Service, in addition to Saturday night.


I would like to discuss with You my health status:


Tamara Annette dreamed that I was going to have a heart attack.  I had my blood pressure checked by a nurse for free at a supermarket the other day, and it came out high, especially on the resting one but not extremely.  Once again my feet are swollen, my clothes do not fit.  I weighed myself this early morning at 345, then leveled off at 344, so we'll go with the 344 figure.  My waist is 61 1/2.  It seems to me that I may have been heavier, but not in the last 3 years.  The weight figures go like this, on 40 day fasts, nothing but water:


May, 1997 = pre-fast weight: 338.  End of 40 fast: 256.  Loss of 82 lbs.

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast weight: 340.  End of 40 fast: 265.  Loss of 75 lbs.

May, 1999 = pre-fast weight: 336.  End of 40 fast: 272.  Loss of 64 lbs.

April 2000 = pre-fast weight: 344.  End of 40 fast: 269.  Loss of 75 lbs.

Oct.   2000 = 5 1/2 months after Spring fast = 322 (+1)  Gain of 53 lbs.


Swollen ankles, awkward movement, sometimes request help getting out of a chair.  More tired, and easily exhausted.  Shortness of breath upon exertion, singing, talking. Clothes do not fit. Yet, there is no pain, and I do get around o.k.  Elijah says that one should let the body determine what its shape is to be, and to not worry about its look.  Michelle says that I should not worry about my weight, and to go ahead and eat, and that I should take my signs down that I have hanging around.  In my office bedroom, I have the following signs  "Let your moderation be known unto all men." Phil.4:5;  "But I buffet my body and keep it under (make it my slave), lest possibly, after having preached to others, I  myself should be disqualified (cast away)." 1Cor.9:27;  "And put a knife to your throat, if you are a man of great appetite." Prov.23:2;  "Eat ONLY healthy food" (me);   "Go slow! Keep quantity down! Make and take small amounts!  Walk away.  Spread the meals over a long time.  Eat one bite slowly! Take 30 minutes to eat one bowl or plate full.  Do not sin!!!  Gv thnx always!" (me).


Michelle told me that I look like a big man who sometimes scares people (who need to be scared).  She encouraged me to not worry about my weight.  I have been keeping up the attitude.


It is 40 days until Saturday morning, June 3rd.

It is 50 days until Pentecost, which would be Monday Mid-night, June 12, or, 12:01 A.M.. June 13.


25 April 2000, 2nd day:  It is 49 days until Pentecost.  Tues., 12:12 A.M.:  Well, I have completed 1 whole day of fasting!!!  24 hours ago, 1201 A.M. 24 April, I weighed in at 344  An incredible loss of 9 pounds took place today!!!   Same scales, same circumstances. 335 lbs. The only answer I can give is a large bowel movement, good exercise, and water loss, and, of course, no food or juices, etc.  My waist, as of noon yesterday, was 61 &1/2 inches!!!!!!!


Wed., 26 April:  3rd day:  It is 48 days until Pentecost.  326 - the loss of another 9 pounds!!!  The second loss of 9 lbs. in a row!  Feel o.k. still not hungry, but feeling weak, did some yard work, but slept as well.


Thurs. 27 April 4th day:  It is 47 days until Pentecost.  :  Weighed a 12 noon, at 321 lbs, a loss of  only 5 pounds in a day and 1/2 or 23 pounds in 3 &1/2 days.  The swelling in my right foot is nearly gone, and the left foot, is maybe 40-50 % reduced.  Though I feel weak, yet I can climb the stairs with noticeably greater ease.  Yesterday, I worked hard for most of the afternoon, with burning, hauling, garbage, and clean-up, as well as helping move the entertainment centers into the coop, though the boys did the work.  I have not been tempted to eat, nor have I been hungry.  Each day for the last 3 days I have had the runs, although the taste and phlegm in my mouth have not been very much of a problem.  The dog-wood (or, perhaps, the wild plums) are in bloom.


5th day:  It is 46 days until Pentecost.  Friday 28 April,  Went to town for Karen, errands: bank, P.O., Hedlunds, Webster School, Mick Bruss, (He came to the house later and we had friendly talk.)


6th day:  It is 45 days until Pentecost.  Sat., 29 April:  Hulda, dishes, kids, Hulda's apt. with Karen.  Clean up the office.  The scales actually showed weight gain of a couple of pounds, partly due to drinking water, and an enema, as I was sure that the scales were correct.  I feel really good.   The taste in my mouth is not oppressive, the phlegm not too bad.  However, for some strange reason, Joshua, Joseph, Karen and I have all developed this runny nose and sneezing, stuffy nose and sinuses.  I tried on the 3 pairs of spotted white and blue denim trousers, and discovered that I have a long way to go before they will comfortably fit me.  So, I have them out where they can inspire me.  I measured with the belt to the last loop hole, and discovered, that after 6 days on water only, that I have essentially not lost any space off my waist line.  I am sure that I have decreased by some, but not so you could notice on the measurement of 61 &1/2 inches!!!  The swelling on my feet has disappeared by now!  And I notice greater ease of movement, from the chairs, up the stairs, etc.  There is still no noticeable phlegm, or bad taste in my mouth, which is a great blessing!


7th day:  Sun. 30 April  It is 44 days until Pentecost.  :   There is just a hint of budding blossoms on the 8 or so apple trees in the front yard,  (3 more in back, one in the back 40 by the Olson's, 1-3 in the Old Orchard in the woods, north of the house).  In one week, everything will be an explosion of color and blossom.  I think I will invite those dear to me to join us for the week-end.


Mon. 1 May: 8th day:  It is 43 days until Pentecost. (32 until June 3.)  I was the grade school band teacher today, and had fun.  Mary Kamrud came up and we discussed.  The day went well.  Have had about 5 days of runny sinuses, sneezing, but it acts more like an allergy than a cold.  The sore membranes seemed to heal over night.   Got to bed around 2:30 A.M.


9th day:  It is 42 days until Pentecost.  Tues. 2 May:  310 lbs. Had a session with Mary, Joey, Michelle, Karen and I.  Then Joshua and I walked through the woods, I saw a deer and we built a fire in the woods by Joshua's land.  This afternoon I have been tired, saw Joshua off to town, now they are making cook-out supper.   I am so amazed at the fact that I am NEVER hungry when on a fast, but in fact, food has a slightly nauseating smell, so I try to stay away from the food preparation and serving.  I wish I was not hungry so terrifyingly much when I am eating.  At times the hunger is raging, and I am hungry most of the time when eating.  But, when fasting, I could care not at all for food or eating, except for the social pleasure of eating with dear ones.  At such times, and always, food is outrageously tasty, and it seems almost impossible to restrain myself from eating enormous quantities of food.  While sitting at meal, I do not want to stop eating until my stomach will not hold any more.  But after 30 minutes, I find myself looking into the refrigerator for more food, or cleaning up the left-overs.


Felt weak today, in spite of my walk in the woods.  Had to stop every couple of minutes to rest.  A little unusual this early in a fast, but then...


Wed. 3 May, 2000, 10th day:  It is 41 days until Pentecost.  :  Went mushroom hunting today with Joshua, an annual event, and with 8 yr. old grandson Zoe.  It has been too dry, but we managed to find 2 mushrooms, 1 each.  So, we are praying for rain.  In the process, we must have walked about 3 to 4 miles.  On the way back, even though I was weak, I got into a march step of about 2 steps per second, and walked  over 1500 paces back, beating both Zoe and Joshua.  Saw Wells, Sandy, Elsa and Andy, stopped and saw Dr. Sally, who gave us $60 and bought Zoe's supper at Donalmac's.  Dropped the table off at Mary's and drove home ‘til after midnight. 


Up to this time in the fast, water has not tasted too bad, but the taste seems to becoming worse.  Palm and taste are still not too bad, but there is the constant nasal drip.  Stools consist of an unexpected diarrhea in small amounts, with minor gas.  Again, urine is smelly and yellow if I do not drink adequate amounts of water, so I try to drink as much water as I can tolerate so the body stays hydrated.  That must have been quite a miracle fast Moses did, two 40 day fasts, back to back, with no water or food.  Amazing!  


Thurs.  4 May,2000 11th day:  It is 40 days until Pentecost.  :  Well, today's day number 11!  If I can go the whole 40, then I am over 1/4th of the way through!  Weight = 306.


Fri. 5 May, 2000, 12th day:  It is 39 days until Pentecost.:  301 pounds.  Got the John Deere mower out and mowed around.  Leaves away.  Hoses out.  Slept in the p.m.  but Jack called and came, as did Anthony, talked with Jack till about 1 in the morning.  Hulda.

Sat. 6 May,2000, 13th day:  It is 38 days until Pentecost (28 ‘til 40).:  Today, I pass the 300 lb. weight amount, with a loss of about 45 pounds.  I think I will celebrate the 50  pound weight loss mark by placing a 50 pound bag of sunflower seeds in my room!  The following flowers are in bloom: Apple trees, dogwood, plum, tulips, roses, violets, lilies of the Valley, dandelions, mushrooms, lilacs, daffodils, etc.  The house is surrounded with blossoming flowers!


Sun. 7 May, 2000, 14th day:  It is 37 days until Pentecost. Weakness, work, Dawn Joy arrived!!!


Mon. 8 May,2000 15th day:  It is 36 days until Pentecost.  Wanna hear something interesting?  Over two days ago I weighed myself very carefully and got 301 pounds.  Here, 2 days later, I come up with 302, yet, I have not eaten or drunk anything besides water.  Isn't that amazing?!  In both cases of weighing, I use the same scales, carefully adjust the scales at 000, step on, hold still. Repeat 2 more times.  Pick the highest reasonable reading.


Tues. 9 May, 200016th day:  It is 35 days until Pentecost. 300 weight.  Day went fine, all is o.k.  The family is very patient with me, allowing me to catch some rest when needed.  I sometimes feel like crawling under the blankets and hibernating, then will arise with a new burst of energy, at which time I will work to exhaustion, then rest again.


Wed. 10 May, 2000, 17th day:  It is 34 days until Pentecost.:  Dr. Huset today.  He is a wonderful man: teachable, humble, talk-with-able.  We chatted gaily and leisurely for over an hour.  My first co-pay medical experience, $10 for the whole thing!  "Complete" physical.  His initial analysis is that I am perfectly fine.  He said that a possible appetite suppressant is some grated ginger combined with sugar and water to make a refreshing drink.  Also talked about dandelion tea from slightly crushed blossoms and sugar and water, or from crushed dried roots to make a healthy coffee substitute.  He also indicated a source of lamb.  The blood work is being done and they will send a full report.  He is willing to have me come in at 5 day intervals if I continue fasting. (Note Karen's calendar for dates).  The office scales indicated 297 1/2 pounds, with pants and shirt, as compared with 299 at home, no clothes, so, I would say about 3 pounds difference.  Note: at the end of 17 days fasting last year, I weighed 296 pounds, a loss of 40 lbs.


Calls back and forth to Mary.


18th day:    Thurs. 11 May:  Home alone with Joshua and Hulda


19th day:    Fri. 12 May:  Worked hard all day!  Riding the mower, sharpening, taking the deck off, greasing, sharpening, working in the woods, preparing a place for the motor home.  Whew!  Was I ever exhausted at the end of the day.  It was all I could do to take a shower and fall into bed.  Family meeting on the patio.  Dawn Joy, Kari, Rita, Stacy, Anthony overnight house guests.   Lovely sunset, beautiful sky.  I never cease to be amazed at how a person can go 3 weeks without a speck of nourishment, and still have strength for a full day of strenuous physical work.  Amazing!


20th day, Sat. 13 May:  Early A.M. 4, I had left the window open, so I awakened to shivering cold, no covers, my mouth full of saliva, needing to do a sit down, but all got o.k. right away.  Michelle made a lovely pork rib dinner, and boy, it sure looked good.


21st day: Sun. 14 May:  Up till 3 A.M.  Mother's Day, Kari, Dawn Joy, Rita, but I had to go to Bankole's for a fund raising day.  Good chicken dinner, with Nigerian flavored rice, but not for me.  So tired from driving.  284, a loss of 50 pounds!!   A lot of phlegm, but still not the awful poopy chalky taste.  This is the first fast I have ever taken when this taste has not been with me.  Perhaps it is because, since last year, I have been eating more wisely, I don't know.  But, I DO know that all of this is by the great and wonderful grace of God.


22nd day: Mon. 15 May: Up till 3 A.M., expanded my thankfulness list to 9 pages.  Worked hard this afternoon, preparing the garden for pole beans, getting manure from the Olsons.  Prayer by the oak tree with Joey and Joshua, then Joshua, around the fire.  Sat with the family for supper, they had lasagna and salad.  Mmmmm.   Had a happy time with Karen, perhaps the best ever!  So far this is about the 4th.  Everyone has been very sweet and patient and accommodating with me about the fast, Michelle, Kari, Karen,  especially Karen has been so sweet and patient and kind and understanding.  All of them have advice for how to keep the weight off.  Michelle says, no butter, no bacon, no popcorn, no eggs fried in grease.  Kari says no pasta, breads, popcorn, starches, carbohydrates.  All of them say that I must eat in moderation.


23rd day:  Tues. 16 May:  One thing I have been thinking about this time, as no other, is field salad made of: spearmint, clover, alfalfa, shepherd's purse, lamb's quarter, wild grapevine tendrils, raspberry leaves, harmless flowers like violets, etc., dandelion leaves, and ???????  My intent is to ask Dr. Huset, Wally, the guys at DNR, the biology guys at school, and others, and perhaps a field guide as to edible plants.  It would save considerable on $, and we could involve guests in the collection and preparation of such salads.


24th day:  Wed.17 May:  Went to town with Joey, Joshua, and Zoe, Joey to work, and the rest of us to go shrooming.  After walking in the rain for a couple of hours, Zoe and Joshua headed for the car, and I continued walking in the rain.  Presently, I saw a patch of 5 large morels, then a patch of 9, then 3, then 5, and so on.  Staggered out of the woods, then went home, me to clean the shrooms, and the boys to jam with the youth.  Strength was good, though after walking through the woods and rain for 6 hours, was kind of beat.


25th day: Thurs. 28 May:  Went sailing with Karen, got lots of loot, from the rummage sailing.  The best haul of all, was a free box of astronomy books.


26th day: Fri,  19 May, 2000:  Helped prepare the mini-van for the "girl's night out" with Shondra Pearce.  Weak today, but I want to be patient with myself, and I thank God that the family is patient with me.  Had a sweet talk with Kevin today, encouraging.


27th day, Sat., 20 May:  through  36th day: 29 May:  I did not journal during these days, because they were all the same, moderate phlegm, moderate work, clear mind, moderate energy, steady weight loss.  On-going ministry.  Sweet co-operation and empathy on the part of Karen and the rest of the family.  Continued work on the property and ministry.  A couple of things different about this fast from any other, is that I have had a clear tongue, and no poopy taste in my mouth.   This is amazing to me.   Went to the Dr.'s office on Thursday, May 25th: Blood pressure good, weight at 274, a loss of 60 pounds.  Wells and Sandy up over Memorial Day weekend, along with Kari and Taiwo.  Hulda in the hospital for a couple of days, out on Sunday, good meetings, both Saturday night and Sunday morning, made communion bread and we all had communion on Sunday morning, (I do not look on communion as food, and so, do not stop myself from taking communion during a fast).


37th day:   30 May:  Limited energy, lifting, hoeing, etc., I easily tire, though I continue, planting tomatoes, hoeing, etc.  I can't walk very fast without tiring.  I am sluggish, although my brain seems to be clear.  I planted hasta plants, tomatoes, worked in all three gardens.  The John Deere riding mower is sluggish, for some reason.  Weight on my scales is 268, a loss of 65 pounds.


38th day:   31 May:  Up early, well formed stool, about 4 inches long!  I am scheduled to go to the lab, today, take both blood pressure, and weigh on the clinic scales.  This week to get freshly killed lamb meat, $75.00 for 50 lbs of meat, no additives, so it should be pretty healthy.  Weight on my scales is         .  Weight on Dr.'s scales is    . 


Am scheduled to pick up the lamb at Dr. Richard "Dick" Huset's home tomorrow, from Frederick, south end, Chevy dealership, go west on small winding road # 300th for 5 miles to the town on Atlas, left at the "T" 1/4th mile then right for almost 1/4th mile to driveway 2158 Co. Rd. B (or 295th).


39th day: 1 June, 2000: Well, the day today did not go too badly, swept and quick mopped the kitchen and dining room traffic areas, went with Joey to Dr. Huset's.  I slipped in the mud on his hillside and slightly hurt my knee and left big toe.  Then, I assisted the doctor in performing surgery, that is on the lamb's meat, making chops and T-bones.  He gave us some crappie and a meat grinder and saw.  Wasn't that great?!  Weight loss at 70 lbs.  Stopped at the co-op at Luck and got $28 worth of nuts, as Huset reported that one's potassium level should be at 3.5, where as mine is at 3.0 and will be expected to drop as I resume eating.  He prescribed pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, bananas, etc.  I also got pine nuts, brazil nuts and almonds.  It was a good day, then we hurried back to home so Joey could go with his family to Jim Hanson's for supper.  I paid my respects to the family and went to bed.   Hulda is talking out of her head, and appears to be nearing her journey to heaven.


40th day!  2 June: Wow!!!  This is the last day!!!   Joshua asked me if I intended to go on, and I told him that I had decided not to.  In addition, I do not want to go over the recommended time of 40 days, because of the temptation to become arrogant.  Karen wants me off of the fast, so she can have me back at full energy so as to help her, etc.  She has been a veritable princess though, as to her helpful and understanding attitude.  Everyone has, although everyone is strongly hoping and encouraging that I keep the weight off when I resume eating tomorrow.  Once again, here are the figures on the present, as well as previous fasts.


June, 1964 = weight when married at age 25, weighed 185 pounds!!!

Spring  ‘70 = prefast weight: 215.  End of  40 fast: 157. Loss of  58 lbs.

Spring  ‘79 = prefast weight: 230.  End of  40 fast: 163. Loss of  67 lbs.

May, 1997 = pre-fast weight: 338.  End of 40 fast: 256.  Loss of 82 lbs.

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast weight: 340.  End of 40 fast: 265.  Loss of 75 lbs.

May, 1999 = pre-fast weight: 336.  End of 40 fast: 272.  Loss of 64 lbs.

April 2000 = pre-fast weight: 344.  End of 40 fast: 269.  Loss of 75 lbs.


Present weight goal: 220 to 240, which would mean the gain of no more than 10 pounds, and the loss of another 40, which I consider to be realistically do-able by Rosh and the Feast of Tabernacles, in 4 months.  This would be a loss of at least 2 pounds per week, as opposed to at least a pound per week gain in previous years!!!  If I must take short fasts, in addition to the 36 hour fasts from Sunday night to Tuesday Morning, then, so be it.  But, so help me God, I believe that I must do it.  Papa Yahweh, please have mercy on me, working in me both to will and to DO of Your good pleasure.  By the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Yahshua God!  Amen.


Today, I worked in the garden this morning with the grandchildren and Joshua, earlier watched Hulda, then an oil change and new used tires for Karen's car.  Then to pray for Pat Doolittle.  Vern gave us 2 hams, 2 boxes of deer meat, about 15 pounds of brats, etc.  We have been doing a used produce run at Wayne's IGA in Webster and it has been worthwhile.  Then I worked in the garden tonight with Joshua, and by now, we have completely planted the barn garden and the old garden, and about 1/2 of the field garden.  Michelle's garden and the children garden is doing well, also.  Now, all we need to do is weed, water when necessary, and enjoy the fruit of our labour.

{mospagebreaktitle= Plan for Breaking the Fast}  



People like Dr. Sally, Wells and Sandy, Dr. Huset, Michelle, the family, etc., have been asking what kind of "plan" I have for breaking this fast, as to how I plan to break it, etc.


First, I intend to break the fast, as usual with communion, with whoever is available among close personal friends. 


I plan to keep the eating to a minimum, and, if the intensity sets in, to follow the "What to do in case of hunger" list.  Plan to stick exclusively, for the first week, to freshly squeezed juices, salads, lightly steamed veg's, a few well soaked nuts.  (Dr. Huset prescribed sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to bring potassium levels up.)   I plan to fast every week, from Sunday Evening, 10 p.m. through Tuesday A.M., breaking the fast on diluted fruit juices, steamed veg's, or salad, etc.  No meat, until the end of the second week, Father's Day, June 18th.  Our anniversary is June 20th.  My birthday is the 27th.  Plan to not pig out on hot dogs, lunch meat, bacon, ham, candy, sweets, white flour, processed cheese, or junk food then or at any time.  Beginning a week from the fast, by June 10th, take a walk every day, of 2 miles or so, plus the beginning of other exercises and weight training.

 {mospagebreaktitle= Suggestions on what to do when Hungry}



  1.  Go for a walk

  2.  Pray

  3.  Intercede

  4.  Rejoice: shout, dance,

  5.  Read Word, Memorize

  6.  Exercise:

  7.  Drink water

  8.  Call a friend

  9.  Work: etc.

10.  Gardening!

11.  Laugh

12.  Read

13.  Watch t.v.

14.  Write poem or song

15.  Weigh

16.  Lk in mirror

17.  Chase Karen

18.  Pray with someone

19.  Fast

20.  Eat free fd

21.  Speak vs. hunger

22.  Go 2 barn

23.  Take a nap

24.  Work on the ‘puter:       update mail, phone

25.  Do other office wk, go  through office boxes

26.  Play grandchildren

27.  Play Frisbee, or whatever

28.  Go fishing!

29.  Swimming

30.  Cruise St. Croix

31.  Write letters

32.  Stroll in woods

33.  Visit a sick bed

34.  Sing

35.  Play music intstrmnt

36.  Exercise:

37.  Shrpnives/polishoes

38.  Help or serve anothr

39.  Fix something

40.  List thngs thkful for

41.  Stay o' of the kitchn

42.  Eat healthy

43.  Eat protein!!!


Never, or seldom eat ice cream, pop, candy, coffee, donuts, cake, regular bread, lunch meat, hot dogs, regular tea, alcohol, pasta, or salt.


Minimize butter, cheese, bacon, pizza, eggs, toast, cereal, grains, except natural brown or wild rice, beans, lentils, in moderation.


Maximize salad, lightly steamed and raw veg's, fruit, nuts, fish, lamb, venison, freshly squeezed juices, etc.


Exercise!  Lift weights, walk, stretch, run, dance, etc.


??1st day:  3 June:  12 hours into the breaking of the fast, I began last night after midnight, my excuse for not waiting till morning was the awful phlegm and taste, so, I broke it at the end of the 40 days just after  midnight with Karen, she and I divided a Brazil nut!  I had only soaked nuts until 3:30 a.m., about a half a handful.  Then, I divided a batch into two, putting the other uncooked into the freezer, of  bell pepper, cauliflower, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, cabbage, brought about a pint of it to a boil and turned it off.  Some of the roughage was too much for me so I only chewed it for juice.  I added several tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Altogether, through the night, I had probably equal to one pint of these steamed veg's.  This a.m. while feeding the kids, I had maybe one egg and about a half cup of oatmeal and honey, one pear and 4-8 grapes, about 1/2 teaspoon of cheese.  I made a cup of lentils that made into about two cups.   Altogether, in these 12 hours, I have consumed a total of less that 2 pints, less than a quart of food.


The sickly sweet syrupy saliva and taste comes back if I nap or don't eat for a while, so I must either eat to keep it away, or go back to a fasting mode.  I find myself taking a bite of something, chewing it for taste and juice, then discarding the pulp, as in the above named lentils or steamed veg's.  I am going to try to eat nothing now, until 6 - 8, keeping the total amount below a pint, not eat until noon tomorrow, except perhaps a piece of fruit or so,  then brown rice, and steamed veg's, and keep my total consumption below a quart a day of this kind of fare for the first couple of weeks, and after that, less than 2 quarts a day, (with certain rare exceptions  J).


4th June 2000, Sunday Morning: Care of Hulda, she is quite alert this morning.  I ate almost a whole grapefruit, 1/2 banana, a piece of bacon 2 inches long, 3 eggs, and then at 3 p.m. ate, a glass of veg juice, a chicken drumstick, a large helping of steamed veg's.  I've not had one drink of water or any liquid except the veg. Broth.  Before I ate, I weighed 270, a gain of 4 pounds.  This evening, I plan to begin fasting again, for 36 to 40 hours starting tonight.  I want to get to my end of fast weight of 266m and go lower.   Amen.  (I did not fast then, or again, until - - )


June 8th, Well, this is only the sixth (6th) day after breaking the fast, less than one week, and I have already gained  20  pounds.  I am now, by the home scale, 286 pounds.  This morning the edema water retention is back, after eating some of Michelle's chicken catchetori.  I must confess that I have been gorging and guzzling enormous amounts of food, of salad, of steamed veg's, of cottage cheese, and have cheated with one or two or three cookies, a piece or two or three of bacon, a slice or two or three or four of cheese, of one, two, three or four helpings of chicken catchetori, of one cup, or two or three of Campbell's soup, of cups and handfuls of sprouts and seeds, of two or three or four or five salads.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, an orange, an apple.


Talk about addiction, out of control, irresponsible, my feet are throbbing, not with pain, but with tingling and the engorgement of water.  Talk about gorging, gluttony, the top of my left foot is fat and my toes are throbbing with water accumulation.


Ah, what's a little more food.  What's another bite?  What's another helping.  What's another cookie?   What if my stomach is already full?  This stuff tastes good!   I neeeeeeeeed the taste of more food in order to get rid of this bad taste in my mouth.   (The taste comes back after I have eaten the water melon or the cookie or the piece of bacon or another egg, with just a little salt on it.)  What's the harm in a little more of Michelle's chicken catchetori?   After all, I didn't eat toooooo much pasta or whole grain natural brown rice with it.  After all, whole grain natural brown rice is healthy for a person, right?  And, if one spinach salad is good for a person, then what could be the harm in 5 or 6 of them, right???   After all, Dr. Huset prescribed sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds so my potassium level would rise, cause I need potassium, that means that I can eat lots and lots and lots of seeds and nuts, right?


And, so it goes.  The other day, I weighed 277 at the clinic, with blood pressure at 100 over 70 in my right arm, and 90 over 60 in my left arm.  I felt weak, she said that my pulse was weak.  Therefore, eat lots of stuff to bring my blood pressure up.  Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.


October 3, 2000: Weighed in at 323 pounds as of 8:30 A.M., a gain from the Spring fast, of 53 pounds!!!  30 minutes later, at 322 or 321.  Though it is still 22 pounds under what I was in the Spring, I am ashamed of the 53 pounds that I have gained in 5 and 1/2 months!!!  That's more than a bag of bird seed.   The husband of a dear friend of ours actually was killed by drowning in sunflower seeds, but, I may be in danger of drowning in the amount of fat equal to a bag of sunflower seeds.


Well, by the grace of God, in these Jewish High Holy Days, between Rosh Ha Shoshana, Yom Kippur, and The Feast of Tabernacles, I plan to fast until the Feast, with a realistic weight goal of under 300.  Papa Yahweh, please have mercy upon me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{mospagebreaktitle=JOURNAL FOR DECEMBER 2001



Fast beginning Thursday, December 6, 2001


Wght 1964  when  married, 185/age 25.  (All muscle!)  In 7 years, in

Spring ‘71?= pre-fast wght: 215/age 31/End 40 fast: 157.Loss of 58 lbs

In early‘79 = pre-fast wght: 230/age 39/End 40 fast: 163.Loss of 67 lbs

May, 1997 = pre-fast wght: 338/age 57/End 40 fast: 256.Loss of 82 lbs

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast wght: 340/age 58/End 40 fast: 265.Loss of 75 lbs

May, 1999 = pre-fast wght: 336/age 59End 40 fast: 272.Loss of 64 lbs

April 2000 = pre-fast wght: 344/age 60/End 40 fast: 269.Loss of 75 lbs

Oct.   2000 = 5 1/2 months after Spring fast = 322 (+1)  Gain of 53 lbs

Apr 30  ‘01 = pre-fast wght 336/age 61/End of 40 fast: 272/Loss 60+lbs

June 20,'01 = in just 12 days, gain of  30 lbs/302. Almost 3 lbs. a day!

Nov 26, 01 = wght 326, age 62.   4 December 2001 = 318 1/2


Keen desire for body stewardship.  My goal is to be within my weight goal of 220 to 240 by the Feast of Tabernacles 2002.  My immediate goal is to be below 300 by New Year's, and never go above 300 again.  I intend to do this by fasting for perhaps 3 weeks until just before Christmas, then fast again just after the first of the year.


1st Day - 6 December 2001:


Well, this was an interesting day.  The clock is ticking away, and it is just coming into the new day of 7 December 2001.  Today, Thursday, 6th of December, I found out that the doctor at the Cambridge clinic says that I have diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I said, "Praise the Lord".


Then, I wept, out of self-pity, out of a realization that I was in trouble.  My father was a diabetic.  He died at age 58.  My mother is a diabetic.  She is still living, and is 86m but has had cancer of the breast, of the ovaries, she had a stroke, but is 90 % recovered.   My sister was a diabetic.   She died at age 62.


Diabetes can be serious!  I found out the news this morning.  The Cambridge clinic specialist Bob, called to tell me.  He said that I do not need insulin at this time, at least, but he set me up with the diabetes clinic, and the internist doctor who will be monitoring me.  I will be getting a blood tester to monitor my blood sugar level.


I had Joshua pray for me.  The things that alerted me are as follows.


Swelling in my feet and ankles.

A sore toe that took too long to heal.

Frequent urination.

Strong thirst.

Sweet smelling urine.

Tingling in my feet and ankles.

High blood pressure.

High sugar level when tested at my mother's house.

Almost insatiable hunger.

Fatigue, a need to take naps.

My obesity.

Family history.

Weight: at the doctors office, on the 4th of December, 2001, I weighed 318 1/2, as opposed to 326 on November 26, 2001, 10 days ago.


So, today, I decided to fast.  Just water.  Dr. Shelton says that a person just new with diabetes, may safely fast, under supervision, before medication.  I am giving it a try, even though I carved the turkey and sat and watched the family do a birthday for Zechariah Zion, 3rd birthday.


Joshua Paul left today on a ministry trip to Bismarck, North Dakota, on the way to Portland, Oregon to also preach there on the 16th for pastor Timothy Allen Fox.


Tonight, I walked 36 laps around the outside of the inside of the barn.  Each day, I plan to increase by one lap.  It took me about 40 minutes to do them.  I also did some little resistance training in the barn.


Well, now I am tired, at 12:20 of seventh day of the twelfth month, 2001 in the year of our Lord.


At the doctor's office, my official weight was 318.  On the scales in the Wold bathroom, I weighed 317.  Tomorrow, I plan to find the other scales that was in my room.


Good night.  I began fasting early a.m. when it was still dark.  My mouth already has the tell-tale taste of fasting, but, until this moment, it seems that my body is tolerating things fairly well.


Christine Guptill was a great encouragement today over the phone.  I believe that she intends to bring some diabetes information, tomorrow, or rather, today, the seventh day of December, 2001.  By God's grace, I am going to try to fight this, and am earnestly praying that it will not kill or cripple me, make me impatient or afraid, etc.


God,  please have mercy upon me.  In Jesus, Yahshua's precious Name.  Amen.


2nd Day - 7 December 2001:   Tonight, I walked 42 laps around the outside of the inside of the barn.  70 steps.  Fairly easy.  It took me about 40 minutes to do them.  I also did some little resistance training in the barn.  I did upper body push-ups on the red stool 14 times, then, I lifted it over my head 14 times.  Earlier in the day, I lifted a bucket, containing about two gallons, over my head with both hands, did biceps curls, and triceps curls each 14 times.  I intend to increase the amounts over the days.   My fast today, as well as yesterday, was really easy.  No weakness, no dizziness, no hunger.


I have begun to feel that food is my enemy.  Christine Guptill, and Bill have been a blessing.  Joey, Michelle, Kerry, Dawn Joy, Tamara Annette, all expressed their sympathy.  Went to a birthday party tonight for Tamara, Zechariah Zion, Brandon, and Claire.  It was fun, except for all of the icing, cake, soda, hot dogs that were served.  To know that sugar is poison and that it is being fed to my friends by the plateful, is frustrating.


Father God, Papa Yahweh, Dear Yahshua, Precious Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh, I love You.  I love You.  I love You. 


I want to be pleasing to You.  I praise You for this diabetes.  I praise You in the midst of this diabetes.  I believe You for the healing from all these things, in Your way, and in this Your time.  You, Almighty God, are the Lord, the Master, the Controller of my whole body, including my pancreas, my isles of Langerhands, my liver, spleen, gall bladder, my cholesterol, my triglicerides, my glucose, my stomach, my mouth, my stomach, my intestines, my attitudes, my faith, my trust, my all. 




Day 3 - 8 December 2001:  1210 P.M., just completed about 1 & 1/2 miles walking.  I confirmed that 1/2 mile is 1100 steps, which, of course, is 2200 steps for a mile.  It took me, less than an hour.  My goal is to walk briskly for at least 40 minutes each day, or more, as inspired.  In addition, I plan to keep doing resistance and weight training, plus, I want to dance before the Lord, etc.  Coming in from the cold, I have a hive on the inside left corner of my mouth, on my neck, which was exposed, etc., and slight tingling on the left side of my face.


Today's fast is going well.  Let's see what happens.  Bill Guptill is planning on coming over to loan me his blood sugar tester, and to teach me how to run it.  It should be a good time.  Amen.


11:37 P.M.This afternoon, Bill Guptill came over and showed me how to take my blood sugar test.  I took the test 3 times today, and here are the results: At 12:41 P.M. my blood sugar level read 173.  At 6:18 P.M., it was 164, and at 11:00 P.M. it was 167.  Bill told me that the normal range is 90 to 140.  Bill's read 210.  He just said that he would behave himself tomorrow, in his eating.  I am completing my 3rd day of fasting.  Today went well.  I want my blood sugar level to come within normal range.  I am hoping that it will come down to that by tomorrow evening.


Today, when Bill and Joseph came over, they brought a miniature poodle named Samson, 6 months old.   The dog was emaciated, dirty, and neglected.   Karen went to town to get some flea shampoo, then I washed the dog twice, brushed him and took him potty.  Karen went a got a kennel cage from the corn-crib and put a quilt in it.  We've been feeding it.  We are not sure yet, what we will do with it.  He is a sweet and intelligent dog, and will make a good pet for someone, maybe Karen and I.  I don't know. Weight at the end of the day: 310, a loss of 8 pounds, in 3 days of fasting.


Good night.


Day   4  -  9 December 2001:  Walked over a mile today, with some tension training.  I am completing my 4th day of fasting, with no hunger, no nausea, no phlegm, no bad taste, no foul smelling urine, no weakness, no dizziness, etc.  It was a good day.  I fixed supper for the grand-children with no problem.  Dr. Sally called today and encouraged me.  She said that she would seek advice for me from nutritionist doctor lady friend of hers, said that she would send material on nutrition and diabetes, would assist me in obtaining some sorely needed supplementation, etc.  


Blood sugar level is interesting.  The numbers since yesterday are as follows:

          At 12:41 P.M. my blood sugar level read 173

          At   6:18 P.M. my blood sugar level read 164            Saturday

          At 11:00 P.M. my blood sugar level read 167

          At 10:00 A.M. my blood sugar level read 160

          At   3:00 P.M. my blood sugar level read 143            Sunday

          At 11:40 P.M. my blood sugar level read 128

          At 11:00 A.M. my blood sugar level read 149

          At   5:40 P.M. my blood sugar level read 131            Monday

          At 11:40 P.M. my blood sugar level read 132

          At   2:00 P.M. my blood sugar level read 124

          At   8:00 P.M. my blood sugar level read 113     Tuesday

          At 11:?? P.M. my blood sugar level read 1??


293 was my blood sugar level at the doctor's office on Tuesday!

      X  Triglycerides were 999!!!!!!!  Normal is 160.  This high number is

G an indication of potential impending heart attack and/or stroke!!!

DEC.   8  8 8 9  9 91010101111111212121313131314141515161617







160+____XXX_________________________ X__________________

150+___________________________________ X___X___XX______

140+________ X     X_______________________________________

130+____________    XX___________X_X________________XX__

120+__________ X______X____________ X____ X_____________

110+___________________  XXX__________________X_______X



Weight at the end of the day: 307, a loss of 11 pounds, in 4 days of fasting.


Day   5 - 10 December 2001:  Hello, today was a good day, some increase in phlegm, syrup taste in my mouth.  I walked twice today, once with Joey into the woods.  We built a small fire and had a happy time.  Total walking over 1 1/2 miles, some resistance training.  Called Dawn Joy.  They are doing o.k.  Joshua was to be at Brenda Rogers tonight.  Probably Red Lodge, Montana tomorrow.  Blood sugar was

At 11:00 A.M. my blood sugar level read 149, 5:40 P.M. = 131; At 11:40 P.M. my blood sugar level read 132, and all of this on my 5th day of eating or drinking absolutely nothing but water!  I have continued to experience tingling in my feet, and have been coating them with Vaseline, with cayenne pepper mixed in to it, then putting on stockings, to improve circulation and healing, hopefully.  I am doing all of this without the doctor's awareness or approval, but I am trying, by fasting, to reduce weight, to reduce edema, to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, to bring down the blood sugar level, to give all of the cells and organs a cleansing and a rest, and, hopefully, a chance to heal and readjust.  Lord God, Papa Yahweh, precious Yahshua, Lovely Holy Spirit - Please have mercy upon me.  Amen.


Day   6 - 11 December 2001:  It was a good day today.  I walked over a mile, did some resistance training.  Have had a sore throat slightly.  Drinking plenty of water.  Blood sugar still coming down.  At 2 P.M. it was 124, and at 8 P.M. it was 113, at 1 A.M., it was 115, so I am encouraged.  I had more strength today on my walk, and I spent some time helping Karen in the sun room, in the spackeling.  Got a call from Anne Marie about Tom Martinson, saying that in the natural, he is going to die, any time from now.  I called and talked to Tom, and he did not want me to come over tonight, but said that he would call tomorrow. 


I called Jim at the Yellow River Pharmacy, and he said that the blood sugar testing kits ranged in price from $50 to $100+, and that the strips cost from $.75 to a buck each.  That's $75 per 100!  This would last about one month!!!  Yikes!


I woke up this morning with a swollen left eye lid and surrounding, but it is not too bad.  This afternoon, I was experiencing some leg cramps.  The book, Power Protein by Dr. Michael Eakes, says that hives and cramps can be a sign of a lack of potassium, including tingling feet.


Day 7 - 12 December 2001:  Didn't walk a mile today, and, at about 10:30, I broke my 7 day fast, (about 5 hours short, or so).:  At about 10:30 I ate 3/4 cup of green beans, 1/2 cup of chicken breast, (no skin); 2 tsp. non-roasted, non-salted walnuts; three teaspoons cashews, roasted and salted; and 1 cup of stir-fry vegetables, with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper, 2 fish oil tablets, 3 vitamin C's.  Before I ate, my blood sugar was at 101.


13 December 2001:  At 12:30 A.M., I awoke with a blood sugar of 130!!!  Bill Guptill had told me that if he gets up in the middle of the night and eats protein, that his blood sugar actually goes down, so, to experiment, I ate 1 egg, 1 egg white, a sprinkle of Morton's Lite Salt (potassium), a teaspoon of cashews, and a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Shirley Clarke said that _______ said that 1 tsp of cinnamon a day was a diabetic cure-all!  I'll see....  Today, I eat some eggs, some turkey, some chicken, some nuts, some salad --- and check my blood sugar again.  Lord, God of Hosts, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank the Lord, I have been able to keep my blood sugar down to within acceptable to good limits. 


I saw the nutrition clinic today.  The lady showed me how to run my new machine for blood glucose sugar level.  She was very kind, but was stern with me when I told her I had fasted.  She told me that keytones were bad, that I shouldn't fast, that I should eat carbohydrates, that Dr. Atkins' diet was bad, that too many proteins were bad, that some sugar, white flour, diet pop was good.  She also stressed the importance of keeping a journal of exercise, eating, and blood sugar.  She gave me some diabetes education and material, and was a great encouragement.  I volunteered to take a series of 4 nutrition and dietitian classes, scheduled around my trip to Africa.  I hope that I can do good over there, with the excess of carbohydrates in beans and white rice, and the somewhat limited supply of protein and salad and vegetables.  Lord, please help me.  Thank You.  B.G. numbers:  132 @ 07:21, 121 @ 12:54, 161 @19:20, 152 @ 20:30 (8:30 P.M.)


The first of the marriage seminar began at Milaca, with Karen assisting.


14 December 2001:  Marriage seminar at Milaca.  Adirienne wept and repented to Brad.  The church put us up at a very nice Motel 8.  Great! B.G. numbers:  124, 155.


15 December 2001:  Ministered with Karen and, later, Joey and Michelle and family at Milaca. B.G. numbers: 157, 138.


Sunday, 16 December 2001:  Made myself some hamburger, and began fasting for the 18th.  B.G. numbers:  157, 138.


Monday, 17 December 2001:  Fasted the entire day, in preparation for the colonascopy.  B.G. numbers:  134, 115.


Tuesday, 18 December 2001:  Out under the stars, on the wheel chair ramp with Samson the poodle at 3 a.m. Up and away by 6:20 or so, the doctor and nursing personnel were very gracious, and babied me.  The procedure went quite well and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health, as to my lower intestinal tract.  I watched the whole thing on t.v.  Then, the starter went bad while we were shopping, and we got it fixed for $200.  Got a carpet for Karen.  Came home exhausted but washed the dog.  My B.G. numbers today were:  116, 115!


19 December 2001:  Wow!!!  6 weeks from today, I am scheduled to leave for Africa!  I do not have the money for tickets!  What should I do?  I believe that I am supposed to go.  I need a multiple entry visa to go into the Republique of Benin and Nigeria.  I need to have my ticket before I apply for the visa.  Father God, what should I do?  Your Word declares that no soldier goes to war at his own expense.  I need Your wisdom, Your leading, Your provision.  We are still paying on my last trip, as I took out a loan on Karen's car to finance the last trip.  Is that what You want me to do?  Borrow the money from my wife so I can do the work of the ministry?  Shouldn't I be Giving money to my wife so she can have money to live on when I go?  Father, please have mercy upon me in the doing of Your will.  Should I cancel my plans?  I am looking earnestly to You.  I refuse to go, if You do not provide for me.  That is, I refuse to go to war at my own expense, especially since this is Your war, Your business, Your Great Commission.  Help me Father.  This is a great opportunity, from my perspective.  But, if it is not a great idea from Your perspective, then I will not go.  Love,  From me, a boy named john......  Karen and I are to pick up Don Cady to go to Tom Martinson's funeral wake this evening in Cambridge.  I wish that Tom Martinson would not have died. 


I walked around the perimeter of the back 40 acres, equivalent to a mile, plus, nearly 2 miles altogether.  Went to the memorial service of Tom Martinson at River of Life in Cambridge, Minnesota.  Great!  Many cars there, many people.  The pastor is a sweet-heart, as well as everyone there.  Brother Don Cady, Karen, Joey and Michelle and family went.


I was so busy today, that I neglected to take my blood glucose.


20 December 2001:  A great day!  In the morning I had the whites of about 5 eggs, and the yoke of maybe one or two, along with some fried meat and about 1/4 of an onion.  The meat was fried in olive oil.  Had some nuts, (about 1/2 cup), some cheese ( about 1/4 cup).  For lunch, I had about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and some hamburger, about 1/2 cup.  For supper, I had about 1 cup of hamburger, mixed into a can of mushroom soup, with two canned tomatoes and a handful of black olives.  For a snack, I had about 1/2 cup of nuts.  I need to be eating more salads and vegetables, but I had nothing really fresh on hand.  My numbers at 10 A.M., pre-breakfast, were 108, and at  10:00 P.M. also 108.


For exercise, I swept and washed the kitchen floor, emptied about 15 bags of trash, hooked and unhooked the heavy trailer 5 or 6 times, carpeted Karen's sun room, helped Joey paint the dining room, got the Christmas tree and set it up, helped Karen carry the Christmas presents in out of the car and cleaned up the yard area, and took care of 3 dogs.  Whew!  I was one tired puppy at the end of the day. 


21 December 2001:  Awake a 4 A.M.  Today I am to see the dietitian.  I hope that she is not too hard on me.  My numbers haven't been too bad.  Saw the dietitian today, she is a sweet-heart.  Very kind and understanding.  I got to crying in her office, I'm not sure why, perhaps out of self pity, I don't know.  She talked about the importance of balance, and that I should have carbohydrates with each meal, about 70 grams, which would be equal to a glass of milk, a baked potato, a slice of bread, and something else.  I wish these health experts would make up their mind as to what constitutes a healthy meal.  Sugar Blues, Sugar Busters, and Power Protein all say to minimize carbs, maximize protein.  Yet the Cambridge medical team are all saying sugar and carbs are needed and desirable.  Whew!  What a jungle!  Lord, please help me find my way through.   Before midnight, I had just completed 2 miles of walking in the barn.  70 steps times 65 rounds equals more than two miles.  4550 steps.  One mile is equal to 2200 of my steps.  Then I did push ups, biceps curls, overhead lifting, etc.  The dietitian told me today, that I need to set as a goal to be able to walk 1 mile in 20 minutes.  O.K. I accept the challenge.  After my walk, my blood sugar glucose (B.G.) level was 92!!!  Wow!


Today, my eating was: 2 crackers with some kind of sugary topping, 3 hamburger patties and some










160+_____________________________ ____________________

150+___________________________________ ______________

140+________      _______________________________________

130+_X___________    __________________________________

120+__________ ________________ __ ____________________

110+___X X X________X_____  __________________________

100+__________   X X__________________________________



Saturday, 22 December 2001:  The morning began well, with my blood sugar at 92 at 1245 A.M.!  I had just completed 2 miles of walking in the barn.  70 steps times 65 rounds equals more than two miles.  4550 steps.  One mile is equal to 2200 of my steps.  The morning reading B.G. was 124 at 1125 A.M. and 13 hours later at 1247 A.M. was at 139, and this, after a Christmas party at which I nibbled cookies, candy, coffee, deer sausage meat, cheese, stew, milk, etc.  No walking today, except building two doors for the barn, hauling two couches up to the hay loft worship center. An hour nap, did the veggies, had the service, greeted the people, fellowshipped with the Guptills.  Cleaned the kitchen, did the dishwasher, etc.  I'm kinda tired. Had a lovely talk with Joshua on the phone from Portland.  Dawn Joy and Sir Timothy are planning to fly home the 5th to the 12th.  My feet were tingling tonight and seemed to be some numbness in the middle toes.  Hmmm - - -   Good night.


Average for this week in December 16-22:


157, 138; 134, 115; 116, 115; ; 108, 108; 116, 92!; 124, 139:


= 121.8


23 December 2001:  B.G.: 10:00 A.M. = 109  10:00 P.M. = 109


24 December 2001:  Christmas Eve Day! Dinner at Guptill's  Had an interesting time, as a party game, Bill took the blood glucose level of all of the adults, as we were finishing out the evening.  Joey's was something like 88.  Stacy's was some thing like 200, Michelle's was something like 272!!!  Later, she said that her milk for breast feeding the baby had just let down and may have given the high reading.  Mine was something like 170?  Mine for the day was 134 at 9:40 A.M., 172 at 8:30 P.M., and 150 at 2:50 A.M., five hours after eating.


25 December 2001:  Christmas Day!  B.G. levels: 116 at 10:00 A.M. before I ate, and 140 at 8:10 P.M. 2 hours after eating supper.


Wednesday, 26 December 2001:  B.G.:  155 @ 09:15 A.M. & 145 @ 10:37 P.M.


Thursday, 27 December 2001:  Exercised today 55 minutes,  I did not quite make  my goal of two 20 minute miles, but I did two 21 minute miles!  I reeeally had to hustle to make those, with almost a jog/walk.  Whew!  In addition, I did three sets of 7 curls, ditto over the head lifts, and two sets of push ups and parallel bar push ups, all with the red stools.  I have some concern that over these holidays, my B.G. levels have been too high.  I hope that I do not have to go to medicine, of whatever type.   Lord, please have mercy on me.  Since receiving the diagnosis of diabetes, my hunger has not been very great, I suppose partly due to a heavy protein diet, of which the nutritionist strongly disagrees.  B.G.: 161 @ 7:30 A.M. & 207!!! @ 1145 P.M.!!!  I was so shocked that I got out of bed and began vigorously exercising for almost an hour, walking, stair climbing, lifting, leg exercises, arm exercises, etc. I am on my last testing strips, so I did not test after the exercise, but at 7:40 the next morning, 8 hours later, I tested 134.  This is scary!!  I am certain that the sole reason for my elevated B.G. was the movie popcorn that I ate.  Whew!  Is that possible?  $500 came in from Doran.


Friday, 28 December 2001:  As I mentioned previously, at 7:40 this morning, 8 hours after I tested 207, then did about an hour of exercise, I tested 134!!!  Amazing!  1:30 A.M. tested 128 (18 hours after the 134).  $500 came in from Dr. Sally.


Saturday, 29 December 2001: Over 2 miles brisk walking in the barn.  B.G.: 128 as indicated above @1:30 A.M.; 150 @ 12:30 A.M. 30 minutes after this day was over.  Note that the above two readings took place 23 hours apart.  Over 100 came in the Saturday night love offering, for Nigeria.  That means that in the last 24 hours, over $1100.00  has come in for Nigeria.


Average for this week in December 23-29:


109, 109; 134, 172, 150; 116, 140; 155, 145;161, 207!; 134, 128; 150; = 143.5


Sunday, 30 December 2001: Over 2 miles brisk walking in the barn.  B.G.:  110 @ 1:40 P.M. and 140 @ 1045 P.M.


Monday, 31 December 2001: Over 2 miles brisk walking in the barn.  B.G.:  114 @ 9:33 A.M. and also 114 @ 8:00 P.M.  Had the yokes of maybe 1 or 2 eggs, the whites of about 4 eggs, and bacon for breakfast.  Robert Benedict called to say he was providing my way to Nigeria.


Tuesday,      1 January 2002:   118 @  8:25 A.M.  No exercise today, as I decided to take the day off of exercise.  Ma~nana baby!  I ate the whites of 5 eggs, and the yokes of about 2.  Sausage and bacon.  No juice, no toast, no oatmeal, no sweets, no carbs.  In the evening, I had about 1/2 cup of whole grain natural brown rice, and some cottage cheese and some salad, a tiny nibble of macaroni, bread, cake and pie.  No candy, no coffee, no pop or juice.  Joshua called to say that he has been asked to sing in front of about 1,000,000 people in Nigeria!!!


Wednesday, 2 January 2002:   163 @  3:31 A.M.  Walked over 2 miles today at noon.  The second mile was within 20 minutes, or very close.   This makes about the 4th mile I have been able to do within the goal that the nutritionist assigned me, within the last 2 weeks.  This morning at 10 A.M. or so, I had the whites of 5 eggs and the yokes of maybe one or two, along with about 1 cup full of deer steak, plus two or three handsful of mostly raw and unsalted sunflower seeds.  I try to make it a policy to not eat at least one hour before or after exercise, for maximum benefit, as per Protein Power, by Dr.'s Eades.  Evening, 1/2 half head of cabbage, 1/2 cup frozen green beans, 12 cup fresh green beans, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese.


Thursday,    3 January 2002:   1 @  : A.M.  Up at 5:30 toilet, bucket exercises where I do arm curls, biceps, triceps, etc.  Weight 311 by our red letter battery scales.  It is utterly amazing to me how I maintain my weight, in spite of my 2 miles a day of strenuous walking, and in spite of my diet of protein and vegetables.   It must be the nuts....  I am to see the doctor today, an internist.  This will be the first ‘real' diabetes doctor that I have seen since my diagnosis of diabetes on December 6, almost 1 month ago!!!  I have seen a proctologist, an eye doctor, a nutritionist, a dietitian, and a health care "almost doctor" practitioner.  This man is an internist real doctor.  I hope that he is teachable, receptive to an eclectic method of study, and not locked in to the "vested interest party line" connection that seems to exist between the oil and aluminum and food and sugar industries that so heavily invest in and support medical and drug research, education and medicine.  It seems to me that any health care practitioner should ask himself or herself the question, or at least, ask science the question, "What is ‘healthy?' "  I believe that each one of the health "experts" should ask that question of iridology, chiropractic, herbology, accupressure, acupuncture, fasting experts, etc., nutrition, and of those who know something about the study of hair analysis, urinanalisys, spit-analysis, etc.  I believe that any field of endeavor should not be myopic tunnel vision, but should be eclectic, that is, to examine and study and be open to truth wherever it is found.  May God have mercy upon us all. For example, right now, with regard to my "treatment".  I have been trying for many many years to discover what is healthy, how to be healthy.  I am intrigued by a whole universe of information that agrees that white flour, white sugar, white salt, white rice, and white potatoes are not good for a person, that coffee, caffeine, chocolate is not good for a person.


I am fascinated at the extreme difference of opinion concerning the pro's and con's of protein vs. carbohydrates.   One school of thought says that a diet high in protein and salad and vegetables and practically zero carbohydrates is necessary, recommended, and healthy for the overweight individual.  This information is to be found in books like:  Sugar Blues, Sugar Busters, Protein Power, (written by doctors) and The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, (written by doctors).  But my doctors and nutrition ‘experts' emphatically insist that 70 grams of carbohydrates at EVERY meal is recommended!!!


The ant-carb mentality is that carbs turn to sugar which turns to fat, all of which raises the blood sugar levels; but that proteins turn into glucagon that turns fat into energy and passes out the system, assisting in the control and lowering of blood glucose levels. 


Whew!!!  What an amazing maze - a jungle of confusion.  Lord, please give me wisdom.  Amen.



Wow!  Is Dr. Joseph Howard ever precious!!!  He is knowledgeable, humble, open, and in spite of his busy schedule, he spent nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes with Karen and me.    He ordered a urine lab test and some more blood work.   The time really went well.  He wants to see me back after I get back from Nigeria, on April 5th, I think, at 10 A.M.  He anticipates that I will not have a problem in Nigeria.  He really liked my low B.G. numbers, and said that he, at this point, believes that I can maintain without medicine, although he is looking at good kidney function and, perhaps a medicine to get my triglicerides down.  He said that he did not know which side of the protein vs. carb fight was right, but he is not opposed to my program if the weight loss, the B.G. levels, the triglicerides and the other numbers stay within normal range.  I was shocked when he did not come out negatively against the protein thing, etc.  But he was relaxed in admitting that we are still finding out about nutrition and diabetes yet and that there are many mysteries, still.


B.G. levels today were: 125 @ 8:30 A.M., (upon rising), 110 @ 1:45 P.M., still after not eating since the night before., 116 @ 8 P.M. after walking about a mile and 1/2.   I walked over 2 miles today, including 1 mile in just under 20 minutes time.


Friday,        4 January 2002:   124 @  11:30 P.M.  Busy running all day, had 4 boiled eggs for breakfast without the yokes.  About 3/4 cup of cashews,  For noon lunch, had large salad, baked chicken at Bethany.  For afternoon snack had small salad with vinegar and oil.  For supper, had about a cup of Nigeria style beans with a touch of corn, black tea, handful of cashews, and two jr burgers without one side of the bun to keep the carbs and calories down.  Exercise in and out, up and down walking here and there all day, some resistance and weight work this morning.  I was so happy about the 124 BG as I had had beans, etc.  I think I'll celebrate with a few nuts and go to bed.  Karen got called in to work tonight.   It was a good day, with another $500 came in for the ministry trip to Nigeria, or propane at home, which ever, from Gutcheez.  Ron Greene also gave $200.


Saturday,    5 January 2002:   116 @  4:00 P.M., after 2 hours, after 6 eggs (only 2 or 3 yokes), deer meat, musroooms and milk.  Wow.  Walked 2 miles in the barn.


Sunday,       6 January 2002:   125 @  1:23 A.M., and this, after eating too much, and the wrong kind of stuff.  I did not walk or exercise today, Tim and a whole lot of company.  I started the day with 6 eggs, of which I ate 3 yokes or so, 7 or more pieces of sausage 3 stips of bacon and nothing else.  In the afternoon I ate large plates of salad, turkey, and vegetables, and later, some rice, more turkey, nuts, a lttle chocolate milk.  I expected my numbers to go through the ceiling, but, after a 3 hour nap, at 130 in the morning on Monday, they came out at 125 when I expected them to be 160 plus!!!  Bill Guptill told me that his numbers were 4++ yesterday!!!   Wow!!!  Lord, please keep Bill Guptill within normal range.


Average for this week, December 30 - January 5 :


110, 140; 114, 114; 118; 163, 139, 110; 125, 110, 116; 124; 116:

= 123.0


Average for weeks Dec.16-22; 23-29; & 12/30/01 to 1/5/02 = 129.4

 {mospagebreaktitle= FAST May/June 2001}

FAST: May/June 2001


Day 1:  April 30, 2001:


Hello Precious Lord God Papa Yahweh:

          Lovely Life of mine, Yahshua:

          Blessed Ruach HaKodesh:


This is me, John Roy Bohlen, SS # 483-42-1390, living here at 9473 Co. Rd. D, Webster, WI  54893, USA, Western Hemisphere, World, Solar System, Arm of Orion, Milky Way Galaxy, God's This Universe, Loving Heart of YAHWEH.


Well, here we are again, in the Spring of the Year, this 2001, strongly desiring to "take it off, and keep it off"!!!


Here are some of the vitals:  140 plus kilos, that's 332 lbs by the Webster clinic scales as of one week ago, and 336 last night, by our own electric scales.  Edema, (swelling of the feet, lower legs, and ankles), slight difficulty climbing stairs and getting out of chairs, ill fitting clothes, pot belly, over eating, etc.  I experience self-disgust at my overwght, my insatiable appetite. My blood-pressure was dangerously high, at: 158 over 108, when Pat, Hulda's head nurse took it the other day, April 26.


Please note this following from my journal, less than 2 months prior to my trip to Africa, and less than 5 months prior to this present journal entry.  Note that my wght is the same, through out that 5 months.


"4:30 A.M., December 2, 2000


wght = 336


Joshua encouraged me to lose wght for the up-coming Nigeria trip in 8 weeks.  I told him that was confirmation.  We had just eaten at John Gerstmann's home, venison stew, cheese, and dessert.  I had not eaten all day, so I was really hungry and weak, so I ate a lot.  Later, with really low slung seats, I asked Joshua to help me up out of the chair.  Perhaps he was embarrassed.


Have eaten or drunk nothing since then, before 10 p.m. last night."


Today is April 30, the last day of April.  My hope is to fast, drinking or eating water only, for 40 days, which would take me until 12:01 A.M. Saturday, June 9th.  Father God, Precious Son, Beloved Holy Spirit:  Please enable me to do this, according to Your Perfect Will., Amen.


Day 1:  April 30, 2001: Phlegm is light.  Weakness, tired from Hulda, falling asleep, made it through, at least until now, at 7:38 p.m., having started at midnight, almost 20 hours ago, not hungry at all, all day.


Day 2:  May 1, 2001: (D.V.):   I got into this fast real fast!  I woke with chalky taste, saliva in my mouth, white tongue, no hunger, not much weakness.


Day 3:  May 2, 2001: (D.V.):  2 A.M. I have completed 2 whole days!!!  No hunger, not much weakness, practically ran up the steps, noticeably lighter on my feet, can bend easier.  I have lost an honest 10 pounds in these 50 hours, although I realize that almost all of this loss is water).  There is no noticeable reduction in the edema swelling in my feet.  Total of two glasses of water in 2 days, but the thirst for water is increasing, and I am drinking more.  Karen is understandably reluctant for me to do this fast, because of the fasting symptoms, but I reminded her of the benefits, viz., lower blood pressure, wght loss, temptation to be short tempered, etc. : On April 26, my blood-pressure was dangerously high, at: 158 over 108, when Pat, Hulda's head nurse took it the other day.  Today, she took it again it was 144 over 108, surprisingly high, after 2 1/2 days fasting.


Father God, please keep helping me.  Karen is experiencing some serious upper left hand back pain, just below and to the left of the left scapula.  Praying and pain killer is being used.  She saw Dr. Huset today, but is still hurting, # 8 out of 10 on the pain scale, 10 being the worst.


Prayer Journal:


Father God, Papa Yahweh, Blessed Ruach HaKodesh, Precious Yahshua:  Greetings:  I praise You Dear Lord God Almighty, that You love me, and that You have not struck me dead. 


Once more, I give to You my whole life, my times, my future, my present, my past, my all, everything that I am, everything that I ever will be or hope to be, everything that I have or ever will have or hope to have.  I give to You my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations, my ambitions, my propensities, my druthers, my prophecies, my wishes, my inclinations, my plans, my anticipations. 


Father God, I am dismayed at my own seeming lack of spiritual progress, attainment, fruitfulness, accomplishment.  I do not want to complain, to speak anything negative, to murmur, to express unbelief.  But Abraham looked at the deadness of Sarah's womb, and had faith anyway.  I intend, during, and at the end of this, to have faith, great faith, and to use this prayer to actually, hopefully eliminate the need or inclination to be bitter or resentful towards You.  Here are some of the problems, about which I am greatly dismayed:


Our fence line bill of $1250, owed to the neighbors.

Our bill of $1000 to Headland Gas.

Our other bills of $3,000.

Our lack of "progress" in "ministry":

        The need for more printings:

                How To Rule The World

                The Cult Of Cannibals

                The King's Greatest Secret!

                The Book of Poetry

                Dancing On The Water

                The Perfect Church

                How To Always Get What You Want!!!

The 100 trees that fell through

Not having a tractor

Not having a truck that works

Joshua not having a car or truck

Joey and Michelle's not having their log house

Joey and Michelle's college bills and other bills

Kari's bills

The siding of the barn.

The building of a dining hall, shower facility,  including        men's and ladies' bathrooms, 2 septic, two new wells.

My gluttony, obesity, overwght, lack of control, over-eating

My lack of power, and answers to prayer:

Karen's slowness to have been relieved of her back pain, skin     problems,

My past inability to heal the lame, the halt, the blind, the sick, those in pain, etc.


Father God, I open my heart for Your closest scrutiny, examination, testing.  Search me, Oh God, and know my heart.  Try me Oh Savior, and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in Thy way, everlasting.  Oh, Please help me, Daddy Yahweh.   Please come to my soon and certain aid.  Please give me answer.  Please pay my bills, give me more than adequate finances.


It seems that the secret to getting what I want is at least 3-fold:


1.  Delight myself in Yahweh (and get the desires of my heart).

2.  Seek 1st the K.O.G. & His righteousness - all will be added.

3.  Fulfill the Great Commission - He will be with me always.


Day 4:  May 3, 2001Going well, much phlegm, but taste not so bad, not too much weakness.  Yesterday, Pat took my blood pressure, still 140+ over 108, still "alarmingly high".  With Hulda all day yesterday, then till late, Joshua took over, then back at 4 A.M.  till Annie came at 9 or so, then worked outside until after 2 P.M.  Weighed today at 2:30 P.M. = 321 lbs., a loss of 15 lbs in 3 1/2 days.  The edema is gone from my right foot, and mostly from left foot.


Day 5:  May 4, 2001Going well, weakness not too great, phlegm manageable, hunger - zero, taste - o.k., drinking adequate amounts of water is a challenge.  Encouragement from unexpected source, in the form of Mahesh Chavda, a man from India, who accepted Christ and is a mighty man of God.  I met him about 14 years ago at a meeting of New Testament type leaders, where Hertzog, Rodman, Larry Christiansen, Fultenhauer, etc., were present.  He has been fasting like crazy for many years.  Here is a quote from his book, The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting.  Page 11, says:


"In 1974, I was pastoring a church in Levelland, Texas, when the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Go on a 40 day fast.'  I went on a 40-day fast, and I found grace most of the time.  The following year, I again conducted a 40-day fast, along with several 14-day and 21 day fasts.  I married Bonnie in 1976, and it was that year that the Lord told me, "Now go on two 40-day fasts."  For several years after that, I observed two 40-day fasts per year and a minimum of two 21-day fasts.

        In 1977, I again felt led to observe two 40-day fasts, and I would add a few more fasts of differing lengths as the Spirit led.  I followed this pattern of conducting  two 40-day fasts every year after that through 1988, with additional fasts of shorter duration, as I was led.  In 1989, I was led to conduct only one 40-day fast.  Altogether, I was led by the Spirit to conduct observe 29 separate 40-day fasts.  For the first 19, I limited my intake to water only.  After that, the Lord allowed me to drink juices.  My wife says that, overall, I fasted an average of 120 days per year during that foundational period in my life and ministry."


Day 6:  May 5, 2001: (D.V.):  O.K., Some stress and fatigue, but also partly due to care of Hulda.  60 to 90 hours per week for each of us, is required for Hulda's care.  Weighed at 315, a loss of 21 lbs.


Day 7:  May 6, 2001: (D.V.):  Sunday, today, Everything o.k., until after communion, (I baked the bread).   I had worked in the kitchen, washing dishes, etc., after church, an almost overwhelming desire for  FOLOLOLOLOLOD!!!!!!! hit me verrry strongly.  I thought about how good goulish goulash, sumptuous salad, and peanut butter, etc., would taste, but I knew that if I began eating, that there would be a flood-torrent of hunger and binge eating.  I talked to Joshua about it, and Tamara, and Karen, but, then, I decided to wait for a few minutes, and the stroooong temptation subsided.  Watched Music Man with the family.  Thank You Lord, for helping me stay on the fast, at least for now.


But, it leaves me with the question: what am I going to do when the horrible screaming craving appetite for fooooooood hits me - - what can I do to control  myself?????????????????????


One key, is to eat only "healthy" and  "fat-free foods" like protein, fruit, juice, vegetables, herb tea, water, etc.?


My suggestion list of "what to do when hungry"?  I never did follow it. 


Day 8:  May 7, 2001: (D.V.):  Going o.k.  Yard work, weigh 310, a loss of about 25 pounds, that's half a bag of sunflower seeds, in 7 &1/2 days!


Day 9:  May 8, 2001: (D.V.):  This morning the Lord revealed to me that there is a solution to this business of having faith, as faith is something that has been difficult to come by in the sense of not doubting in my heart, but believing that that which I say will come to pass, etc.  The solution is the King's Greatest Secret!, and Galatians 2:20, which says that it is not me who is the one to have faith, but Christ, Who is my Life.  For "I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, (or is the one responsible to have faith), but Christ Who lives in me, for the Life I live, I live by the faith of the One Who loves me and Who died for me."


Gal 2:20  "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me."  (NAS)


Gal 2:20  "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me."  (NIV)


Gal 2:20  "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me: and that (Life) which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, (the faith) which is in the Son of God, Who loved me, and gave Himself up for me."  (ASV)


Gal 2:20  "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the Life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, Who loved me, and gave Himself for me."  (KJV)


Therefore, it is the risen Glorified Christ Yahshua Who is the One That is responsible to have faith.  Christ in me, has great faith, all faith, Who is the Author and Finisher of my faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amen.


Went for a walk in the woods, good time.  Worked in the yard until exhausted.  Dawn Joy is on the second day of a fast!  She intends to go 40 days!  She is excited and greatly encouraged about my simultaneous fast, as I am about hers.  During the night, I dreamed that I was just sinking my teeth into a luscious sweet tasting juicy Wendy's hamburger with potato chips sandwiched in the burger.  I could even taste and smell it!  Then I woke up, with the taste of fasting saliva in my mouth, instead!!!   I smiled.  I smile now.  Dreams about food and about having broken the fast on food prematurely are common during a fast.  Then there is the pleasure of awaking to discover that one has not broken the fast.


Day 10:  May 9, 2001: (D.V.):  O.K. today, Feel good.  Made it through 10 days!!!  (1/4th of 40 days)!!!


Day 11:  May 10, 2001: (D.V.):  Thursday:  Early a.m., tired.  Been drinking water.  Carla Reed over today, had a great time talking.  The 12 apple trees around the yard have exploded into living color, as with the plum trees, the dogwood, the roses, and tulips, bluebells, daffodils, etc.  Wow!  The 4 bird feeders, 2 humming bird feeder, an oriole feeder, the squirrel feeder, they all are quite busy, and the home is surrounded by birdsong.


Am reading Alan Cott's book, Fasting: The Ultimate Diet.  Good. :


Day 12:  May 11, 2001: (D.V.):  Friday: Blood-pressure:

        On April 26 was dangerously high, at: 158/108. 

        On May 11:        it was                       144/108. 

        Today:                                                140/90.


Day 13:  May 12, 2001: (D.V.):  Saturday:  Tom and Dick Rundle came up to do heavy tractor work, but broke a hose and had to leave early.   For some reason, I have very little motivation or energy for outside work, including garden work, in spite of the fact that our outside TTD = "things to do" list is very intense and long.  It seems so overwhelming.  It seems like we go outside and work, and by the end of the day, the ttd list is much longer than when we began.  So, at times it seems like we are on a tred-mill going backwards, in terms of the things we need to do, and the things that God seems to have set before us.  But, the Lord keeps reminding me that labour for Him, in things mundane, is holy, holy work: cleaning the place, dishes, care of Hulda, - holy work, and every bit as important as anything  that Benny Hinn or Billy Graham does.  But, during this fast, although there is work being done, I keep wanting to go to bed and sleep and hibernate, incubate, etc.  An effort is required to keep my shoulders back, and hold my head up, although I do it, at times.  It is easier to slump my shoulders, slump over, hang my head, and go to bed.  It takes an effort of my will, to talk, to sing, to dance, to walk, to clap, to smile, to converse, to be with people.  I would rather just hide, and incubate.


Day 14:  May 1, 2001: (D.V.):  Sunday:  1/3 of the way through!!!  That is, if I succeed in going the whole 40 days.


Day 15:  May 14, 2001: (D.V.):  Monday:  o.k., Same-o. Trip to town, errands,  Library, no card.  Hulda.  Today, Elijah left for Tennessee, but, I discovered that Sister Bankole and the children are lacking food.  Suzie and Tom Belcher are coming to their aid, from the Church of Acts food shelf, as is Ruth Pound and Brian and Lady Fodstad.  Judy Dodge also called and gave an up-date on the family, requesting prayer.


Day 16:  May 15, 2001: Tuesday:  Awake through the night with my friend, Hulda, through the day, too.  Weighed myself at 295 or 296.   This means that I have lost a total of 40 lbs.!!!  This is a real milestone, both in the sense that I have broken the 300 barrier, and in the 40 even numbered poundage. 

ATTENTION:  Do not read this following if you have a weak stomach, as I am going to discuss an unpleasant aspect of fasting.  As usual, the most difficult part of fasting is the phlegm.  Gagging, throat clearing, nose blowing, snot and mucus producing, can't swallow it, can't cough it up, like a noodle or noodles going down your throat that can't be swallowed or brought back up.  The gag reflex sets in and sometimes kicks into a dry heave vomiting situation where the saliva runs steady and over much.  Sometimes makes me shudder, eyes water, shake my head, and wrinkle up my nose.  Amazingly, this condition continues almost a week into the breaking of a fast.  When I break a long fast, every morsel of food, no matter how dry or sour, produces a condition of syrup, with copious flows of saliva and mucus.  I am given to understand that all of this is an effort on the part of the body to cleanse and rid itself of impurities, that would otherwise, if not eliminated, can cause skin eruptions, arthritis, cholesterol, etc., and, eventually, more serious stuff.


I had a great phone talk with Pastor Shava from Luck Assembly today at noon.  He is a good man.


Day 17:  May 16, 2001: (D.V.):  Wednesday:  Wrote an article on "head covering", called "Run For Cover!".  Storm last night.  Joshua and Joseph home from two days painting down in the city.  I suppose that they brought Peter home.  I awoke at 1 A.M. fresh.  The stars are out bright.  Even though I have lost 40 pounds, it does not really seem to lower my clothes size that much.  A 3 -X shirt still does not fit me very well.  My largest size pants, probably a 61", is comfortable, and not too large for me.  Isn't that amazing?!  This seems to be an indication to me that much of this wght is water.  I have, as usual, found it difficult to drink water, and am probably drinking less, so far, than on any previous 40 day fast.  So, I force myself to drink water.  This is one thing that I disagree with Dr. Shelton about, as he recommends that the body should determine if and what amounts to drink.  If I did that, I would almost never drink water, so I have always had to force myself to drink water.  My sense of smell is always much more sensitive, in that perfume, cooking, and other smells, are slightly nauseating to me.  For example, several times when I started to enter my Karen's bedroom, the smell of perfume, powder, scented candles, etc., is nauseating to me, and I will turn around and go somewhere else.  We normally lay and play together in her room, but I usually sleep in my office bedroom, because I snore quite loudly, and, when I fast, have an unpleasant fasting breath.  Even when I am not fasting, I enjoy onions and garlic, not only because they taste good to me, but because I believe that they are very healthy.  Another reason is that my night hours are very valuable to me, and I love to wake up in the presence of the Lord, with a song in my mind, and love to go to the computer for poetry, song writing, book writing, letter writing, article writing, or to spend the time reading, or even praying. And, sometimes, I like to play Solitaire!!!  Sometimes, I enjoy looking at the stars or the northern lights.  Father God, Papa Yahweh - I love You!  In spite of the fact that we do not normally sleep together, our love life is glorious!


The lilacs signal the onset of morel mushroom season, and so, Joshua and I want to go "shrooming" as a spring annual ritual.  Fishing season is also open, and I would like for everyone to get their "fill" of fishing.  Annie went fishing on Monday, and caught 8 fish, including 2 northerns, and she cleaned them and brought them over because she wants me and us to have them as a gift to eat after I am eating again.  She is a nurse to Hulda, and has become a very dear friend to us!!!  That was a real sacrifice that she made, catching and cleaning all of those fish.  She scaled the northerns, froze all the fish and brought them to us as a gift!  Thank you, Beloved Saint Annie.


Day 18:  May 17, 2001: (D.V.):  Thursday:  Went "shrooming with Joshua, waded over our knees to get to the site, rushing flood waters in the river nearby, walked and waded for an hour to find the mushroom area caked with mud.  After a few passes, we trekked back, during which, tired, took a nap on a log in the sun, went to a few sales, and came home.  Even though it was exhausting, and though we came up empty, it was well worth while. Being with Joshua is like being with a really fun and talk-withable Yahshua Jesus.


Day 19:  May 18, 2001: (D.V.):  Friday: A good day.  I mowed the lawn, a few odd jobs, wrote Ginny Johnson, and to Mahesh Chavda, finished his book, Prayer and Fasting.  Wrote to Jim Wold about Hulda.  I'm continuing to read other fasting books, The Ultimate Diet, by Dr. Alan Cott, and a beautifully bound book, Fasting For Health, by Benarr Macfadden.  Even though the copyright is 1935, it is amazing how up-to-date and pertinent his information is, since he personally supervised thousands of fasts, by the time he wrote this book.   Why would it be up to date?  Because man's body has not changed, and fasting still acts the same way, and produces the same results.  Lots of phlegm - force feeding water, un-pleasant taste, want to lay down, etc., but doing o.k. and forging ahead valiantly.  Yesterday, I found out that Dawn Joy dropped out, but she is trying really hard, and may join me on Monday.  We'll see. 


Day 20:  May 19, 2001: (D.V.):  Saturday:  Half way point!!!  O.K.  Everyone went to the ‘Mother & Daughter" luncheon today, Joshua was in Milaca with Peter and Jack, but plans to be home for the Saturday night meeting.  Ed Bixby came up to pray in our back 40, pitched a tent.  Chey stayed home with me.  I spent part time in our room, and was glad when the gang came home.  On this fast, I seem to want to be more lazy, sleep, lay down, hibernate.  Communion bread I made, and had communion.


Day 21:  May 20, 2001: (D.V.):  Sunday:  Good meeting. Stayed with Ed until he went home early afternoon.  It was a good time with him.  Weighed at 294, a loss of 40 pounds, but under the big 300.  When I lose 50 lbs., I plan to celebrate by buying a 50 pound bag of bird seed, and putting it beneath my feet, underneath the desk, while I work, as a reminder that that 50 pounds is under my feet!!!  On April 26, My blood-pressure was dangerously high, at: 158 over 108, when Pat, Hulda's head nurse took it the other day.  Now,


Day 22:  May 21, 2001: (D.V.):  Monday:  Set the alarm, up early, took a shower and went to Webster Elementary to teach school for the 5th grade.  Uneventful, it is hard to force myself to drink water.  Talked with Karen while she watched "Millionaire", and another game show.  We talked over an hour.  Well, praise God, another day, and now I begin the 23rd day, which means that I only have 18 days to go!!!  A little over 2 & 1/2 weeks!!! Papa Yahweh, Blessed Holy Spirit, Christ - Creator King of Everything, please help me!!!  Amen. 


Finished the letter to Jim and siblings, ready to send, by God's grace, tomorrow.  Yesterday found two morel mushrooms by the satellite dish, showed Joshua and Karen today.


Day 23:  May 22, 2001: (D.V.):  Tuesday: 18 left to go.  Found some more mushrooms in the back yard.


Day 24:  May 23, 2001: (D.V.):  Wednesday:  17 days to go!  Peter and Joshua left.  Prayer the last several days in the barn.  Cleaned out the garage.  Burned the garbage.  Joey and Joshua worked putting in the shower for them.


Day 25:  May 24, 2001: (D.V.):  Thursday: 16 days to go!  Care of Hulda.  Joshua still gone.  Phlegm.


Day 26:  May 25: (D.V.):  Friday:  2/3rds of the way - 15 days to go!  Taught school today, 5th grade again for Ms. Gibbs.  Everything o.k.  Went for a little ride with Karen.  Fun.  Unless I go farther, I plan to break my fast two weeks from tonight, at midnight. Blood pressure report:

        April 26: 158/108. 

        May    2: 144/108. 

        May  11: 140/90

        Today:    140/78


Day 27:  May 26, 2001: (D.V.):  Saturday: 14 days to go!   Loan at bank, home to Hulda, Karen got called in at 1:30 a.m., and is still there as of 11 a.m.  Zechariah got his arm pulled out of joint last night, but it is better now.  Annie expressing compassionate concern over my fast, but I promised her that I would not hurt myself.  Kari coming up today.


Day 28:  May 27, 2001: (D.V.):  Sunday: 13 days to go!  Going o.k.  Wanted to take communion, but. . .  Gutches were here.  Church o.k.  Stacy depressed.  At church meeting we talked about, "It's not about you!", seeing what a nasty thing selfishness is.  Seeing what a wonderful thing unselfishness and humble service to Christ and to others in Yahshua's Name is.  Wore size 19 shirt, pin stripe suit, that I haven't been able to wear since last year, lots of compliments.


Day 29:  May 28, 2001: (D.V.):  Monday, Memorial Day: 12 days to go! Elsie planning to be here.  She arrived about 5 p.m.  These days have been a little difficult, with the fast.  Lethargy, phlegm, hibernation mode, weakness, slight dizziness.  At all times, it seems my mouth is filled with foamy Karo syrup kind of taste and consistency, so I am spitting, mouth waters with a copious supply of this syrup foam.  Symptoms of a slight cold.   But, Papa Yahweh God has been giving me grace to deal with it, moment by moment.  Much of the time my nose is wrinkled up with the distaste and unpleasantness of the taste and texture in my mouth.  My belly is still large, though 50 pounds lighter than I have been.  I am reading a lot about nutrition, body stewardship, proper eating, calories, etc.  In addition to my "things to do when hungry" list, I am adding, "eat filling, but lower calorie food, like fruits and vegetables.  For example, there are only about 70 to 100 calories in one whole head of lettuce or cabbage.  1 calorie in a radish.  There are 70 to 90 calories in an egg, but zero calories in the white of an egg.  But there are about 500 calories in a big Mac hamburger.  I am reading about Kari's "Prism" plan.  Some good common sense stuff, although I do not like the part about self control and discipline.   J  Mowed the lawn today in preparation for Elsie coming. 


Day 30:  May 29, 2001: (D.V.):  Tuesday: 11 days to go!  Lord, please keep helping me.  Taught school - 6th grade, Ms. Gibbs.  Squirrely.  Came home and slept until 7 something.


Day 31:  May 30, 2001: (D.V.):  Wednesday:  3/4 ths of the way!  10 days to go!  Phlegm, sugary foam saliva, taste, wanna lay down.  Changed oil at co-op.  Mowed some. Blood pressure report:

        April 26: 158/108. 

        May    2: 144/108. 

        May  11: 140/90

        May  26: 140/78

        Today  :  118/80

Wght: 279!  A loss of 55 pounds!  God, please give me grace to keep it off.  I found out that Joshua is now fasting with me to encourage me. 


Day 32:  May 31, 2001: (D.V.):  Thursday: 9 days to go!  Slept on the couch the last 2 nights to care for Hulda.  Talked with Janet Christiansen for some time, about Josiah and Tamara, as they plan to meet Scott tomorrow, and wanted to know where.


Day 33:  June  1, 2001: (D.V.):  Friday: 8 days to go!  I'm reading in Dr. Shelton's book, Fasting Can Save Your Life, in which he describes how to break a fast.  On page 70, he says, "It is possible to break a fast with any food available.  Either whole fruits or whole vegetables may be used."  He goes on to warn repeatedly against over-eating.  Here is how he prescribes the breaking of a long fast:

The first day:  4 oz. whole orange, weighed without peel, every 2 hours, from 8 a.m., to 6 p.m.

The second day:  8 oz any fruit, every 2 hours.

The third day:  breakfast: 12 oz orange or melon. 

        Noon:  3 oranges or tomatoes  Eve:  any fruit amt 4 orng

The fourth day:  A.M.: fruit  Noon:  salad plain.  1 cooked veg.    Eve.:  Fruit

The fifth day:  A.M.: fruit.  Noon:  2 cooked green veg's and a     protein.  Eve.:  Any fruit, plus cottage cheese (sour milk).

The sixth day:  Same as above.

The seventh day and beyond:  Resume "normal" eating.


I have also become impressed with the value of keeping a food journal or food diary.  So, for a while, at least, I will be keeping a journal or diary of the food I eat.


   Time of Day      Food eaten       Amount of Food


 (I get to break my fast one week from tonight!!!  Unless I decide to go further.)  Continued resting, reading, had a nice chat with Shelly Pifer, her husband's name is Chuck.  They invited me and us to come minister to them, sometime this month.  They will get back to us.  Nice time with Karen last night.  Nice chat with her today, then with Joshua.  I have picked up this chest congestion somewhere.  I have been coughing up quite a bit of light green-gray phlegm.


Day 34:  June  2: (D.V.):  Saturday: 7 days to go!  Early a.m.  I hope to make it through this week!!!  Lord God Papa Yahweh, pleeeeeeeeeeease help me.  Joshua is taking care of Hulda tonight.  I'm gonna sign off for tonight.  I love You Papa Yahweh!!!!!


Day 35:  June  3, 2001: (D.V.):  Sunday: 6 days to go!  Early Sunday 3:10 A.M.  Slightly rough day, caring for Hulda, mostly.  Went with Karen earlier in the day rummage sailing.  Good stuff!  J

Communion with Joshua.  Wrote a letter of appreciation to Verdean Edward and Faye Olson.  They are planning to come with us to church in our barn tomorrow.  Fun!!


Still fighting phlegm, foamy sweet metalic syrupy saliva, drained feelings, but I hope to make it through this week.


Day 36:  June  4, 2001: (D.V.):  Monday: 5 days to go!  8:45 A.M. Grantsburg Clinic for a complete physical check-up! Check up all o.k., heart, lungs, breathing, ears, blood pressure - 120/80.  Wght, partially clothed, was 275.  Tests proved me perfect, but dehydrated.


Day 37:  June  5, 2001: (D.V.):  Tuesday: 4 days to go!  Went o.k.  Visited Don Cady.  Matthew gave us a 90 pick-up.  Hardly drank any water.  Plans all came together today for a week long trip to North Dakota!


Day 38:  June  6, 2001: (D.V.):  Wednesday, Go to Pastor Linus's.  3 days to go!  (unless I go longer.) 


Day 39:  June 7, 2001: (D.V.):   Thursday:  Pastor Linus, television appearance.  2 days to go!  (unless I go longer.)


Day 40:  June 8, 2001: (D.V.):  Friday: 1 day to go!  (unless I go longer.)

Day 41: June 9th, 2001: (D.V.):  Saturday: Fast Terminated 12:01 A.M., Weighed at 272, a loss of  60 plus pounds, probably the least wght lost on any of the 40 day fasts, but this is due to the fact that I was less active than on any of them.  On my first 40 day fast, I lost about 58 pounds, but that was to 157, down from 215,  the second fast down to  163, down from 230, a loss of about 67 pounds.


Wght 1964  when  married, 185/age 25.  (All muscle!)  In 7 years, in

Spring ‘71?= pre-fast wght: 215/age 31/End 40 fast: 157.Loss of 58 lbs

In early‘79 = pre-fast wght: 230/age 39/End 40 fast: 163.Loss of 67 lbs

May, 1997 = pre-fast wght: 338/age 57/End 40 fast: 256.Loss of 82 lbs

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast wght: 340/age 58/End 40 fast: 265.Loss of 75 lbs

May, 1999 = pre-fast wght: 336/age 59/End 40 fast: 272.Loss of 64 lbs

April 2000 = pre-fast wght: 344/age 60/End 40 fast: 269.Loss of 75 lbs

Oct.   2000 = 5 1/2 months after Spring fast = 322 (+1)  Gain of 53 lbs

Apr 30  ‘01 = pre-fast wght 336/age 61/End of 40 fast: 272/Loss 60+lbs

June 20,'01 = in just 12 days, a gain of  30 lbs. Almost 3 lbs. per day!!!


(Goal): The first day:  4 oz. (3/4ths) whole orange, weighed without peel, every 2 hours, from 8 a.m., to 6 p.m.


I broke this fast this a.m. at 8, with communion with Karen, Joshua, St. Annie, Zechariah, Zoe, Eleeshua, and Shekinah.  Then Joshua and I broke our fasts with 4 oz of orange.


     Time of Day     Food eaten     Amount of Food     Est. Calories

08 a.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

                             1 lemon, juice only, in water           20

10 a.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

                             1 lemon, juice only, in water           20

12 p.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

02 p.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

                             1 lemon, juice only, in water           20

04 p.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

                             1 lemon, juice only, in water           20

06 p.m.                 4 0z. orange          3/4th orange           50

Total                    4 1/2 oranges  4 lemon juice (60)   380    


In addition to the above, I helped myself to:


4 tablespoons of potato salad ------------------------  180

1 small thumb-size piece of hamburger ------------   20 

3 potato chips ------------------------------------------    10

1 slice of pickle ----------------------------------------      4

3 tablespoons of smoked salmon, --------------------   70

1 marble size taste of oatmeal, -----------------------      1

3 or 4 slices of tomato, --------------------------------    20

1 taste of hot-dog, which I spit out, -----------------      1

4 fingers of onion dip ---------------------------------  100

4 tablespoons of watermelon, ------------------------    20

2 tablespoons of cantelope, --------------------------    10

1 slice of boiled egg, ----------------------------------      5

1/4 teaspoon cake batter, ------------------------------     1

1/4 teaspoon of onion  ---------------------------------     1

10 filbert nuts raw   ------------------------------------   90

1 oz pumpkin seeds, raw  ------------------------------ 150

total this category ----------------------------------        645

total citrus category -------------------------------        360

total  both categories ------------------------------      1025


All day long, since communion this morning, especially after 12 p.m., when the party started, I have had this compulsion to EAT!!!  I have been putting the brakes on, butt it has been nagging hard.  One can see, by looking, that my "oranges only" menu drastically departed from "the program".   Part of my excuse now, as well as previously, is my attempt to find something to put into my mouth that will take the unpleasant "fasting taste" and the lingering phlegm.  However, I believe that I have need of self-control, self discipline, moderation, an over-coming stance.  I do not want to be a food addict.  God, please help me.  Amen.  By God's grace, I stopped eating at 8 P.M., in spite of many strong temptations.   One thing I have craved since early in the fast, is lima beans.  But this first day, I am saying "no" to them.  Each of the lemon juices I drank today were in a total of about gallon of water, but I have not urinated very much today, which means that I have gained wght, and that my body neeeeded the water, as I have not been drinking very much lately.


June 10th, 2001: (D.V.):  The second day: (Goal):   8 oz any fruit, every 2 hours, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


     Time of Day     Food eaten     Amount of Food     Est. Calories

10 a.m.                 8 oz apple, orange,  & small peach ---------- 100

                           10 filberts, 4 Tbl pmp & 3 Tbl millet --------- 250

12 noon:               8 0z. cauliflwr, juice of 1/2 lemon ----------- 100

02 p.m.                 1 cp potat sld (400), 1/4 th cup salad (5) ---  405                                         

                           3/4 weiner, 1 cup cauliflower ----------------- 100/200

04 p.m.                 1- 4oz cn tuna lt(135), 1/2 cup lettuce ------- 140

                             1 tbl spn veg dip, ditto taste of biscuit -------   10

06 p.m.                 1/2 cp ptato sld, 1 tspn ch cake ---------------  220

                           1/4 cup millet ------------------------------------ 100

total calories for the day -------------------------------------------- 1,615


June 11th, 2001: Monday: = Zoe's Birthday:  The third day: (Goal):  breakfast: 12 oz orange or melon (150 cal.).  Noon:  3 oranges

Karen and I traveled to North Dakota, hotel check-in.  Karen and I enjoyed some butter beans from the supermarket, and some "low salt" cashews, but they were too salty.


June 12th, 2001: Tuesday, (D.V.):, = Joshua's Birthday

The fourth day: (Goal):  A.M.: fruit  Noon: salad plain.  1 cooked veg.         Eve.:  Fruit  (Stuck to the plan fairly well.)  Ditto nuts above.  Developed a serious problem with gout, that is, in my case, a severe inflamation and swelling of the ball of right big toe, so that Icould hardly walk.  Ministering in North Dakota with Pastor Shelly and Brother Chuck Pifer, and the Derungs, etc.  Cherries have been recommended for gout, seem to help.


June 13th, 2001: Wednesday, (D.V.): The fifth day: (Goal):  A.M.: fruit.  Noon:  2 cooked green veg's and a protein.  Eve.:  Any fruit, plus cottage cheese (sour milk).  Again, sticking to the plan fairly well, but have a difficult time with quantity.  Great time with Pastor Shelly and gang.  Gout problem less.  Cherries seem to help.


June 14th, 2001: (D.V.): Thursday,  The sixth day: (Goal):  Same as above.  (Goal):  A.M.: fruit.  Noon:  2 cooked green veg's and a protein.  Eve.:  Any fruit, plus cottage cheese (sour milk).   Ditto above as to quantity and quality, gout problem less.  Dancing.   Check for one.  The people sooooooo lovely.  Ordained two couples to be elders, one couple and Katie to be deacons, and Chuck and Shelly to be pastors.


June 15th, 2001: (D.V.):  The seventh day and beyond:  Resume "normal" eating.   Stopped by Jim and Joanne's for breakfast.  They are major special.  Gout problem almost gone, but favoring it a little.  Lovely breakfast, with eggs, etc.  Gooood.


June 16th, 2001: Saturday:


June 17th, 2001: Sunday, (Father's Day):  Lovely ministry with Pastor Linus, went to eat at Old Country Buffet, later at Baker's Square with Kari, an "all the fish you can eat" deal.  We voted to stay away from the Chinese Buffet.  Joshua ate the breaded part of the fish with the waitress' permission.  It was fuuun.


June 18th, 2001: Monday:  Terrible tornado destroyed the northern half of Siren and much of the countryside around.  Wow!!!  We were all in the basement, but hail stones larger than golf-ball, almost the size of tennis balls.  Whew!!  The damage from the storm on Hiway N is absolutely astounding: Barns gone, houses, whole forrests.   But the main miracle is that only a handful were injured, but 3 were killed, between Hertel and Spooner.  Over-eating.  Made soup out of barley, lentils, yellow and green peas, beans, brown rice, etc.


June 19th, 2001: (D.V.):  Over-eating.  Made some soup out of lima beans, lentils, brown rice, cabbage, onions, garlic, celery, carrots.


June 20th, 2001 = our 37th wedding anniversary!  Some control in eating, as to quality of foods.  Fairlly successful in keeping away from white flour, white sugar, preservatives, colorings, additives, salt, etc., since the breaking of the fast.  Blood pressure well within "normal" range = 121/71.   Edema is back with a vengeance - both feet, hands puffy ( can hardly get my wedding ring off), whereas, a week ago, could barely keep it on.  Happy times with Karen.  No to very little gout, eating some dried cherries.  3 eggs, very little gout, eating some dried cherries.  Drive in - a chicken fillet, some cheese curds, a lemonade.  Later, ate a couple of  "whoppers".  Ate supper at Club 70 a prime rib, some potatoes, salad bar, shrimp, etc.  Came home and ate some doughnuts.  Lemonade.


June 21, 2001: Thursday:  Weighed in at 301 pounds!!!  This means that in 12 days, I have gained almost 30 pounds!!!  That's almost 3 pounds per day!!!  I made a vow that I will never again hit the 300's.  Little gout.


Time of Day     Food eaten     Amount of Food     Est. Calories

5 a.m.             1 pint  water,   1/2 of 1 lemon juice.      10




In December of 2000, this same year, I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes!  My triglicerides were 999, a horrible number, as triglicerides are a pretty good indication of impending heart attack and/or stroke.  My other numbers were also high, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., but especially, blood sugar or glucose levels.  It was at this time that I discovered The Aitkin's diet.  I read books like:


Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, by

How to Keep Healthy and Happy by Fasting, by Salem Kirban

Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Dr. Shelton

Fasting and Miracles, by Mahesh Shavda

Lick The Sugar Habit, by Dr. Nancy Appleton

Power Protein, by Dr's Eades

Sugar Blues, by

Sugar Busters, by Stewart, Bethea, Andrew, Balart

The New Diet Revolution, by Dr. Aitkins

Food, Teens & Behavior  by Barbara Reed, Phd


I began to eat a diet plan rich in protein, vegatables, nuts and seeds, but very low in carbohydrates, starches, white flour and sugars.  God gave me the grace to find this way of eating in the first place, and to stick to it and love and appreciate it in the second place.  I had not realized that excessive hunger, like excessive thirst, can be a major indication of on-set adult diabetes.  Until this point in my life, I had had a major out-of-control, monster, raging appetite for the last 30 years, or longer.  But, for the past two years, my appetite has been sleeping and dormant, guiet and satisfied.  You see, I discovered that protein puts the appetite to sleep, and keeps it dormant for about 5 to 6 hours.   This means that if one wants to keep from being really hungry, that he or she must simply eat more protein, within that time.  But, surgar, and carbs and starches all turn to fat within the body, and do not repress the appetitefor a very long time, and, in fact, contribute to a raging appetite that cannot be easily satisfied.  I discovered that fats and protein do not make a person fat, but that starches, carbohydrates, and sugars make a person fat.  I learned about blood sugar levels, which directly relates to the glycemic index, and what causes these levels to rise.  The glycemic index is simply a record of the extent to which various foods cause the blood sugar or glucose to rise.   To the extent that a food contains sugars, carbs or starches, to that same extent, the glycemic index will be higher, and the higher will the blood sugar be affected.


Why is a person's blood sugar level important?   The higer the blood sugar in a person's blood, the thicker one's blood becomes, like molasses or honey.  The thicker the blood, the less likely the blood is to get to and through the tiny veins and capillaries in the brain, the heart, the penis, the nerves in the hands, legs, arms and feet of a person, the ears, the internal organs, etc.  When the blood cannot adequately reach these areas, death to the tissues in these areas occurs, resulting in the decrease and eventually, the loss of feeling and function in these areas, resulting in heart attacks and strokes, neuropathy (deadening of the nerves), loss of hearing, feeling, sight, and erectile dysfunction.


Adult on-set diabetes takes place when the system becomes so over loaded with sugar, that the pancreas, which God created to handle sugar and regulate sugar levels in the blood, becomes so over worked, that it begins shutting down.  Also, the body's cells can, in the presence of excess amounts of insulin, become increasingly resistant to insulin and may not allow the insulin produced to penetrate and do it's part.


On the Aitkin's way of eating, all of my numbers normalized, to the doctor's and nurse's amazement, within a period of about one month, or just a little longer.  My triglycerides went from 999 to well below 200 within one month, the blood pressure, the cholesterol and blood sugar all normalized.  The last two times measured, my blood pressure was 110 or so, over 70 something.  And, although, I have not been excercising very much, my weight has been slowly decreasing over the last twenty two months, and I have lost a total of about 30 -35 pounds!






{mospagebreaktitle= FAST  April,May 2005

FAST: April/May: 2005


April 3, 2005:  Sunday:  Drove with Delno and Mary Lou, Michael and Kari, and Karen down to Judy Sky's  church to conduct a Baby Dedication, and afterwards, went to Famous Dave's for a fantastic huge meal of ribs, chicken, etc.  Came home, and all I had to eat towards evening was some pistachio nuts, roasted.  The last I ate anything was in the evening around 8 o'clock or so, latest.  So, this fast officially began on this Sunday night.  Before going to bed, I weighed myself at 309.


April 4, 2005:  Day 1:  Great day!  No hunger, no phlegm, no bad taste, good energy, no weakness.


April 5, 2005:, Tuesday morning, I weighed myself, (36 hours into the fast, at 306.  Today I plan to see Dr Tim.  Blood pressure at 128 over 84.  Good.  Dr Tim said that he is not worried about my kidneys.  He cut away the scab that I thought might be a deer tick, but it probably wasn't.  Dr.'s office scale confirmed my 306, but with trousers and shirt.  No weakness or hunger or phlegm.


June 1964  married,  wght :  185/age 25.  (All muscle!) Karen wt: 125

Spring ‘71?= pre-fast wght: 215/age 31/End 40 fast: 157.Loss of 58 lbs

In early‘79 = pre-fast wght: 230/age 39/End 40 fast: 163.Loss of 67 lbs

May, 1997 = pre-fast wght: 338/age 57/End 40 fast: 256.Loss of 82 lbs

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast wght: 340/age 58/End 40 fast: 265.Loss of 75 lbs

May, 1999 = pre-fast wght: 336/age 59/End 40 fast: 272.Loss of 64 lbs

April 2000 = pre-fast wght: 344/age 60/End 40 fast: 269.Loss of 75 lbs

Oct.   2000 = 5 1/2 months after Spring fast = 322 (+1)  Gain of 53 lbs

Apr 30  ‘01 = pre-fast wght 336/age 61/End of 40 fast: 272/Loss 60+lbs

June 20,'01 = in just 12 days, a gain of  30 lbs. Almost 3 lbs. per day!!!


3rd Day - April 6: WednesdayNo hunger, no weakness, no dizziness, no thirst, no appreciable phlegm, no bad taste, no real food temptation.  Karen encouraged me, by rejoicing with me that I was doing so well.  I weighed today at about 303, a loss of at least 6 pounds, and about 40 pounds less than my heaviest.  Since my diabetes diagnosis 3 1/2 years ago, my weight has remained at less than 319, for the first time in nearly 10 years!  This means that I have not gained, as with every other year since I was married, 40 years ago!!


April 7, Thursday4th day of fast.  No phlegm, no bad taste, am drinking water o.k., no weakness, raked 3 flower garden areas and some lawn from leaves.  Helped install new refrigerator and kitchen sink dish hose.  No food since Sunday evening.  No hunger.  Weighed at just under 300, a loss of 10 pounds in 4 days.  Beautiful day. 


April 8, Friday, 5th dayAwoke rested and fine, with a little fasting taste in my mouth, no weakness or phlegm, the edema or water retention is almost completely gone from my body, from my left foot, which is quite rare and unusual, yet it always occurs into the 4th or 5th day of a complete fast, using only water.  11:15 p.m. weighed at 293, in 5 days, a loss of 16 pounds!  Michael Robin mentioned that he noticed that my face is more slender.  The edema in my left foot is almost entirely gone, my foot, nearly normalized.  Michael mentioned that bacon with its heavy sodium content, etc., may be contributing to the problem of edema, water retention.  My black hills gold ring fits nicely, while normally, it is too tight.  Folded the tarps, exchanged refrigerators, laid out the plastic sheeting for the water hole pit by the barn.


Doctor Timothy wanted me to go on the following program:


Fiber: consisting of Metamucil or a fiber pill or fiber cereal

Protein: equivalent to one hamburger patty

Diuretic until not needed



I asked Dr. Tim what he was going to do about his own weight problem.  He did not commit himself to me, but gave, as a reason for his not doing anything, the fact that he has a very busy schedule.  He promised to read 3 books that I offered to give to him.  The three books are:


Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Dr. Sheldon, the fasting expert

The New Diet Revolution, Dr. Atkins latest book, 

Fasting As A Way Of Life, Dr. Allan Cott,




Some of the greatest advantages to fasting, I have always found to be the case, are:


* A lovely realignment of priorities.  The foolish and unprofitable things become less and less interesting and desirable, while the really important things become more and more important and desirable. 


* The increased time that becomes available to a person because of all of the time otherwise spent in the purchase, preparation, eating, putting away and cleaning up after of food. 


* Every cell, every organ, every vessel, every system gets an opportunity to cleanse it self, to rest, to heal, to restore, and to readjust to health. 


* Unnecessary stuff is flushed out of the body, such as benign tumors, fat, excess water, etc. 


* Blood pressure normalizes, triglycerides normalize, blood sugar normalizes,


* Weight drops off,


*  The body movements become easier, such as arising from lying or sitting positions, going up stairs, walking, running, etc.


* Cholesterol normalizes and becomes healthy, the blood vessels become normal and clean of plaque.




*  Weakness is sometimes felt, although there is no appreciable decrease of strength.  I have repeatedly done tests of strength during all of my 40 day fasts, and have always been as strong, although there are repeated times of feeling weak, or a lack of energy and motivation to do things physical.  The temptation is to hibernate, to lie down, cover up, curl up into a fetus position and sleep.


*  Much of our life is involved with the enjoyment and fascination of food!  The bonding, the fellowship, the taste, the feeling of fullness, the social graces, the conversation:  all of these enjoyable things are absent during fasting.  Yet, it is still quite possible, and not too difficult, to actually prepare food, serve food and to sit at the table while others are enjoying food, without torment or suffering or hunger.


*  Breaking the fast can be dangerous!

 {mospagebreaktitle= Breaking the Fast!}



*  The biggest danger to fasting is the danger of not breaking the fast properly.  One can seriously damage one's body and health if the fast is not broken properly.  The Breaking of the Fast is something that must be carefully planned for in advance.  The general rule is that one must take as many days to return to normal eating as one spent fasting.   It is vitally important that one adopt as a life-style, a way of life, a modus operandi, a habit of life, the eating and drinking of only that which is HEALTHY!!!


Once I was 21 days into a fast, water only, when I decided to break the fast on a complete and full breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast and jelly, milk and juice, in quantity.  The shock to my body was such that I had a very serious gall bladder attack and had to be rushed to the hospital.  The doctor decided to operate on me to remove my gall bladder.  Instead, our son Joshua encouraged me to continue my fast for another week to 10 days, which I did, along with a gall bladder cleanse. 



With a gall bladder cleanse, one begins by fasting for a day or two, followed by a day of apple cider or citrus juice, in the evening, a half glass of olive oil with a lemon juice chaser are taken every half hour or so until a pint of olive oil has been consumed.  This is supposed to flush all gall stones and other putrefaction from the system.  It is quite an experience!!!  If you want a real rush, a real adventure, a real cleansing of your digestive system and your liver and gall bladder, I encourage you to try it sometime!  You may write or call us for the recipe.  


April 9, Saturday, 6th dayWorked hard driving the tractor, making fire breaks to burn the fields.  No weakness, no nausea, no dizziness, no light headed-ness, no bad taste, no hunger, all systems fine, blood sugar at 90


April 10, Sunday, 7th day:  Here is an interesting thing!  Day before yesterday, I weighed 293 - but today, I still weigh 293!!!  I cannot give any explanation for my lack of weight loss.  But, plateau-ing is a fact of diet, so - - -.  Today I also worked very hard, arising at 7 and going out to drive the tractor, and stayed active all day without a nap.  No nausea, no weakness, but very tired from no rest or sleep, no chalky taste in my mouth, no phlegm, no light headedness, no headache, no dizziness, no hunger.  I have completed 7 days, one week of fasting, water only!  Hallelujah.  The edema is greatly reduced.  Wow!  No weight loss in the last two days!!!


April 11, 2005, Monday, the 8th day:  Awake with fasting taste in mouth, but, with energy.  No other negatives.  I feel light, and it seems that I have greater freedom of movement.  For some reason, the pain above my right kidney area does not pain me any more, in spite of the fact that for several weeks I have had twinges of pain seemingly inside my rib cage just below my right shoulder blade.  I asked Doctor Tim Novack if it could be my kidney, but he said that it was highly unlikely, and was probably a pulled muscle or the like.  Throughout this fast, I have nor been drawn to sexual things, but have become increasingly focused on things that matter, important things, priority matters.  This has always been the case on every fast.


A book that has always been a blessing to me, is a book by a Dr. Jack Goldstein, who wrote, Triumph Over Disease Through Fasting and Nutrition.  I tried to get a copy through Christine on the internet, but she indicated to me that the two copies available were 75 to 80 dollars each!  This book is written by a medical doctor who, at the age of 33 or so, developed colitis and ulceration of the colon.  For 6 years he suffered with increasing debility until he was finally faced with two choices: a colostomy or death.  Having exhausted all medical help and medicine, he finally chose fasting and nutrition, and lived happily ever after.  His fasting journals are very descriptive and fascinating and helpful. 


Wow, it was a big weekend with a number of people who came for my "coming home from Africa" party on Saturday night.  The following people came:  Egges, but not John, and they stayed over.  Ellisons, who stayed over.  Guptills, Howards, Michael and Kari, Karen and I.  Justin Kargee, Shirley, Joy, Leah and Gabrielle,  26 people, 19 people slept over, including Karen and I, Del and Mary Lou.  But, last night, it was only me here in the big house, as Karen got called in.


I am happy!


I took a nap this morning, during which time I dreamed that I had temporarily forgotten that I was fasting and ate a nice warm piece of toast loaded with butter, then, ate some dried milk, to get the taste out of my mouth, and then mistakenly ate some stewed tomatoes.  Then I awakened from my nap with a mouth full of fasting saliva.  I remember once being 21 days into a lengthy fast, and went to a movie with Dawn Joy, and the smell of the movie popcorn overpowered me, and I broke my 21 day fast on movie popcorn!  It often happens during a fast that one dreams of having eaten by mistake, then awakens to be relieved that one has not eaten.  Quite often, my hunger disappears at the very beginning of a fast, and sometimes, this time included, there was no hunger whatsoever, from the very beginning.  I had eaten on Sunday, eight days ago, with much protein.  Protein puts the hunger to sleep for from 5 to 6 hours,   By that time I was sleeping.  No hunger, from the beginning.  However, there is a temptation to eat for social reasons, or when one sees perfectly good food going to waste.  Earlier, I saw some tomatoes sitting on the counter, and thought, "Hmmm, now THAT would taste good!"   I often think and plan, what kind of food would be good to break the fast with.   Most of the time, when first breaking the fast, ALL food tastes unbearably sweet, and upon tasting or eating it, forms a thick sweet syrup of saliva tasting something like pancake syrup.  This condition lasts for several days.  Earlier, I was thinking how soft boiled eggs would taste, with butter.  Yummm.




One of the things I do to sort of encourage myself during a fast, is to make fractions out of the time fasted.  For example, after one day of fasting, I will say to myself, "Hmmm, I have accomplished 1/40th of my fasting goal!"  As follows:

  1 day   = 1/40

  2 days = 1/20

  4 days = 1/10

  5 days = 1/8th

  6 days = 1/7th

  7 days = 1/6

  8 days = 1/20

  9 days = 1/10

10 days = 1/4th

14 days = 1/3rd

20 days = 1/2 ,  etc.


Another thing I will do, after this is to set for myself a goal of several days hence, and tell myself, "If I can only get to this day - - ."  It might be a Dr's appointment, or a shorter goal date, like 24 days, 30, 33, 37, then 40, etc.  It is easy to become discouraged, to make excuses, to tell myself, "Oh, I can always fast again.", etc.


Tonight, my blood sugar was 115; my blood pressure was 148 over 84-90; my weight was 291, a loss of 18 pounds in 8 days, as is reflected in my skinny ankles, legs, face, belly, chest, hands, fingers, etc.  There are three things that are different in this fast from all others:  1)  This is the first fast I have done since my diabetes diagnosis, 3 1/2 years ago.  2)  This is the first fast I have done since my Atkin's Diet that I have been on, since 3 1/2 years ago, and will be the first fast I have done, without returning to carbohydrates, starches or sugars.  3)  This is the first fast I have done that I have had not appreciable "chalk" in my mouth.  In fact, my tongue looks a little peculiar, in that it has a clear crescent shaped design on it, on the left side of my tongue, and it appears that my tongue is more clear than on any fast I have taken.  This is a puzzle to me, in that the taste is also not as bad as I remember on previous fasts.  It will be interesting to see what the days unfold.  Since I have completed 8 entire days, if I go 40 days, which I dearly hope to do, this will mean that I am 1/5th of the way through, and in two more days, 1/4th, and by the time I get to see Dr. Timothy Novick on Thursday, it will be  over 1/3!!!  I hope that he will not be annoyed with me for not following his prescription for this fast, which included fiber, protein, edema medicine, multi-vitamin, etc.  I have only taken water.


April 12, 2005, Tuesday, the 9th day: Unwrapped the 10 new apple trees of their winter coats, the bark and trunk protective cloth tape around the base, so they can breathe and grow.  They all looked good.  Some weakness, but not much.  My sinuses are constantly draining, necessitating much throat clearing and spitting to keep the mucus from building up in the back of my throat.  Sometimes it doesn't take much accumulated phlegm to kind of gag me.


Called the forest ranger, Renae Paulson to see if she would be willing to help us burn the front part of the back 40.  She and Delno and Bill and Joe agreed to assist, and we burned!!!  The fire nearly got away from us on the south, and crossed the fire break, but we got it out, but Bill nearly over worked and nearly hurt himself, by running to stay ahead of the fire and to put our the fire.  He also breathed some smoke in the process.  My fast is going well, and there seem to be no problems.  My weight, is 289, a total loss, since I began this fast, is 20 pounds, in less than 10 days!


April 13, 2005, the 10 day, Wednesday, Joe Guptill's birthday:  I awakened early and went out to look at the stars.  Today, Karen leaves for Bismarck to help Joey and Michelle and the grand children, while Michelle has her 7th baby.  I slept with Karen last night.  It is much easier to do so when I am fasting because I do not snore, and because of the fasting, my belly is smaller so I can snuggle closer.  This is also convenient when we make love, as we did yesterday, and it was very, very sweet, for the both of us.  Today I am to take Snickers to the dog groomer for a bath and a shave, and tonight, we tentatively plan on another burn, in the back 40.


Blood pressure 144 over 63, blood sugar 120


April 14, 2005, the 11 day, Thursday:  Went to see Dr Timothy Novick.  According to the office scales, I weighed 285, from the 306. two days into this fast at the doctor's office.  But then I came home and weighed on our electric scales at 289, which weighed 3 pounds heavier.  Blood pressure  117 over 82 or something like that.  The doctor was pleased with my progress and with all my numbers, and had no criticism.  He said that it was o.k. that I proceeded with only water, and wanted to see me again, so we set up an appointment for 10 days out, which is April 25th.  I gave him a stack of books on fasting and Atkins.


April 15, 2005, the 12 day, Friday:  Jeanine Ellison and Tamara Anne, came to visit and to get acquainted.  It was fun and nice.  They had a lovely looking salad, with chicken and sunflower seeds and strawberries, but, of course, I had none.  Then, Michael and Kari came and we all had a sweet time together.


April 16, 2005, the 13 day, Saturday:  Del and Mary joined us all and we had great fellowship.  I wanted to go to sleep and curl up in a fetus position and hide, which I did, for a while.


April 17, 2005, the 14 day, Sunday:  The fast is going well, although the nasty taste in my mouth is a nuisance at times.  I wake up from sleeping with a mouth full of saliva and an unpleasant taste in my mouth.  My sinuses constantly drain mucus down the back of my throat and I have to fight a gagging reflex at times.  At this point in my fast, I have a sluggish, dragged out, droopy feeling, and have to resist the temptation to cave in, go to bed, cover up my head, curl up into a fetus position, and sleep.  Yet, on the positive side, I have lost 25 to 30 pounds, my movements are lighter on my feet, my feet are not swollen, my face and neck and entire body are slimmer, I am not ill, I have bursts of energy, I breathe easier, I have no pain anywhere, my clothes fit better, my shoes are not as tight, I can wear both of my gold rings, the taste in my mouth is tolerable, as is the phlegm in my throat, so, all in all, I am doing well.  I do have to resist the temptation to go and eat, not because I am hungry, but because of the social fellowship advantages, because food tastes good, because I don't want to feel dragged out or lethargic, because I do not like the taste in my mouth, etc.  Yet, I know and have confidence that this fast is doing me great good, in that every cell and organ and system in my body is being cleansed, detoxified, rested, renewed, etc.  My liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, intestines, bowel, blood system, heart, brain, lymph system, are all being rested and renewed.  I have not fasted for 3 1/2 years or since my diabetes diagnosis, or since I went on the Atkins' diet.  My goal is to lose a total of about 60 pounds, or so, gain not more than say, 20 pounds or so, then level off and begin loosing again, until my goal weight of 220 to 240, eat properly on Atkins', with healthy carbs  and fruit, as long as they do not create excessive hunger or raise my blood sugar levels or cause weight gain.  Lord God, Papa Yahweh, this is all in Your hands, and I am totally submissive to Thee.  Amen.  I just weighed now, at 283, a loss of 26 pounds in 13 1/2 days.  May God have mercy upon me!  I am glad that Karen is gone, so that she does not have to see me in my lethargic, fasting state.  It is also easier when she is gone, to not be tempted to eat when she eats.  Yet, I miss her very much.  She is in North Dakota, helping Michelle give birth to baby number 7, with the grand-children, etc.  Tomorrow, I am to teach at Bethel University, in the astronomy department.  May God help me. . .  Got some sun today, took a sun-bath, for vitamin D.  Michael gave me a hair cut, and trimmed my mustache so I will be ready for tomorrow at Bethel.  I have all the students' names memorized, first, middle and last, and the men's phone numbers.


April 18, 2005, Monday, (the 15th day completed!):  Ohhhh, I want to quit this fast, break this fast, give up this fast, mostly because of the blah, dish-rag, lifeless, feelings.  Here's the contrast between the positives and the negatives:


        NEGATIVE SIDE                                      POSITIVE SIDE                      


Bad taste in mouth                                 Weight loss

Lack of motivation                                 Cell and organ cleansing

Desire for fellowship                              Total body cleansing

Homesick for food (though not hungry)     Light on my feet

Some weakness                                       Not snoring (sleep apnea)

Some gagging phlegm                            Blood pressure normal

                                                                 Blood sugar normal

                                                                 No edema, swelling, h20

                                                                 Karen doesn't know neg's

                                                                 No present schedule conflicts


I guess I'll try to continue.  My weight is 281 or less, 28 pounds weight loss.  My blood sugar is 110.  My blood pressure is

Wells is going on a fast with me to encourage me, and to be my friend, and also for health reasons.


April 19, 2005, Tuesday, (the 16th day completed!): 


Tempted to break my fast, not because I am hungry, but because of a feeling of lethargy, and because of the bad taste in my mouth, the phlegm in the back of my throat, the syrup-like saliva, the lack of fellowship, but not because of hunger.  Eating carries with it, all of the aspects of fellowship.  During fasting, a natural euphoria is missing, a kind of blah feeling, a lack of positive emotion, the joy level is down.  I am not speaking of depression, but rather, a lack of positive joy, elation, enthusiasm, hardy har's, gusto, but, instead, a desire to hide, to go to bed, to be alone, to run and hide, to close my eyes, to hang my head, to slump my shoulders.  It takes summoned up energy to talk, to smile, to move.  I said to myself, when I laid down for a nap today, "I wouldn't mind if I could sleep for 3 days."  I awakened an hour or two later with a mouth full of spit, a sour taste in my mouth, and a serious need to clear my throat of mucus.  When I fast, my sinuses produce a steady flow of mucus that slowly flows down the back of my throat that is difficult to swallow, and so, there is a perceived need to bring this phlegm up and spit it out.  This is one reason I am glad on this fast, to be alone, as Karen is in Bismarck, North Dakota, helping Michelle and Joey and the grandchildren while she has her 7th baby.  Because of this condition with the bad taste and the phlegm, I have a kind of yucky expression on my face, as though to say, "I have a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel like I need to clear my throat and spit." But after clearing my throat and spitting, I still have the bad taste in my mouth.  All of these problems disappear when I resume eating.  Yet, all of the books on fasting, indicate that the mucus, the saliva, the bad taste, the chalky condition of my mouth, are all indications that my body is busy ridding  itself of toxins, impurities, unwanted matter, etc.  On the positive side, the weight is still coming off.  I have no pain.  My thinking is clear, I have ease of movement, I have more time on my hands, my whole body is more thin, I can see my penis, past my pot belly, I can lay on my stomach, I look younger, my clothes fit better, I have no edema.  My blood pressure and blood sugar are normal range, etc.  Thus, by God's great grace, I plan to continue my fast, day by day.  Amen.  I was a little surprised that my blood sugar was 132, 141, 134 today.  My blood pressure was normal.


April 20, 2005, Wednesday, (the 17th day completed!):  Phlegm, bad taste, but feel o.k.  Weight: 280 pounds, a loss of 29 pounds, not quite 2 pounds per day.


Thursday, 21 April 2005 (the 18th day completed!):  :  Amazingly, my weight has remained the same for the last 3 days!!!  No food, no juice, no vitamins, no supplements, no weight loss!!!  Amazing!  Weight is 280 by our red lettered, battery operated scales.  This is a loss of 29, 29, 29 pounds in 17 1/2 days!  Let's see what happens.  Karen plans to come home, day after tomorrow night, and leave Monday, to fly out to California to help Elsie drive home.  Then, she plans to return home late next week.  I am scheduled to see the Dr. Novick on Monday afternoon.  Blood sugar is:  128    Blood pressure is:  135/81


Friday, 22 April 2005 (the 19th day completed!):  The last couple of days have been a little rough, in the phlegm department, but today, I seem to be managing.  For this reason mostly, the temptation to break the fast, has been the strongest, but, I am maintaining fairly well.  Got some sun, yesterday, perhaps a little too much, but I wanted to get some vitamin D and to look good for Karen when she returns from North Dakota.   Michelle had her Baby today, 10 pounds, 12 ounces!  I am lonely without Karen.  Today my blood pressure was an amazing 145/91, so I took it again, at 124 over 95, so I took it again at 123 over 87.  Hmmm.  I cannot imagine why it should be so high, except that Del and Mary Lou and I just had a lovely but rousing discussion about hyper-faith and I became a "little" intense about the matter.  Blood sugar: 116.  Weight: 276, a loss of 33 pounds in 19 days, only a loss of about a pound and a half per day, yet I have not been as active on this fast as on every other.  See fasting journals of: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, for more details on my fasting experience.


Saturday, 23 April 2005 (the 20th day completed!):  Phlegm, saliva, some weakness, I raked, picked up, folded tarps.  Ice on the bird bath frozen almost solid.  Bitter cold outside, strong wind, 40 degrees, I called and announced Joey and Michelle's 7th baby.  Good talk with Bob Benedict.


Blood pressure: 123/85; Blood sugar:  147!! And this, after an hour of outside work or so.


Sunday, 24 April 2005 (the 21st day completed!):  Good day, weak, Karen home.  She was worried about me, my weakness, dehydration, etc.  Hopes that I do not continue the whole 40 days.  Much phlegm, syrup sweet saliva, spitting, throat clearing, bad taste.  Weight: 270.  Blood pressure: 137/77.  Had communion today, consisted of a shot glass of white grape juice and the equivalent to half a cracker, stone ground.  As with other fasts, I do not consider communion as food, but as the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the only communion I have had thus far during this fast.


Monday, 25 April 2005 (the 22nd day completed):  See Dr. Tim today.  I am to ask him about 1) tick bite and blood test for same,  2) dehydration,  3) gout,  4) his own progress.  Compare weight at home with weight at office.  Scheduled a teeth cleaning with Dr. Kaeffer for next Tuesday, May 3.  Scheduled to see Dr Novick each of the next 3 Mondays.  I invited Karen to go on a ten day fast with me to cure her excema.


Dr. Novick said that I was perfect.  Gave me a large penicillin shot for a deer tick bite, after excising any tick mouth parts.  It was red and disturbing to Dr. Tim.  He was not concerned with my ear, or my hand, that has a persistent small spot.  Took blood to make a battery of tests to check up on everything, took a EKG to double check on the heart function, said not to worry about dehydration, if I drink water, monitor my urine smell and color, and take it easy.  He encouraged me and said that I have been an impressive and good example for him. The clinic scales read 272, blood pressure 116/84.  Strong temptation to want to break the fast, because of the lethargy, the phlegm, the bad taste, the lack of pleasure with eating, the saliva.  I ask myself "Is it worth it?"  And, my answer is, "Yes!"  I want to look better, be lighter, cleanse my whole system, give a rest and restoration to my whole body.  Michael and I are believing that perhaps, this fast might possibly restore pancreas function and cure my diabetes.  We will soon see.  If I continue this fast to 40 days, which I would really prefer, then I have 17 more days to go.  That's 2 1/2 weeks, or 10 days after Karen returns from California with Elsie.  Lord God Papa Yahweh, please lead and enable me by Your Holy Spirit, and by Your grace.  Remember, Lord, the angels came and ministered to the Messiah when He fasted.  May it also be so with me.  Amen


Tuesday, 26 April 2005 (the 23rd day completed d.v.!):  Awakened, having had a dream in which I was eating large tasty French fries.  Hmm, they were delicious!  Then I woke up with a mouth full of syrupy sweet saliva, and phlegm in my throat and a bad taste in my mouth, and I was glad that I had not broken my fast.  Blood pressure:  139 over 76;  blood sugar: 122.


Wednesday, 27 April 2005 (the 24th day completed d.v.!):  If I go the full 40 days, which I hope to do, then I have 16 days left to go!!  That's equal to 2 weeks and two days. I reason this way.  Oh, if I can only make it to Thursday, when we meet for prayer. Then, if I can just make it to Friday night, when Michael and Kari come up.  Then, if I can just make it to when Karen comes home on Sunday, then my doctor's appointment on Monday, my dentist appointment on Tuesday, our prayer meeting on Thursday, to the week-end when Michael and Kari come up, to Mother's Day, to when I minister on Sunday evening, Mother's Day, to the doctor's appointment on Monday, thennnnn, I will only have 4 more days to go to 40!!!!!  I am already planning some of the grocery shopping that I will need to do before I begin eating, and, making plans for what I intend to eat when I return to eating:  Again, today, I woke up, having dreamed, this time, of eating, cherry pie!  Instead, again, I woke up with a mouth full of saliva and a throat full of phlegm.  And again, I was so very glad I had not broken my fast.  Here are some of the foods that I plan to begin eating:  because of the thick syrupy consistency of my saliva, I imagine myself nibbling slowly on raw unsalted almonds, and other nuts, one at a time.  These are low in fat, and carbohydrates, and high in protein.  Then, although I do not normally prefer white meat, I can imagine myself eating, again, slowly, the white meat of the breast of turkey and chicken.  All through this fast, I have imagined myself eating slowly, small bits of tomato, including, nibbling slowly on the seeds.  I imagine eating a soft boiled, or poached egg, with butter.  I imagine eating various kinds of grain, like wild rice, wheat berry, lentils, lima beans, soy beans roasted,   Yet, I know that these grains must be eaten in moderation.  On previous fasts, I have wanted to wash my mouth with pickle juice, but, not on this fast.  I know that I will also need to eating raw cherries, (including the seeds, for vitamin B 17, laetrile), to keep  myself from getting gout, as cherries, in most any form, have a chemical substance the inhibits or prevents gout.


Thus, my shopping list includes: onions, garlic, radishes, green beans, other salad makings, (but not beets or carrots or potatoes as they are high in carbohydrates and starches), lima beans, soy beans, lentils, wheat, cabbage, celery, lettuce, asparagus, raw, unroasted unsalted nuts, white turkey and chicken meat, eggs, lemons, limes, avocado, raw cherries, butter, tomatoes, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, all to be eaten very slowly, and in very small quantities.  Interestingly, even in talking about all of this, I am not the least bit hungry, nor have I been, for 24 days!


Weight: 270 on our red letter, battery operated scales.  This is a loss of nearly 40 pounds.


Thursday, 28th April 2005 (the 25th day completed d.v.!):  


Went to prayer meeting with the pastors.  I was weak.  Pastor Roger commented and complimented on my weight loss, but none other.  Weak all day.  The weight is plateaued at 270.  I wanted to mow but the air was too cold, so I went back inside.  Watched t.v., read Louie L'Amour, prayed, slept.


Friday, 29th April 2005 (the 26th day completed d.v.!):  


Scales still at 270.  It appears that I have lost no weight for the last 3 or 4 days!!! though not eating.  I am sure that I have lost weight, but not enough to register on the scales.  One reason for this might be, that the water retention can greatly vary within my body, so that perspiration, absorption, etc., may affect what the scales is telling me.  I go to the doctor again on Monday, Lord willing.  We will see what happens.  I think I will mow now.  I feel more energetic today.  Phlegm, saliva, taste, gagging reflex.  I worked hard mowing, cleaning the barn, hauling until exhausted, came in and tested my blood sugar at 140!!!  Amazing!  Blood pressure at 118/83.  Pulse: 101.  In spite of the work, I found it unpleasant to drink water.  All through this fast, I have found it a little difficult to drink water, yet I drink it anyway, so I do not become dehydrated.  This, in spite of the fact that some fasting experts recommend the drinking of water only if thirsty,  Yet, I know that if I followed this policy, I would hurt myself, as I am almost never thirsty on a fast like this.


Saturday, 30 April 2005 (the 27th day completed d.v.!):   Feel good today.  Karen and Elsie are stuck in a snow storm in Wyoming.  Karen hurt her ankle on a Ramada Inn bed frame and had to go to urgent care.  Lord, please heal her and bring them home safely.  Amen.


Sunday,  1st of May 2005 (the 28th day completed d.v.!):  


And this is a call for bravery among the local people . . .

Mi   do  do   do do  fa fa       fa mi  do re la do do

4       1   2 & 34  &  1&2&     3 &         4 & 123


I had a dream this morning in which I visited Kari at an Episcopalian University at which she was attending, and I was asked to teach a class.  She wanted me to wear a robe, as the professors dressed formally, and I was dressed informally.  But we could not find a robe, but only a suit that was too small that was owned by another professor.  Then I woke up.


For the first time, I have seriously considered breaking this fast, as the taste, the spit and the phlegm is so horribly unpleasant!  My flesh cries out to "Break it!  Break it!  Break it!".  Though I am not hungry, I think of how good an unroasted, unsalted almond would taste, if I nibbled on it slowly.  How good a tomato would taste.  I need fresh cherries to guard against gout, etc.  I think of how much fun it would be to eat Chinese buffet with Karen, and other meals.  I think of how good a poached egg would taste with butter.  Then my thoughts are brought back to reality with the gagging, spitting, throat clearing, the phlegm that is stuck in the back of my throat from my sinus that won't go down, and it won't come up.  I have a yukky look on my face and a yukky taste in my mouth.  Yet, I have energy.  Yesterday, we burned two fields, everything east of the road going back to the back 40, except the very back southeast corner.  No problems with the burning, but I had had no time to rest during the day, as I was mowing almost all day long.  So, by the time we completed burning at midnight, my back hurt, I could hardly stand up, I staggered when I walked, and I began groaning and moaning with nearly every breath.  I showered and fell into bed, and went to sleep, then waking up and dreading the fast.  Today, I am to go pick up Karen from Minneapolis.  I hope that she is o.k., as she injured her other ankle on a bed frame at the Ramada Inn in Salt Lake City, coming home with Elsie.


I am to see Dr. Novick tomorrow, and Dr Kaeffer, the dentist for a cleaning on Tuesday, then the Thursday prayer meeting, then I preach on Sunday, Mother's Day, then the Doctor on the next Monday, then the prayer meeting on Thursday, then the forty days will be over with on Friday!!!!!!!  But I have proven to myself and others that I can go 40 days, so it does not have to be a matter of pride . . .   Father God, please help me do Your will.


One thing that motivates me is the fact that my body is being cleansed and restored.  I (and Michael) even are believing that this diabetes will be cured by this fast, and I would honestly like to give it a chance.  All of this is in the grace of God and in the hand of God.


Went down to pick up Karen.  Michael Robin drove, while Kari drove their car.  I wanted to hide under a blanket, as I was cold.  When a person fasts, it is much easier to become cold, for some reason.  When I lie in bed, my knees bump together because I have lost so much weight from my legs.  I can tell that I have lost weight from every part of my body, my belly, face, neck, arms, legs, feet, ankles, chest, legs.  My breathing is still much easier, and I still have much greater freedom of movement.  I am still not hungry in the slightest, and the smell of food is slightly nauseating to me.  In the past, I have assisted in the preparation and serving of food to others, without being tempted to eat.  But, for some reason, the thought of very slowly nibbling on a raw almond is very pleasant to me.


Monday,  2nd of May 2005 (the 29th day completed d.v.!):   There is something happening to me that I cannot figure out.  I will try to remember today to ask the doctor about 1) test for Lyme's tick disease, and 2) test for uric acid, because for over a week I have been experiencing some pain in the balls of my big toes.  After I get moving, I do not notice it so much, but at first, I can hardly walk.  My first guess is gout.   I experienced gout symptoms just after the breaking of my last fast, over 3 years ago, and cherries seemed to do the trick.  I am told, and have found it to be, that cherries have a substance within them that effectively deals with gout.  But, I cannot figure out why I should be having this problem during a fast of this nature.  It is the first time in all of my fasts that this has occurred, just as it occurred for the first time at the breaking of my last fast.  Dr. Shelton says that gout symptoms disappear as the fast continues.  We will see what happens.


Saw Dr. Novick today.  Scales weighed 265, a loss of 44 pounds!!  Blood pressure normal to low, everything checked out o.k., except that I should be drinking more water.  He checked me out for euric acid level, and for Lymes' disease, taking two vials of blood.  I am scheduled to see him next Monday.  Karen was with me.



Tuesday,  3rd of May 2005 (the 30th day completed d.v):  Oh, man, did I ever want to break this fast today!!!  So weak.  Phlegm, spit, gagging, throat clearing, could hardly run the roto-tiller.  The thought of slowly nibbling on a raw almond is so desireable.  I keep thinking about canned tuna.  Dr. Timothy encouraged me to feel free to break the fast at 30 days, but gave no indication that there was a need to.   Although Karen 'wants me back', she left the decision to me.  I called  Michael Robin, to tell him that I was considering breaking the fast, but he encouraged me to continue.  So, instead of breaking the fast, I went to bed.  I had gone to the dentist today to get x-rays and a cleaning, and the teeth cleaner scolded me for fasting and told me it was unhealthy.  I was patient with her, explaining that I was under a doctor's care, that I had done this many times before, and that it was like a bear in hibernation.  She wasn't convinced.  I did need a teeth cleaning, but I had no cavities or other problems, praise God. 


Wednesday,  4th of May 2005 (the 31st day completed d.v.!):  

I am glad, in retrospect that I did not break my fast.  I roto-tilled the garden yesterday, with Bill Guptill's help, and stripped it of plastic and rock, I plan to go over it again, with Delno's help, and then plant some radish and bean seed that I purchased at the co-op yesterday.  Today, as a result of Mary Kamrud's encouragement and a book that she loaned me, I am a convert to the value of eating and cooking with coconut oil.  I plan to eat and cook with it from now on, and, to use it on my hair, head and skin.  It assists in weight loss, disease fighting, immunization building, general health, diabetes and blood sugar control, skin health, etc.  It does not cause heart problems or cholesterol, but just the opposite.  I plan to go out and ride the lawn mower and get some sun, and finish roto-tilling, plant some beans and radishes, etc.




In October of 2001, I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes!  My triglicerides were 999, a horrible number, as triglicerides are a pretty good indication of impending heart attack and/or stroke.  My other numbers were also high, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., but especially, blood sugar or glucose levels.  It was at this time that I discovered The Aitkin's diet.  I read books like:


Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, by

How to Keep Healthy and Happy by Fasting, by Salem Kirban

Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Dr. Shelton

Fasting and Miracles, by Mahesh Shavda

Lick The Sugar Habit, by Dr. Nancy Appleton

Protein Power, by Dr's Eades

Sugar Blues, by Wm. Dufty

Sugar Busters, by Stewart, Bethea, Andrew, Balart

The New Diet Revolution, by Dr. Atkins

Food, Teens & Behavior  by Barbara Reed, PhD




Immediately after my diabetes diagnosis, I began to eat a diet plan rich in protein, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but very low in carbohydrates, starches, white flour and sugars.  God gave me the grace to find this way of eating in the first place, and to stick to it and love and appreciate it in the second place.  I had not realized that excessive hunger, like excessive thirst, can be a major indication of on-set adult diabetes.  Until this point in my life, I had had a major out-of-control, monster, raging appetite for the last 35 years, or longer.  But, for the past three and one-half years, my appetite has been sleeping and dormant, quiet and satisfied.  You see, I discovered that protein puts the appetite to sleep, and keeps it dormant for about 5 to 6 hours.   This means that if one wants to keep from being really hungry, that he or she must simply eat more protein, within that time.  But, sugar, and carbs and starches all turn to fat within the body, and do not repress the appetite for a very long time, and, in fact, contribute to a raging appetite that cannot be easily satisfied.  I discovered that fats and protein do not make a person fat, but that starches, carbohydrates, and sugars make a person fat.  I learned about blood sugar levels, which directly relates to the glycemic index, and what causes these levels to rise.  The glycemic index is simply a record of the extent to which various foods cause the blood sugar or glucose to rise.   To the extent that a food contains sugars, carbs or starches, to that same extent, the glycemic index will be higher, and the higher will the blood sugar be affected.


Why is a person's blood sugar level important?   The higher the blood sugar in a person's blood, the thicker one's blood becomes, like molasses or honey.  The thicker the blood, the less likely the blood is to get to and through the tiny veins and capillaries in the brain, the heart, the penis, the nerves in the hands, legs, arms and feet of a person, the ears, the internal organs, etc.  When the blood cannot adequately reach these areas, death to the tissues in these areas occurs, resulting in the decrease and eventually, the loss of feeling and function in these areas, resulting in heart attacks and strokes, neuropathy (deadening of the nerves), loss of hearing, feeling, sight, and erectile dysfunction.


Adult on-set diabetes takes place when the system becomes so over loaded with sugar, that the pancreas, which God created to handle sugar and regulate sugar levels in the blood, becomes so over worked, that it begins shutting down.  Also, the body's cells can, in the presence of excess amounts of insulin, become increasingly resistant to insulin and may not allow the insulin produced to penetrate and do its part.


On the Aitkin's way of eating, all of my numbers normalized, to the doctor's and nurse's amazement, within a period of about one month, or just a little longer.  My triglycerides went from 999 to well below 200 within one month, the blood pressure, the cholesterol and blood sugar all normalized.  The last two times measured, my blood pressure was 110 or so, over 70 something.  And, although, I have not been exercising very much, my weight has been slowly decreasing.


Thursday,  5th of May 2005 (the 32nd day completed d.v.!):   Well, today I worked in the garden for a couple of hours, planting 2 rows, one of red radishes, and the other of green beans.  The rest of the day, I laid in bed, curled up in a fetus position, weak as a kitten and twice as miserable, phlegm, snot, spit, mucus, horrible taste, weakness.  Karen came home from rummage sailing in the Cities, and complained about the fasting smells, and remarked that I looked like a shriveled up old man.  Then we went to the Day of Prayer activities at the Community Center in Siren where I was to have a part, praying for the communities.  I did.  But I was so very weak, I could hardly stand for the singing, and could not sing.  When it came my turn to speak, I could hardly stand, hardly speak, hardly hold my head up, and as soon as it was over, we left because I was so weak.  Because of all of this, I decided, at the end of 32 days of fasting on water only, to break my fast.




So, tonight, I broke my fast!  I called Michael, he was out, and left him a message that I was breaking my fast.  Karen and I made a small piece of toast, about the size of a pack of chewing gum, with butter and jelly, and in Jesus' Name, had a sort of communion.


Since breaking my fast at 9 p.m.  (I began my fast at about 8 p.m. 32 days ago.  I have had the following things to eat, since breaking my fast 6 hours ago:  (It is now 3 a.m.)


3 poached eggs

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

20 raw almonds

1/4 cup plain yogurt

medium size portion of cheese

6 stalks of celery

1/3 cup cottage cheese

1/3 lime squeezed into glass of water

5 olives


This is too much food, too soon.  But, the sour taste in my mouth goes away temporarily when I chew something.  Fortunately, the carbs are minimal, the protein is present, the preservatives and processing is minimal, the salt is minimal, so we will see what happens.  I ate the eggs, because I want the protein to minimize my hunger.  May God have mercy upon me.


Weight.  After all of this, 259.  50 pounds lighter than one month ago.


Saturday,  7th of May 2005 (the 2nd day since the fast):   Had some fried chicken legs with Karen, some cottage cheese.


Sunday,  8th of May 2005 (the 3rd day since the fast):   Some weakness still, breakfast of eggs and peppers, finely cut pork chops,


Mother's Day dinner at Kozy.  I ate a wing and drumstick, salad and some steamed fish.  Much later, coming home from preaching in Taylor's Falls, last night, we stopped at a lovely supermarket, and I bought, cherry juice, fish, clean chicken drum-sticks, without preservatives or hormones.  I bought, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, raw sunflower kernels, dried cherries, yogurt, cottage cheese, unsalted peanuts, cucumbers, hot peppers, eggs, low sodium tomato and V-8 juice.


Monday,  9th of May 2005 (the 4th day since breaking the fast):   In these 4 days, I have gained back less than 20 pounds!  Much of this is 'water weight', but, I told myself that I would gain back a total of not more than this, and, by God's grace, and my determination, I will not.  This morning was interesting, in that, after a nice breakfast of 3 eggs, 4 peppers, stir fried with celery and cauliflower, and a half glass of unsweetened cherry juice, an hour and a half later, my blood glucose was 106!!  Get to see Dr. Novick today.

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MAY - 2006


June 1964  married,  wght :  185/age 25.  (All muscle!) Karen wt: 125

Spring ‘71?= pre-fast wght: 215/age 31/End 40 fast: 157.Loss of 58 lbs

In early‘79 = pre-fast wght: 230/age 39/End 40 fast: 163.Loss of 67 lbs

May, 1997 = pre-fast wght: 338/age 57/End 40 fast: 256.Loss of 82 lbs

Feb., 1998 = pre-fast wght: 340/age 58/End 40 fast: 265.Loss of 75 lbs

May, 1999 = pre-fast wght: 336/age 59/End 40 fast: 272.Loss of 64 lbs

April 2000 = pre-fast wght: 344/age 60/End 40 fast: 269.Loss of 75 lbs

Oct.   2000 = 5 1/2 months after Spring fast = 322 (+1)  Gain of 53 lbs

Apr 30  ‘01 = pre-fast wght 336/age 61/End of 40 fast: 272/Loss 60+lbs

June 20,'01 = in just 12 days, a gain of 30 lbs. Almost 3 lbs. per day!!!

April 4, 2005309;  May 5, 2005:  End of 32 day fast = 259 lbs. 

April 8, 2005 = In 4 days, gained 20 pounds.

May 1, 2006: pre-fast weight: 301 lbs.:


Monday,  1st of May 2006 (the 1st day of this fast):   Big problems adjusting to insulin.  Dr. Timothy put me on insulin last Tuesday, after major problems with blood sugar control, numbers in the 200 to 244 category.  Each time I tested high, I went to the barn to walk, sometimes dropping the blood sugar levels by over 100 points, one time, 130 points, by walking 2 to 3 miles.  Sunday night, the last meal, of salad and chicken.  Tested 3 a.m. at 244 points.  Walked it down to 161 or so.  Decided to fast  Wells found out that I was fasting, and decided to go with me on a "sympathy fast".  I am glad for the support.  A couple of weeks ago, I had some heart pain and another day, heart-beat of about 120 per second. 


No hunger.  No weakness.  No phlegm.  No problems.  This is the lowest beginning fast weight in over 9 years.


Tuesday:  2nd of May 2006 (the 2nd day of this fast):  No hunger.  No weakness.  No phlegm.  No problems.  Went with Karen to see the pharmacist, Christopher at Wood River Rx.  Great guy!  Signed up on our insurance plans.  Good day.


Wednesday,  3rd of May 2006 (the 3rd day of this fast):   Good day,  Smelly runny b.m.  Fasting often turns the bowels to water and eliminates the smelliest of waste, to underscore the body's excellent cleansing procedures.  Nap.  Mowing.  Watched t.v. with Karen.  Affection.  No hunger.  No weakness.  No phlegm.  No problems.  Wells still with me on the "sympathy fast".  All the edema is gone!  It has been with me since my return from Nigeria.   There is greater ease of movement, amd  breathing is much easier.   Phlegm and taste not too bad, though eyes itch from allergies.


Thursday,  4th of May 2006 (the 4th day of this fast):   Karen up and to city sailing with Deanna, me to prayer breakfast with Jim Carmen to pick me up.  Appointment at 11 with DNR lady for permission to burn the field around the burn barrel.  World Day of prayer at Siren.  Wells called to say he had eaten, but would be back on a "sympathy fast" tomorrow.


Friday,  5th of May 2006 (the 5th day of this fast):   Weight: 285, a loss of 16 pounds.  Burned a section of field around burn barrel, southeast of the house.  Went well.  Karen watched.  I noticed how my stomach, feet and legs have shrunk.


Saturday,  6th of May 2006 (the 6th day of this fast):  D.V  Phlegm, saliva, but not too bad a taste.  The chalk in the mouth, not much.  I feel o.k.  Talked to Wells extensively today about fasting, then took an afternoon nap.  I have awakened from this nap with an overwhelming desire to EAT!  But, I do not know whether or not the Lord wants me to eat, or if I am just bored.  I somehow feel that if I did eat now, that I would end up binging (on healthy food, of course \J/ )  If I ate, I would stare with 3 boiled eggs with lots of butter and pepper!  Then, I would probably eat almost a pound of cheese.  Then I would probably get out some meat and eat a half pound of that.  Then I would probably eat a really huge salad.  Then I would probably try to find some nuts.  Then I try to find some other stuff, drink a quart or two of tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and water.  More nuts.  More salad,  Cottage cheese.  And, how about some pizza!!! 


Maybe I would eat just a little of the following:  salad makings,









green beans,

lima beans,  soy beans,  lentils,

sesame seeds,

raw, unroasted, unsalted nuts (in the shell is o.k.), white turkey and chicken meat, tuna, sardines, eggs, coconuts with water inside, lemons & limes, avocados, raw cherries,  butter, yogurt (unsweetened, plain), buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese, toilet paper!!!


Maybe, instead, I should:  1.  Go for a walk, 2.  Pray,  3.  Intercede, 4.  Rejoice: shout, dance,5.  Read Word, Memorize, 6.  Exercise: , 7.  Drink water, 8.  Call a friend, 9.  Work: etc., 10.  Gardening!, 11.  Laugh, 12.  Read, 13.  Watch t.v., 14.  Write poem or song, 15.  Weigh, 16.  Lk in mirror, 17.  Chase Karen, 18.  Pray with someone, 19.  Fast, 20.  Eat free fd, 21.  Speak vs. hunger, 22.  Go 2 barn, 23.  Take a nap, 24.  Work on the ‘puter:   update mail, phone, 25.  Do other office wk, go through office boxes, 26.  Play grandchildren, 27.  Play Frisbee, or whatever, 29.  Swimming, 30.  Cruise St. Croix, 31.  Write letters,  32.  Stroll in woods, 33.  Visit a sick bed, 34.  Sing, 35.  Play music intstrmnt, 36.  Exercise:, 37.  Shrpnives/polishoes, 38.  Help or serve another, 39.  Fix something, 40.  List thngs thkful for, 41.  Stay o' of the kitchn, 42.  Eat healthy,


I think I'll go out and mow some grass, ride the mower, see what Karen is up to, call my kids, read, vacuum,


I ate!!!!!  2 hot dogs, half a lemon mixed with large glass of water, medium salad, small amount of musrooms, 4 sticks of celery, 1/3 cup of cabbage, 3 small pieces of cheese, handful of goundnuts, 3 soft boiled eggs with butter.