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Females by the millions, around the world, and, increasingly, in the United States, are being hurt, mutilated, and permanently damaged in their genitals.  It is a practice called female circumcision, or FGM, which stands for Female Genital Mutilation.  There are at least two reasons given for this horror: 

1)  Custom.  "It has always been done this way." 

2)  Promiscuity:  The belief is that if a woman's genitals are removed, the less she will want to be promiscuous, to commit adultery or fornication.  The real cause is found in the Bible, in John 10:10, where Jesus says, "The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly." (NAS)  The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy the woman's pleasure.

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 by John Roy Bohlen and John 5:30

 Copyright  ©  1998 by  John Roy Bohlen


 All Scriptures used herein are from the NAS New American Standard Bible, Lockman Foundation, unless otherwise indicated


FGM is a subject about which most African men, most men in the world are extremely ignorant.  Most African men do not even know about, nor are they interested in "what is a clitoris".

 For those of you who do care, or want to know, the clitoris is a little piece of muscle and flesh, about the size and length of a woman's little finger, and, on the outside, is about the length of the first joint of her little finger.  It lies just below  her pubic hair, at the top of the slit of her genital lips.  It is exactly the female counterpart of the man's penis.  The clitoris, (rhymes with "it is this"), has the same number (about 8000) of nerve endings, or more, as are in a man's penis, in the exact same location.  It lies partly outside the woman's body where it can be seen, but the shaft of it and the root of it, extends beneath the skin, and beyond, just like a man's penis has a root that extends almost to his anus, and up into his body.  The clitoris is intended by God to bring exactly the same pleasure to the woman as the penis does to the man.  She was created by God to have the same peak, orgasm, release, ‘come' or climax as the man.  The same pleasure, the same excitement, the same arousal, is a gift to the woman as to the man.  During her sexual arousal, the little clitoris, and the surrounding tissues even become erect and swollen, and they throb and expand.  During the woman's arousal and climax, she is to experience the same shortness of breath, the same dilation of eyes, the same muscle throbs, tension, spasms, contractions, she can make the same noises, experience the same release, the same fulfillment, the same relaxation, the same enjoyment and pleasure as the man.  This is the way God created her, just like He created the man to have his pleasure, God created the woman to have her pleasure.  This is God's lovely gift to her!  This all is God's invention for her.   But, the more nerve endings that are destroyed, the less able the woman is to experience sexual pleasure, exactly the same as if the more of the tongue that is cut off, the more taste buds are destroyed, and the less one would be able to enjoy the taste of food.


A Nigerian pastor asked me, "Did you asked the married women in Africa that they did not enjoyed their own  husband?"   My answer is this article.