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(Instead of writing your name, please put a secret number code on this paper, so that you may feel more free to answer


1. List 5 important things that Jesus took of yours to the Cross.


2. Have you read the Bible all the way through without skipping any parts?            

    If so, about how many times?


3. How soon would you say (honestly) that you believe that the End is going to come?  (Be courageous and try to estimate.)


4. What is the five most important things in all of life? 


5. About how many times, in this past year, have you given a prophecy, in a meeting? 

    Would you like to do this often?


6. Honestly, what are the five most important things in your life?


7. Of the almost 7 billion people on the Earth, what percentage of them would you say are Christians? 


8. Ditto - led by the Holy Spirit and are doing the will of God?


9. What percentage of your life is spent being led by the Holy Spirit?  (Please try to estimate.)


10. Aside from sleeping, what 5 things in your life do you spend most of your time doing, and how many hours per week?


11. If someone could explain to you how you could fulfill the Great Commission , and do the will of God, all at the same time, would you be interested?


12. If we were to schedule the first week-end each month, from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, up at our farm, for the purpose of worshipping and seeking God, receiving and sharing, pot-lucking and camping, would you be interested?


13. If you could, as part of this weekend, attend seminar classes on Saturday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM that would result in a 1 year Great Commission School of  Ministries graduation certificate, would you be interested?  


14. If this weekend involved 3 or 4 hours of work on Saturday afternoon, after the meal from 1:30 until 5, for everyone, would you still be interested?


15. How important would you say the ministry of an apostle is for today?          

    Would you be able to name 3 present day apostles?


16. Not to predict that you are going to die any time soon, what very practical preparations have you made, just in case?


17. What percentage of your life do you have a clear conscience?


18. How do you intend to help fulfill the Great Commission ?